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It brings us great pleasure to welcome you into our wonderful community! This role-play is an intermediate to advanced play-by-post site, but that does not mean that you cannot be a beginner to join. If you're looking to learn, our wonderful staff team and members alike can help answer your questions and pursue your writing desires. Our primary goal is to set forth a friendly, mature, and engaging writing environment for all levels of writing and manners of characters.

Now, there is a suggested way of "joining" the site to help ward confusion later:

1. First and foremost, the content within this site is suitable for ages 13 and up and registered users are required to be 13 or older. This site may contain material with fantasy violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood and infrequent-moderate use of strong language.

---- 1.1. These themes will still be marked mature and trigger warnings are expected, so it is up to member discretion what they can and cannot read based on these tags.

---- 1.2. For more information on our rating, please see the official ESRB site.

2. Please create your OOC account first! Our census page is organized via OOC with your characters listed as sub-accounts.

3. After you've made your OOC account, please go to Account Approval to have your account activated.

4. All character accounts must be attached to your OOC and you must attach them while logged into your OOC or it will break our census page! Please don't do that, yea?

5. Before you dive into making your character, make sure you read our General Rules and In Character sections completely.

6. For those who want to become better acquainted with the Slidr River Valley they are welcome to read the optional Lore guide.


1. First and foremost, Fimbulvetr is a fantasy equine role-play with it's primary plot driven by the member's characters. It is meant to emulate old school role-play while also introducing some aspects of the new popular role-play mechanics.

-- 1.1. Characters must be equine. Other species/breeds allowed include: zebras, donkeys, and mules

2. No overtly graphic, sexist, racist, pornographic material will be tolerated. All members are expected to be respectful and tolerant of one another. Fim wishes to provide a safe, creative, and welcoming environment for everyone.

-- 2.1. This being said, swearing is allowed on Fimbulvetr with the caveat of staff discretion. If we feel this rule is abused, affirmative action will be taken.

-- 2.2. Any content that sexualizes a minor (any character under 3 years of age) is strictly prohibited.

3. Staff are to have the utmost respect. Failure to comply with a staff member will result in punishment. If you happen to be having an issue with a staff member, then please contact Soupi.

---- 3.1. If you are experiencing disrespect or any other similar negative experiences with another member, please bring it privately to staff's attention.

---- 3.2. Staff reserve the right to take corrective action with any member who they feel deteriorates the welcoming and laid back environment of our community.

4. The Discord is there for general conversation between players and not for advertising your sales, other sites, or commissions.

---- 4.1. We ask that you respectfully use the appropriate OOC located on site.

---- 4.2. Repeated offense to this rule will result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the Discord server.

---- 4.3. For more Dirscord rules, please see the Rules channel located there.

5. No stealing (ripping) of images, stock, characters, etc... will be tolerated. Punishment for this is an immediate and permanent banning from Fim.

---- 5.1. This includes creating characters closely based off of those in TV shows, movies, etc...

---- 5.2. For example, a member cannot make a Joker character that parallels the canon character. Members can, however, draw inspiration from the Clown Prince of Crime as long as there are sufficient differences.

6. All roleplayers are encouraged to maintain a master list (character log) of all their active characters to track their own arcana requirements and threads in the Individual Catalogues section.

---- 6.1. Posting in the Individual Catalogues is not a requirement if you have your own system. It is simply member responsibility to track their arcana requirements for leveling.

7. Absolutely no IC-to-OOC, or vice versa, drama is tolerated on Fimbulvetr.

---- 7.1. If you feel you are being targeted by the previously mentioned situation, please privately reach out to staff so we can help resolve the issue.

---- 7.2. Our first and foremost mission on Fim is to cultivate a space for creative thinking and personal outlets. Any form of bullying or targeting will not be permitted.

8. Members that go inactive without an absent post consent to being deleted if not posted in the activity check. Members who are deleted forfeit all their account and character gains/items.

In Character

1. Liquid time is allowed for characters to help ease the transition of events and travel.

---- 1.1. If a Bifrost thread has started for a non-native character to cross into the Slidr River Valley they are free to post anywhere else ICly so that they do not have to wait for the completion of the Bifrost thread.

2. All in-character posts must be at least 250 words in length with the exclusion for the Swarthy Dispatch messages.

---- 2.1. Swarthy Dispatch is designated for IC communication over long distances through the Hugin and Muninn Order.

---- 2.2. For more information on the Order of stately ravens that execute these long distant messages, please see information in our Lore page!

3. Please abide by the posting order in compliance to proper forum etiquette.

---- 3.1. You may not respond to a thread with a "Post coming..." response or 'place holder'. Only completed posts can be applied to threads.

4. Designate between OOC and IC posting.

---- 4.1. As we are a site based on literature and writing, we also ask our members to avoid chatspeak in the forums.

5. The central territories are a free-for-all. Breedings, claims, birthings, etc... may happen there. You cannot, however, kill another character without the other roleplayer's explicit consent.

---- 5.1. This being said, this does not exempt nonpartisans from the annual death lotto.

6. If you want your character "claimed", Slidr Lake is typically the land that nonpartisans and foreigners use to find House members.

7. Other territories where the houses reside (ie north, south, east, & west) have their own set of regulations specific to those territories. For information on those territories, go to that particular house's holdings and inside will be a "rules" thread posted by the royal with what is permitted there.

---- 7.1. Characters who fail to follow those regulations (and they can choose not to follow them) consent to being at the mercy of the reigning royals, including exile and death.

---- 7.2. As previously mentioned, and to curate a realistic environment, those who consent to breaking House law are at the mercy of the sovereign who rule them.

8. No god-moding or power play will be tolerated unless both role-players have consented to outstanding circumstances.

9. Moreover, meta-playing should also be avoided. Meta-playing is where a character acquires knowledge that they haven't been told or were not made aware of in character.

10. NPCs are welcomed and encouraged in your posts. Want your character to interact with a lookout or a gatherer? Go for it! The only discretion we ask is if you desire an NPC to be a part of another house, please inquire to the Sovereign or a Jarl for prior permission.

---- 10.1. No one may play the "Gods" or "Spirits" on Fim. We have specific accounts for those.

11. Most Species are open for creation (except the Spiritborne) and we encourage our members to explore them!


1. Characters can freely breed/birth in the central and eastern territories. House territories will depend upon the current sovereign's wishes.

2. Absolutely no graphic breeding. Suggestive themes can be made as we are a mature site, but you cannot role-play the actual duration of the act. We use "fade to black" on this site.

---- 2.1. There can be no content describing or naming reproduction organs of any kind.

---- 2.2. Furthermore, describing their actions/reactions/bodily functions are also prohibited.

---- 2.3. Any breakers of the graphic breeding rule will be subject to a temporary week (7 days) ban.

3. Characters must be of three (3) years of age to breed.

---- 3.1. Any member found sexualizing an underage character in any kind will be faced with punishment anywhere between a temporary to permanent ban.

------ 3.1.1. This includes but is not limited to: grooming an underage character to be their sexual partner, finding physical attraction in an underage character, or fantasizing about an underage character

------ 3.1.2. Staff reserve the right to determine whether or not your content deserves temporary or permanent ban if a member attempts to write such content.

---- 3.2. Underage characters are welcome to have child crushes as long as there is a lack of intimate physical nature between them until they are of age (nuzzling, hugs, etc, are permitted)

4. Breedings can only occur naturally between mares and stallions of breeding age.

---- 4.1. Mares may only give birth once per every IC year.

---- 4.2. Same-sex couples, non-binary, and single parents may purchase an item that allows for a magical pregnancy to occur from the Outpost.

-------- 4.3.1. For non-binary couples or other parents using magical items, whatever character carried the child cannot carry another for one IC year.

5. There must be an IC thread for a breeding. The only exclusion to this rule are character's where the Elixir of Conception is used for a single parent child.

6. Once you have bred, please make a thread under Fim Generations with both parents' stats.

[b]Parent One/Two:[/b] Link and name to parent one
[b]Gender:[/b] Stallion, Mare, Non-binary
[b]Height:[/b] Their height in hands
[b]Arcana:[/b] Parent's arcana type
[b]Base Coat Color(s):[/b] Any and all colors beneath any markings.
[b]Marking Color:[/b] Any and all colors above a base coat.
[b]Additional:[/b] If parents have wings, horns, carapaces, spider-legs, etc specify here, including specified percentages for passing on the trait

7. The pregnancy will last 30 real time days. So on the 31st day, the mare may give birth.

---- 7.1. You may keep a character pregnant longer than this time frame with no consequence.

8. Each season will have different rates of conception and birthing. Please note, if your character is infertile (like the Half-Giants), then they still may not conceive even if the conception rate is 100%!

✿ Spring 90% conception rate | 80% survival
☀︎ Summer 80% conception rate | 90% survival
☁ Autumn 65% conception rate | 70% survival
❅ Winter 50% conception rate | 50% survival

Foal Stats & Inheritance

1. Unless an item is purchased, the staff will roll the basic stats for the foal.

---- 1.1. Items are available through the Outpost for members to design their own foals if they so wish.

---- 1.2. Stats are rolled at the random through our generator.

---- 1.3. Once foal stats are given members are free to apply that information to a design as they wish or they may use the template they are given. If a foal design does not match the provided foal stats, it will be denied approval.

2 Arcana is determined by the member but a theme will be provided by the staff from a foal stat perspective.

---- 2.1. An offspring's arcana must resemble what the parents have. Two water manipulators cannot give birth to a telekinetic foal.

---- 2.2. Furthermore, a parent without arcana decreases the ability for a foal to inherit it.

--------2.2.1. Two non-arcana weilding parents cannot birth an offspring with arcana at birth. These foals may purchase a Keystone at a later date.

--------2.2.2. If one parent has an arcana and another does not, there is a 50/50 split for the foal to inherit the ability to wield arcana. Again, a Keystone can be purchased at a later date if they have none at birth.

3. As of current, there are no items for members to choose the theme of foal arcana.

4. Foals born on site are not required to have the history portion filled out on their profile at approval.


1. Nonpartisan equines may join any house of their choosing but they must be accepted by an existing herd member or, preferably, a house leader/sovereign.

---- 1.1. Once granted permission, the equine may join any hold in the area, so long as they have consent by the leader of that territory or the sovereign of the House. They cannot just assume a position in a House without prior consent.

2. Only equines from their respective houses may attempt to claim an unclaimed territory. Sovereign may give these out to those who they see fit, but in most cases, an equine from their house may go and claim a particular territory if they have two followers that are not related by blood.

3. Equines leaving their house must make a public statement to the sovereign, laying out the reasons they are leaving the house.

---- 3.1. The sovereign has three (3) days to respond. During those three (3) days, the sovereign may do as they wish to the traitorous equine, including forcing them into exile.

---- 3.2. If the royal does not respond in three (3) days, then that character is allowed to go freely.

---- 3.3. Likewise, a benevolent Royal may allow the character to leave without punishment.


1. Characters in exile cannot return to the Slidr River Valley.

---- 1.1. The Warden and Houses share a mutual relationship. Often if a character escapes, The Warden notifies the Houses, via raven, about the escapee. If caught, the escapee faces punishment that is deemed fit by The Warden.

-------- 1.1.1. Prior permissions for "escapee" exiles can be made with the Staff team, but remember... and exile can't remain in the Valley for long. They're an enemy of the state, and the Warden will be searching for them.

---- 1.2. In some cases, a character in exile can be brought back to the Valley. Rarely a sovereign has a change of heart but more commonly, a new sovereign comes into power and grants amnesty or efforts are made to prove an exiles innocence through current House members.

---- 1.2. An exile given amnesty cannot transition to Nonpartisan. They must be under a House's banner at all times.

2. Characters in exile run the risk of being killed off twice a year (real time). Life in exile is hard, and most who are in exile do not survive for long.

---- 2.1. Therefore, once roughly every six months (or one in game year) a character will be killed off.

-------- 2.1.1. When a Death Lotto is run, members within the house are given 2 days advance to prepare. Those without a Spare Me item at the time of the lotto cannot be saved.

---- 2.2. Of course, a roleplayer can buy an item from the Outpost to spare their horse in this event (Spare Me! item). The only character exempt from being killed off is The Warden.

---- 2.3. In the event that every exile has the Spare Me item, then an NPC will be killed off and posted to restart the count down.

3. The Warden is the de facto ruler supported (or not) by the Houses but that does not mean exiles necessarily have to comply.

---- 3.1. Like the sovereign, however, the Warden has the ability to kill any offenders that cause a problem and break their rules.

4. Exiles are welcome to post anywhere in the East boards.


The Houses (and Exiles) are based on hierarchical ranks. There are several different roles to play within the Houses and each serves an entirely different purpose. All Houses are required to follow these ranks reflected on their accounts. However, in character the sovereign and characters can refer to the ranks however they please. The current site recognized ranks are as follows:

Sovereigns: (Max 2 Per House) Households Ambrosius, Vromme, and Tryggr are led by the dignified with the rights over any and all. Royalty status can only be gained through role-play.

Prince/Princess: (1 Per House) Heirs are chosen by the Sovereign, and may be of blood relation or not. They will succeed the royals after they step down.

Regent: (1 per House) When the monarchs are otherwise indisposed, Regents take the command. They work closely with their ruling royals, and are always ready to take the reins of a House should their leaders fail them. It is most common for them to reside within the royals' hold, but it is not unheard of for them to join family in different lands. Regent can only be acquired through role-play.

Jarls: (2 Per House) There are those who hold authority and power over the head of the commoners (e.g. hold leaders for the other House territories) due to their own verbal and physical accomplishments. Jarl status can only be gained through role-play. There can be only one jarls (one leaders) per hold.

Heir: (1 Per Herd) While the Prince/ss is the successor for the Sovereign, Heirs are the successors for the Jarls and their herdlands.

Nobles: Those related to the Sovereign or Jarls by blood are ascended to the aristocratic status. While they may live a life of luxury with their relatives in authority, their title is just that. It is typical for other children of the Sovereign or Jarls who are not in next in the line of succession or relatives of the jarls/sovereign to fill this position.

Hands: (1 Per House) Much like the regent, Jarls need someone willing to take their throne if they become inept, die, or disappear. Hands serve as the second in command for the non-royal holds, and own the lowest ranking authoritative position in the court.

Commander: (1 Per House) A kingsmen above all kingsmen, the Commander leads all warriors beneath the Soveriegn's banner. They are the chief, general, or lord commander of the militaristic forces and guard. They would closely with the Regent, Jarls, and Sovereign, and reside where the collective of these bodies do as well to remain close to the whispering concerns. It is not uncommon for them to accompany the Monarchs whenever they attend meetings, or protect them at public events. Commanders may also serve in the place of a sovereign if the sovereign's health, or other personal circumstances, keep them from a fight.

Kingsmen: They are the guards and protectors of each house. There are several different positions within the kingsmen, such as general guards, lookouts, soldiers, or militaristic advisor. This rank is only achievable via role-play and granted from a hand, jarl, regent, or sovereign.

Commoners: Every household needs the labor force and followers to hold up those in power. Commoner status is open for any interested and is the lowest rung on the House's proverbial ladder.

Nonpartisans: They are the ones without a house. In their own way, they are nomadic and wayward individuals. They are the most susceptible to danger and the fodder for new House members.

Warden: (Only 1 allowed) Wardens are the judge, jury, and executioner of the far East. They are not considered herd leaders, but they do hold the most authority in the exile's malleable politics. Despite any rogue bands or threats, if the Warden arises victorious in any challenge their word is law and they may punish whomever they want however they want. Malevolent and benevolent Wardens have sprouted in the Wastes, and it is a position only acquirable through challenge.

Exiles: Those spared the graces of death but suffer the humiliation of great failure. Exile status is either given to a character from royalty or is requested for upon character creation.


1. Members are allowed to have up to two leaders (sovereign, jarl, or warden).

---- 1.1. Those two leaders cannot be within the same House.

---- 1.2. Those two leaders cannot be two sovereign.

-------- 1.2.1. Furthermore, a member cannot have a Sovereign and the Warden.

---- 1.3. Those two leaders may be two different jarls.

2. All leaders have a required weekly post that must be made.

---- 2.1. The "week" starts on 12:00am EST Monday and will end 11:59pm EST Sunday and must be made within that time frame.

---- 2.2. Leaders will be automatically demoted if they miss an accumulative two weeks within an 8 week period.

-------- 2.2.1. Every eight weeks (two months) the misses will reset. The reset days begin on the first Monday of a month. See the table below for the month to month schedule.

January & February
March & April
May & June
July & August
September & October
November & December

---- 2.3. Leaders must report their herd leader requirements. Simply select "Report" on your own post, and select "Leader Post".

3. Sovereign and Jarls can be of any age or gender.

---- 3.1. With this in mind, beware that a youthful sovereign may be challenged by a veteran adult. It is a risk taken when the role is taken on.

---- 3.2. For a Commander to fight in the place of the Sovereign, the Commander must be previously appointed prior to a challenge being initiated.

-------- 3.2.1. Regents (for Sovereign) and Hands (for Jarls) may also fight in the place of an absent/disposed leader, but must also be previously appointed prior to a challenge being initiated.

---- 3.3. The only time it is applicable for a Commander, Regent, or Hand to fight rather than the Sovereign or Jarl is: the role-player of the sovereign has posted an absence and is away or the sovereign explicitly declares that the challenger must fight their (previously appointed before the challenge) stand-in instead.

-------- 3.3.1. A sovereign cannot make a challenge face a stand-in and the sovereign. Either a Sovereign/Jarl defends themselves, or they have a single party fight for them.

4. Sovereign are allowed to impart any form of kingdom they wish with their Hold. Here on Fimbulvetr, the Houses conform to the sovereign on the throne.

Arcana Overview

Up until recent decades, those who could master the "Dark Arts" or "Arcana" (used interchangeably depending on opinion) were viewed as heretics, heathens, and were hunted down and slaughtered. With the The Rebirth of Arcana, the Slidr River Valley's new sorcery-weilding denizens have shown that they can accept and utilize these marvelous gifts once again without scrutiny. Now, those with Arcana hold a high esteem and are considered powerful. More and more equine are finding themselves wielding these mystic arts at an exponential rate. That being said, there are still those lacking the ability or late to bloom in their prowess.

Here at Fimbulvetr your character can begin it's journey with the ability to level their own personal arcana designed by the member who plays them. While you must purchase items to level up and start harnessing the magic, every character is free to apply at joining with a full description of their magical prowess written in their profile as unique to them as member's wish to make them. Alternatively, your character does not need to have any form of arcana upon approval - it is optional! However, profiles with their Arcana left blank upon approval must later apply for their arcana in this thread after purchasing the Keystone from the Outpost and filling out their profile. There are no limits to arcana currently but staff reserve the right to decline a magic if they feel it oversteps bounds. We ask you not to abuse this freedom.

1. All arcana must keep to one theme.

---- 1.1. For example, a character cannot be a healer and a fire manipulator in one arcana set.

-------- 1.1.1. You can, however, buy the Keystone for two arcana tiers that level separately and those may be unrelated.

---- 1.2. Currently we have few regulations on what kind of arcana a character can possess. We Staff implore you to be realistic, fair, and adhere to the rules as to not abuse this right and have it removed.

---- 1.3. Staff reserve the right to deny an arcana if they feel that it does not meet the requirements as followed but are not limited too: unrealistic abilities at the lower tier levels, failure to adhere to a single theme, or abuse of powers.

2. As previously stated arcana can be whatever the member wishes, but the effects of such arcana cannot be automatically assumed on another character without prior permission from their role player.

---- 2.1. Others may include short messages in their signatures allowing mild power play, and it is expected that our members are courteous to those wishes.

3. At approval characters cannot use their arcana. They must achieve all tier requirements and complete their arcana quests to do so.

4. All profiles are expected to be filled out up to the Virtuoso level. While Spiritborne may achieve this tier naturally, Awakened item drops are given out at each Site Wide Plot and therefore obtainable to other characters as well.

---- 4.1. To reiterate, Spiritborne are a closed species and require prior staff approval, auditioned for, or gifted through SWPs.


Each tier (or level) of one's arcana must be unlocked by meeting the requested amount of requirements prior to posting for their arcana quests. The requirements for each stage are as follows:

Apprentice: Just budding with the arcana. Cannot be used in the duration of several posts (arcana conjures and falls in one-two posts). Small amounts of arcana, still foreign and strange. Can be used as minor distractions in challenges. 5 Posts required and complete “Arcana’s Endowment” Quest Successfully.

Adept: Characters are starting to get the hang of it. Their powers can now last up to two-three posts in duration. Can be utilized as distractions, and can cause minor injuries in challenges. To upgrade, you need 25 posts and “Arcana Enlivening” Quest completed successfully, and complete four (4) of the following requirements:

a. Participate in a Site Event
b. Assist two (2) equine in the Bifrost or Point of No Return if Exiled.
c. Join a House
d. 'Claim' a Character for your House
e. Purchase three (3) items from Fimbulvetr Outpost
f. Practice with your magic in a post consisting of 700 words.
g. Participate in a battle of any kind.

Master: Characters have gained so much control over their arcana they can now use it as a weapon in challenges. There is no limit to post duration. 50 posts required and “Arcana Animating” Quest completed successfully, and complete six (6) of the following requirements:

a. Participate in three (3) Site Events
b. Observe/Participate in an Exiling
c. Assist five (5) equines in the Bifrost and/or Point of No Return.
d. Save a character's life.
e. Claim three (3) characters for your House.
f. Meet a Royal/the Warden
g. Have a rank of Kingsmen or above
h. Practice with your magic in three (3) posts consisting of 700 words
i. Purchase seven (7) items from Fimbulvetr Outpost.
j. Win in a battle while using your arcana in some way.

Virtuoso: Reserved for Spiritborns or those who have won Awakened drops in SWPs, these individuals can tap into a special tier of arcana others cannot. Their arcana skills are intimidating, and their showmanship astounding. They wield true weapons, or the greatest of blessings. 100 posts are required, with a “Arcana Awakening” Quest completed successfully, and seven (7) of the following requirements met:

a. Participate in five (5) Events and/or SWPs
b. Help ten (10) Characters across the Bifrost/through Point of No Return.
c. Observe/Participate in two (2) Exilings
d. Meet three (3) Royals/the Warden
e. Save two (2) character's lives.
f. Claim five (5) characters for your House.
g. Have a rank of Kingsmen or above.
h. Practice your magic in five (5) posts consisting of 700 words or more.
i. Purchase twelve (12) items from the Outpost.
j. Particpate two (2) battles using your arcana in some way.
k. Win a battle using your arcana in some way.
l. Have offspring.

1. Once the requirements are met for a tier, the character must purchase the appropriate item from the Outpost and create a new thread. In that thread, they must tag the Storyteller account while also filling out the following in their OOC section:

[b]Name:[/b] Character's Name
[b]Link to Profile:[/b] Your Arcana system will need to be filled out in its entirety, showing what your character will achieve with each level.
[b]Item(s):[/b] Arcana Endowment, Arcana Enlightening, etc
[b]Requirements:[/b] Links to applicable requirement threads

2. Akin to challenges, those who prompt an arcana quest must respond to Storyteller responses within three days time.

---- 2.1. If a member fails to respond within the three (3) days, their Arcana token is revoked and they must purchase a new one and redo their arcana quest.

3. For those whom purchase Keystones for a new tier of arcana, you must post in the Account Approval thread again filling out the appropriate form and indicating the additional arcana.

---- 3.1. A character does not need to max one arcana tier before adding an additional tier.

---- 3.2. Those with two tiers can only level up one arcana per arcana quest.

Combat Overview

1. Horses can be any age or gender to challenge for a territory, however, need a minimum of five (5) IC posts.

---- 1.1. Once a challenger has posted, the opposition has three (3) days to respond to the challenge. During this challenge, each member has three (3) days to respond to the latest post that is not their own. The fight ends when both opponents have used up all their attacks or a fourth (4) day progresses from the last response.

-------- 1.1.1. Outsiders - any that are not the challenged individual whether part of the House or not - may never intervene with a challenge but may spectate.

---- 1.2. During a challenge, each character receives five (5) attacks and two (2) dodges. This can be modified by purchasing items in the Outpost.

-------- 1.2.1. Attack: An obvious action with intention of causing harm or dismantling the opponent in some fashion physically. Attacks may both be physical and arcanic/magical.

-------- 1.2.2. Dodge: If an attack does not meet the intended mark upon the target (whether other damage is taken or not to a different body part) it counts as one (1) dodge. The general rule is that a dodge has taken place if there is no hit made, or it is within 12 inches/.30 meters from the intended target. Dodges can be physical and arcanic/magical.

------------ Example: The attacker goes for the throat, but the defender avoids it, taking damage to a shoulder or leg or evaded entirely.

-------- 1.2.3. Partial Dodge: If a member decides to accept some damage on the intended mark but not complete intended damage, they may count it as a partial (.5) dodge.

------------ Example: The attacker goes for the throat, but the defender is his on the neck/face.

2. All challenge posts cannot exceed 1000 words in length. Battles are chaos, a mess of emotion. You won't find yourself lost in too much thought, and therefore to encourage posts based primarily on the battle itself we instill a word count maximum.

3. The winner will be decided by the staff and is based on the quality, believability, and creativity of the posts.

---- 3.1. If a staff member is challenged/challenges they are automatically exempt from judging/knowing the verdict of the challenge until the official determination is released publicly.

4. Characters can challenge for more than territory, including other characters (territory/house transfer), positions, to leave a house, or for bragger's rights.

5. Sovereign can be challenged and when challenged, they have the option of fighting themselves or choosing their strongest fighter to represent them.

---- 5.1. Sovereign who lose are immediately exiled unless stated otherwise by the new ruler. The winner may also exile the rest of the sovereign's family, mate, etc... if they choose so.

6. After a Sovereign challenge is complete, the winner has a cool-down of 30 days.

7. After a Jarl or Warden challenge is complete, the winner has a cool-down of 15 days.


Battle Types

There are four recognized battles here on Fim and they are as follows:

1. Sovereign Challenge (SC): An event surely most heroic when someone takes on a Sovereign for the leadership of a house. They are one vs one judged battles that follow every general rule of normal challenges; even the losers (if they aren't exiled) can boast bragging rights.

2. Challenge (C): A challenge for a territory in a house, a position, a character, for fun, or to settle a debt paid, these challenges are one vs one judged battles.

---- 2.1.

3. Spar/Battle (S): A plotted out interaction between any number of characters without judging. Nothing can be physically gained from this except experience.

---- 3.1. These battles do not need to be labelled as they are usually plotted or spur of the moment and nothing is gained from them (unless previously plotted).

4. War (W): A cataclysmic event between two (or more) Houses featuring more than five (5) characters per side with one soverign from each side included. Mostly they are plotted out threads, however, they can be judged and battle partners picked via staff intervention if the players so choose.

To partake in any of these, a thread must be labeled as such (parentheses added for convenience) or stated clearly in your post.

Specialty Items

There are several speciality items available through the Outpost that require some extra steps beyond purchase. Sound scary? Don't fret, it's actually fun! Several of our unique items come with interactive requirements and development. Following below are those items, their individual rules, and the steps required to access their full potential for ultimate benefit:

Living Myth - This item unlocks the ability have your own personal companion of mythic proportions. But with that being said, an appropriate form needs to be filled out to initiate a Storyteller taming thread. Whaaat?! Taming thread?! That's right! While there is no chance at failing this particular "quest" of sorts, to add a new layer of interactivity with these mythical companions, each and every one will require a thread where your character ICly tames or befriends them. While we offer this unique opportunity to acquire such companions without having to acquire special drops or attend events, we do have some limitations:

1. They can be any mythical creature you desire. Phoenix, dragon, wyvern, kraken, etc.

2. The creatures cannot exceed twice the weight and size of an average horse.

3. Like the characters they are linked too, they must have a full description of their 100 word appearance written in the "Additional" section of your profile. Personality is optional.

---- 3.1. When this is finished, post in General Updates notifying Staff that your companion needs review and to initiate the taming thread.

Sub-Board Discovery - Fancy having a board set aside for your character's own specific location in the Slidr River Valley? Here is that options! NPCs can help construct whatever feature you desire.

1 You must use your creativity to establish an unique marker, construct, or small land feature that fits into the realm in which it is placed.

---- 1.1. For example, you cannot put another Oasis into the Far East, or put a volcano in the middle of the Southern territories.

2. Owners of those sub-boards (the character that holds the item) must remain active within their board. They must make one post every two weeks within their personal sub-board.

---- 2.1. Sub-boards will be deleted after two missed posts from the sub-board owner. AKA, if a sub-board owner misses an entire month in their own board they will lose it.

---- 2.2. The exception of the previous rule are absences posted in the Absence board prior to the inactivity.