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Grosugr didn’t necessarily fall quiet with the Priestess Kagura’s absence. They seemed the talkative bunch, constantly murmuring amongst the river reeds about how the co-parenting of a none union couple worked - the mother an esteemed Jarl and Priestess whom was coveted amongst Vromme and he a simple man who preferred the company of water over his kin. To add, they had both taken upon them a ward of the state, Xzavier, who was a meek boy who seemed content in the quiet, lonely fields of Queen Ann’s Lace. It was a curious dynamic, a curious family, and one Davaros hadn’t envisioned for himself when he’d eventually considered settling down.

When the petal horned Kasumi and the sunset Kagura took their leave, however, the grapevines grew with teeming enthusiasm. Davaros found pleasure among the fields where the amaranthine boy with his obsidian protrusions stayed. They were aromatic and peaceful, with golden grasses tickling the undersides of his stony belly as the wind played twixt their fingers. But Xzavier wasn’t a child in the same sense as his daughter (whose very thought ushered tearing aches of longing in his chest) and the kirin male was content to let the boy wander and do as he pleased. In turn, it allowed the solitary father return to his life of reclusive meditation.

The sun was setting on a late autumn day when Davaros had initially noticed the extended absence of their ward. Time and time again his emerald eyes squinted into the fog laden river lands as the hour deepened. Threads of jade undulated at Davaros’ hinds as he stood stock still upon a hill’s crest. Water from the over saturated lands suctioned up from the sod with disquieted pulls of his magic, pooling in droplet spheres and hovering a moment or two before plummeted back into the soil. A chill of apprehension was slipping along his carapace dorsal as the orange and citrine skies deepened into magenta and lavender. Xzavier was never gone for more than a day or two, and even if he didn’t consistently check in with his adopted parents he was at least seen. For a moment a circle of water droplets rose (irregular, some clustered together and others not) and hung suspended in the air a moment just above Davaros’ cornets. His mind stewed, brooding over what possibly could be the explanation.

Each of the spheres collided back into the grounds in a mini-rain as the daughterless father jerked back into animation. Pulling himself from his perch he jogged from Grosugr to Eng, inquiring to passerby’s if they’d seen a young boy of bright speckling and purple coat in the last several days. None of them confirmed noticing the boy around Vromme and the dread in Davaros’ heart continued to sink. The boy had been their - well, his currently with the absence of Kagura - ward and his disappearance could be blamed entirely on his ineptitude as a father. He swallowed hard, thinking of Kasumi’s intelligent, distant eyes and soft, childish face. As he stood at a metaphorical crossroads he wanted nothing more than to sink his muzzle into the tufts of her hair and smell her sweet baby perfume.

But not now. A brass hoof struck the ground, cursing himself as the sky continued to deepen and navy strokes brushed through the newly starlit sky. He had to confess, draw attention, raise awareness. But he was of little hold in the House - a common man who preferred the company of water over his kin. No matter how high a plinth he built others wouldn’t listen to him, not now that Kagura’s proximity of influence had left him. With rushed steps and autumnal moonlight cresting the purple mountains Davaros turned to the heart of Eng for the one equine left who could rally the people of Vromme. Guards were located as quickly as his decision had been made, and with a grave expression the stonewash male bid a small bow of greeting to them. ”Please, I need you to take me to the Sovereign King.” The guard responded with a moment of silence before offering a curt nod. Wordlessly they led the brass horned kirin further into Vromme to find their misfit king and shed light upon the missing child.

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It had been relatively quiet in Vromme for a time. Bones had been planning many a things, but they were far beyond the scenes. He spent much of his days interacting directly with the citizens rather than hiding away in the deepest reaches of Eng. For some time, Bones had felt a nagging inside him though he could not place what that feeling was. It was loneliness, a horrible ache that chilled him from the inside out. Perhaps it was brought on by seeing happy families that made him feel this way or something left over from the days he was living. Though the misfit king found his own way to combat such pain. A child. Though he could have his own "flesh and blood" child it was difficult and he did not have a partner and thus he turned to the bodies of the fallen. Ser Donovan. Or the former Ser Donovan. From a long line of illustrious Vromme kingsmen he seemed like the right choice.

And now, Bones called him his son. There was something working now inside Bones. A paternal instinct to protect. It was different than his adoration of the citizens. It was more raw. While Bones had already devoted his essence, his soul, his everything to Vromme it seemed he would go far and beyond.

A soldier approached, Davaros in tow and the misfit king turned his orb lit face to meet him. "Greetings." His voice was hollow and deep, accentuated by the flickering of his orb that created eerie shadows across his skull. While Bones was not the most observant of men there was something about the situation that felt off. A certain dread clung to him like a vice while he observed the expression on the faces of the soldier and citizen. "Something bothers you." Gone was the light-hearted Bones and a serious aura seemed to leak off his very being. Sensing the ill tone in the air, Bones was relieved to not have Bram at his side at this moment. His kin was tucked away softly with a charming mare who had seen fit to watch the "child" in his absence. It was truly a blessing that he had been alone at this time, making his daily rounds.


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While it was common knowledge within Vromme by now that the Lady Kagura had retired quietly and without fanfare from her post, the reason for this had remained for a time a topic of debate on which few could shed any light. At first, scandalous rumors of elopement had circulated around, as any juicy topic of gossip might, but over time a glimpse or two of the brightly colored priestess and her daughter made it clear that she still resided in the holds, albeit in a rather reclusive fashion. Over more time still, gradually the knowledge trickled out that she was simply dedicating these months to training young Kasumi in her traditional ways, an apparently highly involved process that took up a great deal of time and energy. To most, the foreign priestess's prayers and religion were as enigmatic and unknowable as the night sky, but those who had grown rather close to the miko-dono recalled how intricate, complex, and strictly disciplined all her prayers and traditions were, and nodded in speculative understanding. Yet even fewer still knew that there was, in fact, one exception to this self-imposed isolation - not even Davaros, the father of the little filly in question, as some would guess - it was the colt whom she called X-chan, her adoptive ward, who was allowed to come and visit Kasumi in her spare time.

Visit he did, that gentle and affectionate boy, and the little kirin girl grew to be very fond of her adoptive Ani-ue who brought her little gifts and the companionship of someone closer to her age. Perhaps it was this, combined with her keen child's intuition, that first alerted her to the fact that something was not quite right, even before her mother's logical adult's reasoning had dismissed the possibility that he was simply off wandering somewhere else, safe and sound. "Haha-ue," Kasumi had said suddenly, in the cool hours of the autumnal evening, with such uncharacteristic urgency that she commanded her mother's full and undivided attention immediately. "Ani-ue wa okuremasu." 'Elder Brother is late.'

Higurashi frowned thoughtfully, and her bright golden gaze was dragged toward the darkening horizons as she mulled over the possibilities. Streaked lavender and violet threads of her tail flicked absentmindedly at her flanks in a pondering motion not unlike the tapping of fingers on a chin. "X-chan is free to roam alone as he likes at his age," she remarked to her daughter, although she too sounded a bit less than sure. "He is an independent child, and he cannot always be here to play with you. Surely he desires privacy from time to time."

"But Haha-ue," insisted Kasumi, and now Kagura knew her daughter was really quite convinced already, "he promised to bring me flowers." This additional detail proved all that needed to be said to raise the urgency of the situation. As independent and free-spirited as young Xzavier was, having wandered all the way from distant lands on his own as a mere yearling, Higurashi had never known him to abandon a promise made to Kasumi like this. How else could one explain it - that he had simply forgotten his original task in a sudden bout of amnesia and wandered away? No more needed to be said; the lady priestess immediately gathered up her daughter and set out at a brisk canter across the rolling grasslands of Vromme. Though the late twilight sky offered only feeble light, fast fading even as they went, Kagura was surefooted and swift on the familiar terrain, flying like a zephyr as the distance faded away behind her. The amber-crowned girl followed fast behind on thin but nimble limbs, violet tail streaming like a banner of war.

Xzavier's last-known objective narrowed down the search considerably, despite the late hour at which it was being conducted. With spring wildflowers faded away and the summer heat parching great swaths of the land to brown, there were precious few places left in the southern holds where one might find the vibrantly-colored blooms that the little kirin girl loved so much. Higurashi, no stranger by now to flora and herb-lore alike in this realm, sought out these places with swift efficiency. But the holds of Vromme were quite vast, and the winds swept away lingering scents as though they had never been, and the hour was late before the pair finally came to a patch of blooms nestled away in Gras. Their bright colors were dulled nearly to grey in the dark, and their beautiful faces were shielded as though shyly by their petals in the absence of sunlight. Here Kagura slowed her pace, stopped to cast her eye around, then finally and grimly walked over to the unmistakable remains of a bouquet of picked flowers, discarded haphazardly in the grass. The curling petals, picked while in full bloom, had not yet even fully wilted.

"Isogite!" Higurashi commanded sharply then, and if Kasumi was concerned already, she was suddenly shaken to the core by the intensity in her mother's voice that she had never before heard. 'Hurry!' The command brooked no room for argument. Immediately they were running again, hearts pounding in their chests whether from worry or exertion, flying straight as an arrow toward the Sovereign's hold. The journey felt like long ages in the night, but at last they arrived, hardly even slowing their pace as the shadowy moonlit figures of a pair of night guards loomed from the darkness. "I am the priestess Higurashi Kagura," she declared herself in a bright, clear voice upon approaching, sweeping away as she did so the guards' confusion and doubt from their feelings. "Come with me quickly please - I seek the Sovereign with emergent business!" There was little need to confirm her identity; there were none for many miles around who looked and sounded quite like the foreign lady priestess even in the poor visibility, and both guards were feeling suddenly less doubtful than usual. Seamlessly one peeled off from his companion to pull up alongside Higurashi and Kasumi, matching their pace and then drawing ahead to guide them - the other resumed his rounds.

Mother, daughter, and their escort finally arrived at the little gathering at last; Davaros, Bones, and the other guard found their numbers quickly doubled. Both females paused to catch their breath as they approached, but as soon as her voice was steady Higurashi greeted the collected individuals at once. "My king, Davaros," she addressed them in turn with a brief bow, skipping all her usual pleasantries and ignoring even the fact that they hadn't seen each other in a long beat. The urgency in her oft-serene demeanor and voice was the first that either had seen in her. "My deepest apologies for interrupting at this hour. X-chan has disappeared. Something is not right." Even as her mother spoke, Kasumi took the opportunity to sidle up to her father's other side, snuggling up close to his mossy embrace without hesitation or fear. Though she had not seen much of him at all since beginning her studies with her dam, his image, his scent, even his voice had been ingrained firmly in her young mind, and she approached him as familiarly as she did her mother. "Chichi-ue," she whispered, then as an afterthought, "Pappa."

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