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The sun began it's ever constant descent towards the trees, their reddening color a blood stained reminder of the ever moving forces of time, painting the landscape in it's pallet of approaching death. Leaves littered the ground as the branches grew more bald with each passing day. Her entrance to the lands of the valley are a distant, hazy memory by now. The sound of a storm shaking her world like a child with a snow globe and then suddenly, just cold... and darkness. The waters here are so lonely and dark, threatening to swallow her soul hole with it's stubborn embrace. The scales once torn from her forelimb from her walk on the wild side have since regrown, leaving no hits that they were ever gone. Even in her mind, the pain that once ached her limb wasn't even allowed the chance to be a memory.

It was the same day in and day out, everything melding together before disappearing all together and she couldn't take this deafening silence much longer. It was driving her mad. Free floating, she remained suspended in nothingness. The light of day standing above her just past the surface and below her, darkness and nothingness. Dark eyes searched desperately, hoping, dreaming for someone, anyone to emerge. The warm embrace of home was nothing more than a distant feeling and her mind was riddled with thoughts that would make her cry out in desperation. The faces melted away and disappearing. Her heart throbbed in chest through the knots that constricted it. Turning and looking everywhere she could think, not even a fish. Slowly, she swam the only way she could think, up.

Her head just barely breaking the surface, she sat there, looking around with a twinge of jealousy rising in her. Life continued on, and it did so without a second thought to little Poppy. On distant shores, deer drank from the lake, birds filled the air with a mocking song as even they moved together. Not a feather left out of their tune. Trees stood in groves of families forged for generations. But why was she the only one? Poppy so desperately wanted for something to change, for this world to bring her a companion to share the lake with... or to end her constant suffering.

For one such as Poppy whose greatest joy was life, to be starved of the very thing that gave it meaning was her own personal hell. A fate she would not condemn on anyone.

She paused, her gaze catching a glimpse of something, someone lurking in the shadows of the trees as the sun fell further and further in the sky, stretching the shadows long and deep, like scars across the water's surface. That was no deer, not that she was really sure what a deer was. It was a far more familiar shape, one of a sky-less land walker. Desperate to grab a hold of any possibility of companionship, she dipped back down below the water and swam forwards the shore, nothing more than a hidden figure, an enygma of the lake as she approached, but something warmed her to keep her distance. Images of sharp teeth flashed in her mind causing her to stop just out of reach, remaining wearily below the surface.

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It burns, it's hot... so fucking hot. Itchy.

Those were the frantic thoughts that bounced back and forth within the confines of his mind. He felt as if the rotting flesh that clung to his skeleton frame was ablaze, however you could clearly see it was not. It was all in his twisted, damned head. The memories of how burning for eternity in the pits of hell was scorched into his memory, forever living it over and over.

A guttural hiss emitted from his skull as he maneuvered through the trees that kept in his way of travel. "Hun...hungryyyy..." His voice was low, like a growl. The only two things he felt were enraged and hungry. An empty pit in his stomach that seemingly was never satisfied, regardless of how much he devoured. The devil's laughter just echoed near his audits, taunting him. Leshen began to chomp his teeth, making loud clattering noises that bounced off the trees. Vibrant crimson optics bounced in every direction, he was trying to make sense of where he was - nothing about this place made sense.

His vision was in a red hue, regardless of what he did to his optics - everything remained with a blood tint. Which caused his hunger to ping even harder. He couldn't make an established difference from the blood he yearned for and anything else. With a deep inhale - maybe just out of habit? Considering he had no need to breathe, anymore - he caught the scent of water. He had not attempted to drink since he crawled from the molten ground. What would be his luck that would be the key to... well, everything? The possibility was enough to change his direction, now heading toward the source of the smell.

Hooves were dragged through soft ground, bringing bushels of grass with him. Loose flaps of decaying flesh swayed in the gentle breeze, he could feel it enter through his gaping wounds and twirl around his bones. It was a feeling he hadn't gotten used to just yet. Front hoof landed in the shallow shore of the lake, Leshen took a moment to cautiously glance around, as if out of habit when he was still well, alive. His main rule in his living years - always be aware.

Which posed an interesting question for himself - he was dead. So, could he die again?

Would that make all of this, go away?

A brow cocked upward for a moment before shaking the idea away, for now. He would have to revisit it at another time.

Maw was lowered to the surface, he proceeded to dip it just enough under as he parted his jaw to suck in the precious liquid, his ink dipped tongue aided in sucking in the water. However as he rose his cranium, everything he had gathered just poured out of every crevice in his face. Considering he had no flesh to help hold it in, it was all released. Not that the little bit he had gotten relieved his thirst even a little bit. Audits immediately pinned to his nape as he jerked upward, hissing all the while. He began to clatter his teeth in disapproval.

"F-fucking curse.... you bastard. Red, red... water, no... blood, food. Flesh. Sustenance. Master of chaos, killer of me.. fuck." A string of ramblings mostly, he spoke whatever came to mind. A stir in the lake next to him, an audit twirled in that direction as he swung his gaze to the surface. He could barely see a blur of something under, causing him to tilt his head which in turn caused a flap of dead skin to tilt as well. "B-back! FUCK O...OFF! You won't get me... not again." It all came out with a hiss, he lunged toward the lake, only to slam his front hooves down where he had just been drinking. His entire dead body began to shake.

In anger... in fear.

"N...not again." He whispered.

we are the shadow that kills,
the hidden death that none suspect.



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She saw something strange enter the water. It looked like a nose? But not a nose. No, no, that's what's supposed to be INSIDE the nose. But those teeth were the teeth of sharks. Was this a walking shark? Was that a thing? Once again visions of flashing teeth barraged her brain. There was a moment of clarity though. A sky shark painted in stripes made of darkness and something purple that made something stop. What stopped? What did the purple do? Who was the sky shark? Well, if that was a sky shark, perhaps this really WAS a land shark!

It suddenly burst out with words and sounds of rage and anger, making the small fish reel back slightly in the water. All had been quiet, what could possibly cause such an uproar in this land shark? She rose higher to the surface, her alabaster and sun scales just barely touched by the sun before the loud splash of heavy hooves beating the water. Startled, she turned tail and swam down, hoping it could not follow, but his next words stopped her before she got too far. Again? She had to know now. Did he know her? Slowly, she rose to the surface again, letting her head breath the water's surface. Large chocolate eyes threatening to swallow him whole with their questions. They looked him over with a disturbed curiosity. As far as she could tell, he appeared dead. How was he walking. Why could the dead walk, but not her? Perhaps he would know! Maybe he had the answers! He may have even told her the answers before, but why such animosity if they had met? What had she done last time? She floated there at the surface, searching desperately for answers that simply weren't there. Finally, she lifted her mouth from the water to speak."Der Land Hai... Do you the knowing me?" She asked simply, unaware of her crude butchery of the language.

She was reluctant to come close to him as she had for others in the past, something warning her against it, not that she had much desire to get close to something dead. Let alone a dead thing that speaks. What other options did she have for company anyway? Beggers can't exactly be choosers.

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