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Death had become adjusted to being a mortal, or at least as well as she could have in the last two years since she was thrust from her existence as a primordial entity. Though her plane was occupied by others that could do her job, it was certainly in chaos without her. She'd heard of many battles that raged for days, mostly because the soldiers lay dying for so long. Pain. Hot pain that seared through them like fire. Had she been there they could have passed on easily and quickly. Now she could only watch as the light slowly drained from their eyes and know she could not help. It was difficult to watch and she had been brought to tears on more than one occasion. Though the first time had caused her some alarm as she assumed herself to be leaking. She was still hesitant to make physical contact with others, as if her deadly touch would suddenly come back. Though she knew that was not going to happen she could not bring herself to interact directly with them unless provoked or pushed into a corner. Too many times she had been met with ire and whispers when they learned of what she truly was. Even powerless she was still hated. She was despised for what she once she. What she had to do. Life was beautiful but it was fleeting. She was treated like a curse while life was loved and admired.

Death sighed lightly, walking quietly along a path. Suddenly the hoof prints she had been following stopped altogether and yet the dirt road continued on. Frowning in confusion she tilted her head, ears flicking back to rest softly against the soft curl of her neck. She wriggled her lip, testing the scents on the air and finding that they dimmed here in this very spot. As if something unseen pulled them from their path.

Eyes of blood searched for the continuation of the imprints and found an off-beaten but well worn path through the grass. Looming in the distance was a massive tree and something told her to approach it. She was a being of great important, or at least had been, and thus could sense there was more to this massive plant than met the eye. And like every horse before her, Death stepped from the dirt path and moved closer. Her uncertain gaze ran along each branch and curve, focusing on the knots and blemishes but finding nothing strange aside from it's size.

Moving around it, she found an opening in it's grasping roots. The darkness called to her. Comforting and familiar. It whispered, a voice in the back of her mind. Clawing and grasping at her soul, a chilly hand curling around her throat. It beckoned to her like a distant lover and Death did not say no. She stepped into the darkness and shadows as the roots closed behind her. Turning her head to look upon where the entrance used to be, Death supposed she should have felt a sense of unease or dread. Strangely, she did not. Instead she focused her attention forward and began her descent into the Bifrost.


no wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold
nothing satisfies me but your soul
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