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Rost "Ironforger" Dwalin
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i was an adventurer once

Scent: Iron, sweat, and coal
Voice: Unknown
Sexuality: Heterosexual

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the valley needs the best, so they come to me

If one was to try and describe Rost several words may come to mind; robust, rough, and ragged. Despite the fact that there seems to be a layer of thing smoke and grime upon his pelt at all times, this otherwise plain man has quite the delicate pattern. What can only be described as a saturated blue roan, most of the stallion's hide is fairly average in terms of coloration save minute lacings of marks. The same soft slate of his abdomen lines his iron visionaries set upon a blackened mask. Along his dorsal, shoulders, and portions of his legs some of his hide fails to display the rumination of the white hairs that otherwise would have softened the hue. Here, scale-like marks layer themselves geometrically in faux armor.

Though Rost is not an old man, his mane and tail betray his age and stress. Salted lightly amongst the khol, most of his thick locks are collected in crude rings and beadings he's struck over the years in his forge. Unlike most of his peers, from his chin - where the hair is plaited neatly simply for convenience's sake - to the small of his stomach a "beard" hangs hot and course, making up for the crop of his mane (though a single braid hangs at his withers showcasing it's previous length. But his trappings do not end at adornments in his mane: silver shoes crest his saucer-sized hooves. They are not intricate nor decorated, but have the smallest of flares at the sides of his hooves.


flames of a hero can reforge the shattered

Neutral Good.

Rost, much like the mountain he resides within, is stone. A hardened exterior ensures that very little permeates the exterior to reach the precious ore within. He is no silver-tongued prince, but the rather vulgar smithy is quite charming if he is so inclined. While his life of solitude at his hearth fires may insinuate that he cares little for social events, he thrives beneath attention. Some may call him aloof, or strange, because of just how complicated the inner mechanisms of his personality are.

His charm and chivalrous nature are not showcased in the crude mouth he does not moderate. Though he may thrive within lime light, he can also bear an unending silence and solitude found in the winter months. A short temper may approach his work when outcomes are not as he desires, but his patience for a timid lady or child is unparalleled by even the most skilled mid-wife. Intelligence is not something he can boast, but given the right amount of resources he could forge a much boorish solution to any obstacle.

Perhaps above all, Rost is what one may call a patriot. His pride for the Slidr River Valley and his family’s stake within its history is unmatched by even the most boastful of Ambrosius lords. After a few draughts of his home brewed ale, there is no stopping him from sharing all that he knows about the land and his ancestors. A similar pride can only be found in his work for others. Even the smallest of commissions he takes great pride and work in, dedicating his waking hours for the finest result he can create.


i'm a blacksmith, like my father and father's father

Eorlund Dwalin x Dibella Acavicii
Rost Dwalin
► Born in Slidr River Valley to descendants of House Ambrosius that shed their ties to serve the whole of their home.
► Grandfather's grandfather learned he could bend and forge metal with his arcanum, and his sons carried the same arcana. All male descendants came to work in the forge of their fathers.
► The First Great Winter claimed most of his family's remaining members before the Bloodless could save them from the cold and darkness, leaving only Rost's father Eorlund, his wife Dibella, and his great Ymir.
► In his younger years, he spent his time exploring the mountains between the Ambrosius holds and the East. Ymir eventually reined in the young colt while his mother and father failed.
► Mother Dibella grew sick, and she was kept in the heart of the forge to keep her warm and the cold's touch from getting to her. Rost trained beneath Ymir with guided practice from his father.
► Dibella passed when Rost was four. Ymir went the following year to no surprise, for he was old and frail and could hardly work the forge any longer. They were burnt in the heat of the hearthfires, becoming one with the place that provided them purpose in life.
► Eorlund took to the forge for some years, Rost apprenticing him. Many came and went. Customers were the only friends they had.
► Met Brynja while on excursions outside the forge, became acquainted with her horde, supplied them the necessary trappings and armor they'd need for their trials.
► Father ultimately passed due to age, having gone quietly in the cold. Put to the forge fire, as was custom.

Ore Caster


i don't claim to be the best blacksmith, but i am

Ore Caster: Iron, copper, or gold it matters not, any crude ore brought to Rost can be transfigured into items most precious and valuable. An inherited Arcanum descending from his sire’s side, Rost needs little aid to help create the instruments others seek from him. A kiln nestled deep in his Laurel Alps home fueled by his personal mining of coal, any alloy brought to the stud that burns hot enough he can mold into a weapon, armor, trinket, jewelry, token, or whatever the client desires. Furthermore, Rost can manipulate metal after it’s final form is achieved. For example, if a shield is finished and a blemish is noticed, it would not be out of his augury to crush the shield back into a crude lump of iron.

Apprentice: In the very beginning stages of the Arcanum, Rost can only forge smaller items, and very few at a time. Even the smallest of iron daggers, several barbed arrowheads, or simple necklace steals a massive amount of energy from the stallion. Fatigue manifests ruthlessly the more unblemished the object, and it is not entirely out of practice to take an entire day to recuperate after a day of small projects previously. It is easier for him to work with iron or copper than precious alloys like silver or gold. His control of finish metal items is small; he can flip them or ‘hammer’ them, causing damage.

Adept: Small items can be crafted in bulk and with higher quality before Rost finds himself unable to work. The type of metal also need not apply to these small trinkets. The breadth of his resilience to the physical toll bids him to start on larger projects. Shields, single pieces of armor, and large weapons are now within his realm. These take time, however. A single day is not enough to forge such goods. Manipulation of cast objects is greater. His telekinetic extension of this magic allows for efficiency at his kiln or fire. If desired, Rost can blow upon smaller ores or pieces of metals to forge outside of his kiln, but this has the same physical tolls as the previously stated stage. Smoke manifests when this latter sorcery is equipped.

Master: Small items take little to no toll upon the blacksmith and he can work longer, and far harder, than he could previously. Any item smaller than your average sword takes him simply a day. Jewelry a couple of hours, if he has the resources. Simply more efficient, Rost can dedicate his time to details in the alloys, particularly of armor. Though his ‘kiln breath’ works still only on small items, such as jewelry or horse shoes, it no longer takes a physical toll upon him. Cinders will manifest from his lips and nostrils when tapping the power.

Virtuoso: Results come most of the time within a day for his work is no longer hindered with physical tolls. His ability to manipulate cool and cast metals knows no boundaries: he could crush a set of armor with the knight still in it if he so desired. Crowns, ornamental mantles, even larger pieces that may be constructed into structures or architecture are all within his realm of ability. He is a master blacksmith.


before the forge is where i belong

Armor: Curiously, Rost's armor is not primarily constructed from metal. Metal trappings, edging, and fixtures help construct the overall structure of his armor set but the main material is a tanned and darkened leather. It simply offers a thick layer of coverage along his back for his conquests through the Frior Mountain Range in search of more ore to fill his forge. They layer down the dorsal of his crown down to his haunches, where it becomes thick wool fabric over his tail to allow for ease of movement. Two thick bands criss-cross his chest to secure the strange cowl-armor to his robust shoulders, slightly frayed and displaying its age.


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