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You see here, this was a perfect example of a day going smoothly. The sun was up - the air was crisp with the smell of fruit dangling from the tree limbs. The sun was warm against your back but not hot enough to make you sweat profusely. The ground wasn't sloppy and it certainly was not crowded for once. The large stallion galloped across the Woods until finally a clearing was seen by his golden haze. Winged ears flex and flop against his maneless skull as he prances to a standstill. My my, may the gods be in his favor even more so! Before he was a patch of spring coming forth from the grass. A world slowly going from the dull golds and reds to patches of lush greens. 'Finally' thought the lord - finally spring was coming to the other lands. His bear coat clung to his body as he stood still now - brilliant bright skull turning to look around him as he enjoyed the serene attitude of the world for what seemed like a small moment in time. No matter how small, Valhalla was sure to drink it all in. Gazing upon everything that the daylight had been touching, the leaves with tiny bugs crawling across their faces munching away at their silky vines. To the bullfrog sitting near the small outcrop of the stream to his right, with closed eyes, it sat there too - just enjoying the solace.

Many more minutes would pass before the lords fetlocks itched to be moved, and like that of blinking one's eyes - the liver coated stallion sways his weight from the left to the right side and back again. As if to test the earth to make sure the rains had not ruined the depths below his hooves. Bobby tail dances behind thick high thighs as golden white hooves continue to panter in such a dance. Valhalla was chanting by this moment - not loudly but low enough that it floated through the air like a hymn. The golden rays of sunshine sneak by the holes in the leaves and creep through the necks of the trunks and topiary. The air seems to glisten and glimmer as the sun rises higher above the grounds, it gives way to a path of gold and yellow across an array of a multitude of other colors that were already present within the shadows below. So far - the sun was nearing her highest point within the heavens. His golden medallion that was attached to his fur coat swung and glittered by the daylight rays. So there he stood - tail jewels singing as the tassels smacked against one another, his fur coat clinging to his form and his bright halo shining ever so brightly even under the rays of the sun goddess. His thick accented tongue filled the air softly as he moved in rhythm to his words with his knees coming up high to his chest and dropping back to the earth.
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give me your hand in flesh, give me your hand in death

Lithe limbs carried the widow without haste through the lively spring underbrush as she considered pensively how long the journey back home was becoming. True, these damp woods backed the lands of Vromme, but spring daylight didn't always last as long as one may wish. Petite hooves stepped cautiously, her gaze stern and calculating as she continued forward with some uncertainty. While the wetlands and grasses of the Southern kingdom may have held more moisture, there was something about the footing here that dramatically changed and challenged the once sure footed mare. Her pace was slow, as if at the procession of some funeral she wished not to attend, and aimless.

Why had she ventured this far?, she mused as her slender visage propped back up, eyes bright against the consuming khol. Slightly curved ears twisted atop her visage as her mind's eye whirled for whatever inspiration she'd had for the trip. Distracted, a hoof took a false step and slid ungracefully in the mud, nearly spilling the golden umber femme had she not the finesse to catch herself. Her breath caught on her lips, a half gasp, as she steadied the quickened beat of her heart that had jittered to life from the small scare. What a fool. Really, why had she come here? Motes of black swelled in from the shadows and her peripheral, gathering before her with close, intimate concern. "I'm fine, love." she murmured to the unseen shadow, stepping around the ghost of Jakob rather than through. Mud clung to her forelegs with unkempt, and the tips of her obsidian tail drug through the fertile mud. LaLaurie released a pent up breath she hadn't realized she'd stolen as her gaze lifted to the trees; viridian green and golden dapples greeted her in the picture perfect spring day that promised warmth to come.

Still she continued on without mission or concern, as Jakob's abyssal motes of all consuming black silently wafted around her as if she were the pivotal center of some universe. It tugged a small smile at her lips as the symbolism wasn't lost to her. Pricking on, the aromatic perfumes (and stenches) of the Marshian Woods wrinkled her sensitive nose, but it was not those that she had grown familiar with that captured her attention. The looming cologne of a male - fresh, just now riding the breeze - lingered beneath the tones of sentient landscape. A single hark flicked forward, interested and aware, while its twin sunk back in apprehension and distrust. Strangers hadn't brought her much luck in her life, though she had always seemed to test the theory with the people of Vromme. Without any grounded reason she pursued it.

What met her was a massive sight; gilt feathers and gaze atop a cloaked and taught frame. The sheer breadth of the stallion was enough to halt her in her tracks some distance away (what some would consider rude, standoffish). But despite the size of the man and the obvious bear pelt drawn across his shoulders his expression was... serene. She watched him regard the world in a silent solace and was reminded of those that sometimes prayed to old gods. She shifted on her own hooves as he stirred, testing the grounds to see how difficult it would prove to dart away if needed. One could never be too careful. But despite the thoughts, half of a warm smile curled her lips and she nodded her head in a curt greeting. "Pleasant day to you, stranger."

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