Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Summer Year One | The sun is high and it is long, and with it as are the days. Summer has claimed the entirety of the Slidr River Valley and in doing so has cast higher, comportable temperatures throughout the Southern and Central territories. The Western still boasts snow capped mountains, but mud slides are frequent and they are heavy. The North remains green, just warm enough to cultivate and brood the new life there, but the further you tred the lower the temperatures fall, their mountains still ice cladden and snow tipped. The East, the poor souls, is sweltering. At night the temperatures drop to the Valley's daily warmth. Little can be done to add comfort, and each day the Oasis becomes drier and drier...

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Welcome to Fimbulvetr!

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days long forgotten

The world has been like this for hundreds of centuries, seemingly frozen in time. Humans have perpetually been stuck between the 1600-early 1800s, but this has not stopped them from expanding and exploring the globe. The farther humans have migrated away from their homelands, the more they have begun to submerge themselves into the world of spirits and gods. By nature, the spirits and gods have been peaceful, taking joy in their creations and living simple lives that span all of eternity. They are known for kindness, their empathy, and their ability to bestow miracles upon those worthy. They could also be angered, and their rage was legendary! Many speculated that it was them--the gods--that burned the old world down because of their wrath before building this new one.

As the legends say, nothing enraged the gods more than war, innocent bloodshed, or disregard for life. Most respected this, but there were times when creatures would forget this. The great dire wolves were erased from history because they forgot this, as were the saber-tooths and mammoths. The gods, for as kind as they appear, can be merciless if needed.

old memories become fairytales...

It is known that humans once crossed the wastelands, climbed the Frior Mountain Range, and settled in the Slidr River Valley beside the great river. These pale faces had been refugees fleeing from the persecution of the crown, and who found sanctuary behind the mountains. For generations, the pale faces lived harmoniously beside the creatures and spirits. Espen, the great God-Bear, protector of the Frior Mountain Range, considered them great additions to the valley.

Yellow invaders from the west crept over the mountains and began to investigate the pale faces. The yellow invaders were not interested in cohabitation--oh heavens no. These yellow heathens were the scouts for a vast, nomadic tribes people that were like locusts, destroying everything in their path. As the story goes, the yellow locusts battled against the pale faces for many months. Out of desperation, the pale faces set the valley on fire to drive out the invaders.

The valley burned for days, the blaze being fed by the drought that had plagued the valley all summer. Angered, Espen the God-Bear began to tear away the humans, ripping their hearts out from behind their ribs and eating the bodies whole. The humans were too many for one god... So full from eating so many, Espen was forced to retreat to his alter and hibernate for many years while he digested their remains.

The famous Red Wood forest burned to the ground until one at the edge of Slidr Lake remained. The screams of burning trees and their dryads were said to give birth to a new god. From the last red wood spilt out a white veil, a phantom of sorts that melted into a lithe, vibrate, ghostly unicorn. So pure and so white, he was said to have shown as brightly as a full moon, even in daylight. With a tap of his hoof, the fires ceased.

With a rear, the humans vanished.

He became known as The Bloodless.

dawn of the modern era

Upon erasing the warring humans, The Bloodless took it upon himself to restore order to the valley while the great, lumbering Bear-God slept for the next century. From each species, he appointed a member to act as the reigning monarch. Among the equines, a shadowy stallion named Ambrosius was crowned. He reigned as king for many years and established the first house. In his honor, his first son Lokean, named the house after him.

As centuries elapsed and the Ambrosius household grew larger, and the royal blood lines became more diverse, a natural split occurred. This natural split resulted in the Vromme House. Since that time, Ambrosius has held the majority of the Slidr River Valley, while their sister house has held the southern territories.

Centuries have passed since the creation of Vromme, and the houses have maintained a relatively steady peace through all the years. The once mighty and very full house of Ambrosius has since passed their prime, slowly dwindling in numbers over the years. Though Vromme has always been the much smaller of the two houses, their numbers too have dwindled; however, not as much as their sister house, Ambrosius.

Ambrosius has suffered the blunt of misfortune. Gregos, father to the late King Thror, was the only one of six children to survive to adulthood. His reign was short to say the least. Gregos married his lithe queen Vibeke when he inherited the throne at age four. For the next three consecutive years his queen bore him three children, Thror, the current Vromme Queen, and the current Ambrosius King. A year after the youngest born, Gregos fell ill from the great fever that had swept across the lands. His queen fell into an inconsolable sadness. Thror, the eldest, was thrust into power at a young age. Following his father's hoofprints, married his queen, Fredrekke, soon after his coronation.

As a king, Thror was exceptionally, if painfully so, empathetic and reserved. There was always something not quite right about the bay roan stallion. Unlike others his age, Thror felt no sexual desires, no capacity to claim something as his, or any urge to actually act like a stallion. His loyal queen Fredrekke never let word slip that he had never touched her. She would always claim that they were still trying for an heir without success. Many saw his inability to produce an heir as a sign of weakness; including their sister house who had begun to worry about his ability to reign. Following Vacua's advice, Thror promised his sister to the Vromme King, Halvr, and within a season, the two were joined together. This suppressed any worries for a short time.

Dehaan remained adamant that Thror was unfit to rule--that the queen was truly in charge. He felt an outsider, especially a nobody, had no right to rule. Fredrekke would not hear of his heresy, and stood by her claim she had every right to rule because of her spiritual blessing. Her words only angered him more, or so the rumors say, and so full of rage, that he trespassed into Ambrosius territory with another and slew Thror in front of Fredrekke on the boundary of Espen's domain.

Fredrekke returned to Ambrosius and told of the tragedy that had befallen her beloved. Once word spread to the Vromme King and Queen, Dehaan was declared a traitor to the crowns. Within a week of the slaying, Dehaan was captured but his partner-in-crime remained at large--and to this day does still. By order of the Ambrosius crown, Dehaan was led towards The Point of No Return to be executed by Dirk, the Ambrosius executioner. Of all his siblings, only Mahualt felt any pity for her brother and refused to let him die alone.

That is when the miracle happened. As Dirk prepared to land a fatal blow against the traitor, The Bloodless appeared to spare Dehaan from the afterlife. As Dehaan claims, The Bloodless denounced the Ambrosius household as being unfit to reign the equines of the valley. Even Vromme was considered unworthy of the great and glorious task. Instead, he, Dehaan, was pronounced the new king of the Slidr River Valley. Any who disputed his right to rule would eventually be erased from the valley.

Dehaan returned to the valley with his sister, Mahault, and Dirk the executioner to tell the news, but his news was not well received by the Ambrosius or Vromme crowns. Both crowns denounced him as a liar. Members of the limited Ambrosius guard, good friends to Dirk, defected to Dehaan. A cascading effect began as more and more equines from both houses joined with Dehaan. By the beginning of winter, he had amounted a large enough following to take over the best of Ambrosius territory. Invigorated from their success, he declared this land part of the Tryggr House.

Thus, within a span of two seasons, Dehaan had slain King Thror and taken over the parts of Ambrosius that were not protected by Espen... These events were the start of the first of the three great winters, Fimbulvetr, leading to Ragnarok.

the first great winter

Prophets and witches alike now tell the tell of the first tragedy to befall the valley from several generations ago. Spirits, and the few Spiritbornes old enough to have witnessed the events for their own eyes, refuse to speak of it. Ignorance is bliss, but ignorance is also how history repeats itself. Having forgotten the mistakes of the humans, the three noble houses went to war. Ambrosius, led by the youngest brother and newly crowned king Aegr, marched into battle against his cousin Dehaan, king of Tryggr. The regent Queen Fredrekke, scarred from Thror’s death, remained within Espen’s protective range, refusing to leave her mountains. While Aegr poorly managed Ambrosius young guard, Fredrekke remained within the heart of Ambrosius to manage their remaining territories.

Their sister house Vromme suffered dearly. The Ambrosius sister and now Vromme Queen Aslog fought her husband and his family. The dainty beauty, known for her quiet words, transformed into a rabid, venomous monster. Conflict ignited a fire within the ice queen’s heart. No amount of love from her dearly beloved husband and King Halvr could smother her rage. Upon hearing the death of her youngest brother Aegr, the wild queen broke free of the last of her civil chains and took to the battlefield with her husband’s troops.

Vromme suffered underneath the conflicted sovereigns and their stressed relations. Halvr held onto his neutral position, arguing he could not betray his blood brother Dehaan but could not compromise his marriage to his dearly beloved Queen Aslog. Without a strong guidance, Vromme began to crumble. Following their brother-in-arms, the Vromme siblings joined Mahault and Dehaan against Ambrosius. In their wake, many of the Vromme citizens followed. Aslog was reeling from the reality that the house she had married into would not stand beside her in battle. There had always been a place for her, the place of her birth, Ambrosius. With the few lordships, guards, and citizens that remained loyal to her cause, she stormed out of Vromme. It is said she never looked again to the southern territories where Halvr waited for her return. Despair turned into ruin.... King Halvr watched with apathy as the sun set on Vromme. Upon his death, Vromme ceased. The land became wild once more. Fenrir ran rampant, tearing asunder all who crossed his rabid path.

Years ticked by after Vromme's demise... Some seasons Tryggr would dominate, and in others Ambrosius would reclaim parts of their stolen territories. This ebb n' flow lasted and lasted... A tiredness fell upon the valley. So many had been lost because of what? Bickering among the sovereigns? Even the monarchs themselves showed the wear and tear of war upon their wrinkled faces and marred hides. None held this burden more than Aslog. She led so many troops to Valhalla, sacrificed her marriage to her beloved Halvr, and watched her house collapse into ruin... The fires in her heart were being smothered by her regrets.

One remained untouched by age through the years, Ambrosius Queen Fredrekke. Late King Gregos had been right--she was truly a descendant of the Spirits. Fredrekke was still very consumed by the hatred for Dehaan. Seeing her dear sister Aslog burdened by an incurable sadness, she sought an end to the violence. On a cold spring night, she stole in the heart of Tryggr. In a show of power, she baptized and drowned the reigning family, including Dehaan himself, in her spring waters. Their bodies were found drying the following morning.

Having demonstrated her power, Fredrekke returned to Ambrosius to remain beside her dying sister Aslog. The world outside of Espen's protective range fell from her concerns. Her mind was on spending the last of Aslog's days with her... The valley was in chaos. Without monarchs to guide and protect the territories violent spirits, like Coyote, flourished. The only ones truly protected were the Ambrosius denizens. Would-be refugees from Tryggr found themselves slaughtered at the border by the Ambrosius guard. Hardened by betrayal and war, the Ambrosius governing body granted no one but their own kin safety within Espens' territory.

A generation was marked by plagues and vile spirits. Populations across all species fell. Even Ambrosius felt the brunt of plagues and droughts. The light was fading from the valley... In this cursed year the snow never thawed, the grass never grew, and the sun barely rose above the horizon. Desperate, The Bloodless emerged from his hollow tree for the first time in decades on a moonless night. In slow motion, he sauntered over the coarse of a lunar month to the heart of the lake. All had gathered along the snowy, ice impaled shoreline to The Bloodless. As the full moon set over the mountains, The Bloodless dissolved into the lake. A rush of warmth expanded from the center of the lake all across the valley, blowing away the sun. The sun rose for the first time in over a year! Every spec its noble light touched came back to life. In a course of a day, the plenties of spring had returned. This marked the end of the First Great Winter.

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