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Trekking through the brutal terrain of Fimbulvetr alone was hard enough, but adding another dead weight body on your back was an entirely new meaning to back-breaking work. Igor truly hadn't a clue on how those without wings could possibly do this day in and day out; walking everywhere. Yuck. His thoughts spat at the idea. However the weight of an unconscious Xzavier upon his back kept him from the skies, it was just much too heavy for him to push through. He barely could keep himself off the ground. So on foot it was and fuck, did Igor regret that decision. His limbs were aching halfway to his destination, but he kept on. If anything, he was an extremely headstrong man. That much he got from his mother.

Nares flared with a hefty exhale, a bellow of mist flowed out when his hot breath met icy cold air. Amethyst optics gazed out at the wonders of is destination - he had never been here on the ground. Only in flight. And even then it had been brief. But it was here, that he knew not many, if anyone, wandered. It was here that he could set up camp, it was here he would bond with Xzavier. It was here that he would plot. The bitter air nipped at his hide, his shoulder twitched and he continued to move. Optics moved to observe the thick ice that formed over water, and he clenched his jaw. He had found an indentation within a stone wall, providing little shelter, but at least it was something. For the time being.

"Okay freeloader, this is your stop." He muttered in an raspy, tired tone. Bending his nape so he could reach the boy upon his back, fangs moved around his withers, fangs sunk deep into old wounds as he gripped and pulled the body from him. Igor was fairly surprised that the juvenile had remained unconscious for as long as he had. But he was still breathing, that much he made sure of. A loud thump sounded as Xzavier's body hit the cold, snow covered ground. Giving him a lingering glance, he sought off to scout things out.

After not finding much, the slate hued male returned to his captive - or rather, friend - to find him still knocked out. With an annoyed sigh, Igor circled the boy and lowered himself to the frozen ground, wrapping around the young man. Skin to skin was essential to keep warm, he surely did not want his newfound friend to die of hypothermia. He kept as close as he could, he as shimmied under Xzavier's side, so Igor's limbs were under the boy's weight. He continued to curl his nape up and over the child's, as if protecting him as well as warming him.

It was going to be a very trying time for them, but it worked to prove just how strong they both were.  

i will not kill you,
but oh, i will break you.


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I'm the one thing in life I can control
I am inimitable, I am an original
Sometime throughout the midst of their travels the slight sway and bob of Igor's walk caused the mauve boy to stir. While he remained still his eyes fluttered lazily open for a fleeting moment, revealing the harsh light of the world in an array of swirling colors. Trees, grass and the scenery beyond blurred within his vision until that too began to shift, indicating that they couldn't have been within the lush lands of vromme any longer. His body still felt too heavy and sluggish to function properly. So once again darkness began to creep along his vision until he was dragged back into a state of unconscious exhaustion.

Without his knowledge, the pair traveled for many miles crossing all sorts of terrain until the finally came upon a frozen wasteland. Caution discarded, Xzavier's body was dumped into an amethyst and cream colored heap upon the snow laden ground. Despite the rough landing he still did not wake from his unconscious state. Not until much later that is, when Igor began to come back from his scouting. With a soft groan the yearling pulled his brows together, opening his eyes again for the second time. Cerulean optics groggily scanned the surrounding area to be met with the sight of fresh alabaster powder and bobbing sheets of ice upon salty ocean water.

A sense of shock initially settled into the pit of his stomach as small audits flung themselves forward. The boy's baby blues then found themselves panning over his shoulder to see the same slate colored man from before. The very same that happened to attack him before. Ahh! Lurching forward the boy colt brought himself to stand and stumble away from his captor. However just as he began to gain a bit of distance a single cream colored hoof caught a slab of ice, causing his him to topple over himself. Just how long had he been asleep? When had he fallen asleep to begin with?

You? Not you again! Xzavier exclaimed whilst shuffling back to his hooves, legs jerking to keep his balance upon the sleek ice. Cerulean eyes spared a second to glance around again, finding nothing but a wind and ice for miles around. W..where are we? Why did you bring me here? But most of all he wondered why was this happening to him. Why? When all he did in life was try to be good. His mother had always told him to keep his head down, to be meek and humble and everything would be fine. But surely this was the opposite of fine.

Purple harks pinned against his head as he thought back to his mother and father and how he now found himself in a similar situation. Renegade owned more mares than he could count within the iron valley and while the sorrel draft was abusive Xzavier could not recall a time where he had ever laid a hoof upon Psykhe. She stayed obedient and submissive long enough to make her escape. Perhaps he could do the same in time? A storm of conflicting emotions swirled within the young foal as he eventually resting his gaze upon the snow below. There was no escaping, not in a place like this. Not against a winged stallion who happened to be older, faster and wiser.

The corners of his mouth pulled back, creating a crestfallen expression upon his youthful visage. Lifting his head he glanced back at the stone colored stallion before finally whispering. What do you want from me...?


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