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Only a few days had passed since himself and his company held by force had settled into the Frozen Shore... or had it been a week? Igor had lost track with his mind occupied on a million other things. Working with Xzavier had proven difficult, not that he thought it'd be sunshine and rainbows. He did take the boy from his home, from the people he called family. Brought him so far from the only place he knew, all by force. Well... was it force, if technically he had been unconscious at the time? After all, the juvenile had knocked himself out by his outburst of the demon that lived within the obsidian shards upon his back. It couldn't have worked out better.

A faint smirk tugged at the corner of his maw, shaking his head at the thoughts that zipped in and out of his head. It was risky, leaving the boy by himself out on the shore, but he didn't have much choice in the matter. They both needed food - Xzavier needed foliage and he needed meat. Just because he was using the mauve male to his advantage, didn't necessarily mean he was a complete monster. He recognized that he needed to take care of himself and his imprisoned, it had been quite sometime since they ate last. It was difficult finding water as well, the thought of relocating had been weighing on his mind as of late. It was becoming far beyond difficult to look after themselves up on the frozen shore. But he also couldn't risk anyone seeing Xzavier, he hadn't befriended the boy completely just yet.

He traveled down to the southern part of Ambrosius' in search of meat. Any sort of flesh would do, any except equine. While he didn't oppose to bathing in his enemies' blood, consuming them was a step too far for him - for now. Starvation does crazy things to someone.

Feathered wings tucked neatly at his sides, lifting his limbs high enough to avoid from making unnecessary noise as he snaked between trees of the somewhat dense forest. Audits lazily held against his cranium with his maw close to the ground, nares flared as he tried to latch onto a scent... any scent of prey. His stomach rumbled, causing him to close the lids over his optics, jaw was clenched. Hunger was no stranger of Igor's. Growing up he had often gone hungry for days, it was his young years when he learned he couldn't depend on anyone but himself. Ylva had been much too busy conquering her surroundings to worry much about him.

Not that he used it as a sad story, he just grew and learned from it.

It was a glorious morning, the sun was high in the sky, the cool breeze of fall rustled the dying leaves that clung to the trees the best they could. Birds chirped and whistled, bouncing from branch to branch. Bees were still buzzing about, trying to get their last bit of duties done before the dreadful winter came in. Amethyst optics took in the breathtaking scenery that was plastered before him, thoroughly enjoying the pulsating warmth of the sun's rays peaking through the trees as he moved along.    

i will not kill you,
but oh, i will break you.

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