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Solitude. It may suit some, but it's driving her as mad as a hatter. With only herself to keep her company, it's easy to imagine that conversation seemed to become rather... dry. Though there was much to consider and contemplate in her self exile. On more than one occasion, she placed her armor out on the ground and converse with it. Asking about her home. How did they fair through the last winter. Where her parents worried? Did they miss her? Did Tryggr miss her? Probably not. Not Tryggr, no, they had their heads stuck too far up their own rear ends to probably even notice their absence. She'd heard rumor that the female sovereign who reign when she left was no longer in charge, replaced by a boy a king. She doubted much of anything has changed under his rule and not worth the trouble it might cause to return and see for herself.

Another rumor she'd over heard stuck out to her. Tale of a large warrior woman taking control of Ambrosius. If anyone was to give her a chance at her dream, surely she would. She spent days considering the course of action. She couldn't just waltz in and ask, no. That wouldn't exactly go well. She had to prove her loyalty to a woman she'd never met and that wouldn't exactly be a simple task, but after this past year, she was willing to try most anything.

Dawning her armor, she drew a deep breath before leaving behind her makeshift home in hopes that where she was going would be a new, more permanent home.

To her left, she could see the familiar mountains of Tryggr and knot formed in her stomach as she held her eyes on it's familiar shape. Tearing herself away, she flew past it nearer her destination, the Ambrosius mountain range ahead of her, but rather than entering their domain, she drew landed herself in Dael, very near the border and starting an Ambrosian with her landing. The small woman dawning armor was a strange sight for the citizen and she didn't help the situation much as she locked eyes with them. Raising her voice, she called out. "You there! The warrior sovereign of this land, can you find her? Find her and tell her I am waiting for her here."

The woman looked at her almost offended at the tone, cocking her head and starting to walk toward little Asteria. However, as she drew nearer, something seemed very wrong, the little woman had no shadow. Freezing a moment she stared at where the shadow should be before her eyes were torn away at the shout of the chimera once again. "I'm not going to wait all day." Startled and un-nerved, she didn't even notice that the shadow had returned beneath her feet and instead turned to run back towards towards the safety of the house.

The woman came running, panting from the treck, but nonetheless calling out for the sovereign. "Sovereign Antiope, your highness! There's a-a-a THING searching for you at the edge of the Dael!" She looked paniced from what she saw, but relieved to have put distance between it and herself.

Asteria though waited a bit impatiently near border that teeters between the Dael and Fjollottr. She was however a bit pleased with her trickery. She had quite a bit of time to practice on her own, but it wasn't the same without someone to witness it.

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My purpose is greater than my pain.
The air was crisp and cool with traces of alpine clinging to the breeze. The trees had long changed their evergreen robes for gowns of fire; reds, oranges, and vibrant yellows had made the mountains almost look as though they were on fire. Snow had begun to fall in the northernmost reaches of Ambrosius's territory, though that wasn't much of a surprise. The mountains that crowned the valley had hardly been touched by summer's heat and had retained snow upon its tallest peaks. The slightest shift in temperature would have welcomed snow back into the mountains, though so far the early snowfalls had remained in reaches not often seen by house members. All the gilt sovereign could hope for was a gentler winter. The scars of last winter's avalanches were still prominent on the mountainsides, though new growth had begun to heal the wounds that the disaster had left behind. IN a few years, it would be almost like it had never happened.

Eyes of chipped garnet squinted against the sun, watching the flame-colored leaves rustle below her. Perched high on a rocky outcropping, Antiope had taken to standing guard like a golden sentinel over Ambrosius's southern entrance. Bordering on Dael, a free territory that often acted as a sanctuary, it was common for nonpartisans or other house members to come from the south. It was the easiest path and the most well-worn. It was inviting, there was no doubt about that. So when some poor, frightened woman came running up the path to her - as all of Ambrosius knew their sovereign's penchant to stand guard outside of Dael - Antiope was somehow not surprised by the disturbance...Mostly concerned. No dangers had come to her doorstep since Antiope had won the throne. Had that changed?

With little preamble, the armored sovereign left her perch. Sailing through the sky, Antiope swooped through the trees to the border between Dael and Fjollottr. Her dark crimson cloak draped haphazardly across her back, dragging along the ground on one side, though it was of little concern to Antiope. Her gaze settled on the only soul that could have possibly scared her citizen, though was curious. How could someone so small frighten another so? The woman before her was diminutive compared to Antiope's own height and build, winged, and fitted with a set of armor of her own. Of what Antiope could see, the smaller woman is split in two tones - a pale cream and a midnight blue. Steel blocks finer details, though is less extensive than Antiope's own. For a moment, she wants to ask how the other mare had gotten such a small set of armor, but refrains. That would be rude.

"Do you make it a habit to frighten simple folk?"

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"Antiope’s speech!" Antiope’s thoughts!
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