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Up until very recently, those who could master the "Dark Arts" or "Arcana", used interchangeably depending on opinion, were viewed as heretics, heathens, and were hunted down and slaughtered. With the The Rebirth of Arcana, Fimbulvetr's new pious people have shown that they can accept and utilize these marvelous gifts once again. Now, those with Arcana hold a high esteem and are considered powerful. More and more equine are finding themselves wielding these mystic arts at an exponential rate. That being said, there are still those lacking the ability or late to bloom in their prowess.

Here at Fimbulvetr you do not have to purchase items to give your character its first magical ability at approval. While you must purchase items to level up and start harnessing the magic, every character is free to apply at joining with a full description of their magical prowess written in their profile. Alternatively, your character does not need to have any form of arcana upon approval - it is optional! However, profiles with their Arcana left blank upon approval must later apply for their arcana in this thread after purchasing the Keystone from the Outpost and filling out their profile. There are no limits to arcana currently but staff reserve the right to decline a magic if they feel it oversteps bounds. We ask you not to abuse this freedom.

Choosing Arcana

In the hopes of keeping things fair, each arcana must have one theme. You can name the magic whatever you want, or keep the generic name, but each arcana your character possesses through the leveling system must obviously correlate. For an example, your character could have shadow magic. That would mean any kind of shadow magic you can think of is viable through your leveling, be it bending, elemental, light absorption, becoming shadow, etc. Another example can be found on Evandr's profile. His arcana is essentially earth elemental, but in his higher levels he can control "earth" in its other forms like dust and lava.

That being said, your purchased (or won) second/third/etc arcana does not need to share in the original "theme". You can easily have a character with healing magic and also have water elemental properties after purchasing your Keystone from the Outpost. There is currently no restriction to how many arcana magics your character has. With each arcana you purchase, another tier must be fully completed in the Arcana section of your character's profile and it must be approved by staff.


Once you've acquired the specific item needed to level up your character, they will need to post a thread in any of the boards tagging the Storyteller. Character's may or may not need outside assistance, depending upon what quest or task is given to them. If they successfully complete their task, they will be automatically boosted to the next level. Bear in mind, any quest that fails to have a response within seven (3) days time will be marked as a failure, and a new quest will have to be completed. You would also need to post the following items OOCly with your IC post so that we staff can distribute appropriately.

[b]Name:[/b] Character's Name
[b]Link to Profile:[/b] Your Arcana system will need to be filled out in its entirety, showing what your character will achieve with each level.
[b]Item(s):[/b] Arcana Endowment, Arcana Enlightening, etc
[b]Requirements:[/b] Links to applicable requirement threads

There are four levels of arcana available: Apprentice, Adept, Master, and Virtuoso. Each of these tiers will have to be completely filled out upon approval of your character or additional arcana.

Apprentice: Just budding with the arcana. Cannot be used in the duration of several posts (arcana conjures and falls in one-two posts). Small amounts of arcana, still foreign and strange. Can be used as minor distractions in challenges. 5 Posts required and complete “Arcana’s Endowment” Quest Successfully.

Adept: Characters are starting to get the hang of it. Their powers can now last up to two-three posts in duration. Can be utilized as distractions, and can cause minor injuries in challenges. To upgrade, you need 25 posts and “Arcana Enlivening” Quest completed successfully, and complete four (4) of the requirements:

a. Participate in a Site Event
b. Assist two (2) equine in the Bifrost or Helgrind if Exiled.
c. Join a House
d. 'Claim' a Character for your House
e. Purchase three (3) items from Fimbulvetr Outpost
f. Practice with your magic in a post consisting of 700 words.
g. Participate in a battle.

Master: Characters have gained so much control over their arcana they can now use it as a weapon in challenges. There is no limit to post duration. 50 posts required and “Arcana Animating” Quest completed successfully, and complete six (6) of the requirements:

a. Participate in three (3) Site Events
b. Observe/Participate in an Exiling
c. Assist five (5) equines in the Bifrost or Helgrind if Exile.
d. Save a character's life.
e. Claim three (3) characters for your House.
f. Meet a Royal/the Warden
g. Have a rank of Kingsmen or above
h. Practice with your magic in three (3) posts consisting of 700 words
i. Purchase seven (7) items from Fimbulvetr Outpost.
j. Win in a battle while using your arcana in some way.

Virtuoso: Reserved for Spiritborns or those who have won drops in SWPs, these individuals can tap into a special tier of arcana others cannot. Their arcana skills are intimidating, and their showmanship astounding. They wield true weapons, or the greatest of blessings. 100 posts required, “Arcana Awakening” Quest completed successfully, and complete seven (7) of the requirements:

a. Participate in five (5) Site Events
b. Help ten (10) Characters across the Bifrost/through Helgrind.
c. Observe/Participate in two (2) Exilings
d. Meet three (3) Royals/the Warden
e. Save two (2) character's lives.
f. Claim five (5) characters for your House.
g. Have a rank of Kingsmen or above.
h. Practice your magic in five (5) posts consisting of 700 words or more.
i. Purchase twelve (12) items from Fimbulvetr Outpost.
j. Particpate two (2) battles using your arcana in some way.
k. Win a battle using your arcana in some way.

Adding Arcana

With all that being said, characters accepted without their Arcana filled out must purchase the Keystone and fill out the below application to acquire their Arcana and begin their journey. Once the application is filled out, you will post it in Account Approval again so that Staff can look over your arcana. Then, leveling repeats. You do not need to meet new requirements if you have previously done so, but you must perform new quests to level your arcana and can only level one at a time.

[b]Name[/b] Name of the character
[b]Link to Profile:[/b] Link
[b]Items Being Used:[/b] Which items you're using and which account they are on must be stated.
[b]Previous Arcana:[/b] Previous power you had or none if not applicable
[b]Current Arcana:[/b] The name of the arcana you're adding