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He is tall and solidly build. While not as thick as more pure blooded drafts, he does have some heavy muscle tone. There are a few easily notable things about his appearance as well – one of the first being the set of antlers atop his head. They are thick, starting off as an ashen colour at the base and gradient towards a paler blue towards the end. Both stretch out back and curve ever so slightly outwards. Sitting beneath them is another oddity of his appearance – his ears. Instead of a single pair, he has two – four in total. All work though they tend to move as a single unit on each side. He is able to control them each separately but rarely does so.

Another brightly coloured attribute of his are the scales that line parts of his body – down the center of his face, his back, his knees, and cannons. These scales are brightly coloured and range from a variety of teals, blues, and even pale purples. They do have some durability and strength to them, however they are too few to offer any real protection. Kith'ae also does shed one or two at a time on occasion.

The rest of his appearance is fairly plain in his own opinion. His coat colour is an off blue with dark, steel grey points and some near black. The only markings he has are black spots that mark his body at random.

Finally comes his mane and tail. The former is long, and a solid black. Much of his forelock tends to drape across his face in a messy way that he does not bother to fix. His tail on the other-hand is something else altogether. It is long, prehensile, and covered completely in long hair of varying shades. Black, dark blue, light blue, and pale purple – all these colours can be found.


Kith’ae was never meant to be the good guy.

In the beginning he could fool himself to believe otherwise. He put on the dutiful face of a guard, a shield - a sworn protector to prestigious bloodlines. While his loyalty was often shaky at best his faith remained steadfast. He was never a friendly face but he tried. His appearances broke down over the years. Looks of disgust and displeasure became prevalent. He could no longer hide behind false masks.

His aggressive tendencies have, at times, caused issue with those he should have been blindly obeying. Kith’ae might not have the highest of morals but at least he has them. There are some lines he will not cross and it takes little for a deeply rooted hatred to bloom within him. Stepping over those lines and he will bare teeth. He won’t shy away from violence should he deem it necessary.

Once bound by oaths there are some restrictions that he find difficult to break. He was sworn to never take a mate, to never love, or have a family of his own. They were viewed as possible liabilities and he needed to be attachment free. Because of this he often struggles to grasp the idea of love. Some part of him is convinced he is incapable of such a feeling. He delves into more shallow, carnal desires with little hesitancy but forming any true attachments has so far been beyond him.


hann† - sílriel†
lachril(f, unknown), istor(m, unknown)

Born to cold mountains of Marothel, Kith’ae was the eldest son and second child to his family. He was blessed - or cursed - with the same magic of his mother, an ability to solidify energy into a tangible weapon. It was a trait desirable among the militant minds of his homelands. When he began to manifest his abilities he was swept away from his lowborn beginnings and brought to the barracks of Amarldr’s Deep. It was here that he met Eomrill. The stallion was a glorified war hero and a vicious man who protected the King with a near alarming ferocity.

He instilled fear in the weak and admiration in the foolish. Day after day Kith’ae would note the aged man lurking at the borders of their training ground, watching with a careful eye as each young soldier was given drill after drill.

Some months later he was drawn from the footsoldiers and brought to the black stone castle carved into the mountain face itself. Kith’ae was brought to the home of the King himself and presented as a future guard to his majesty. From there he was trained by Eomrill himself with another small handful of youths. His younger years passed this way and it wasn’t long before he was sworn into the King’s Guard and living under strict oaths. It was a difficult life at times and the King himself was a volatile sort. Kith’ae found himself lacking the proper loyalties that should have been instilled within him.

His loyalties became shaky at best when he was given what would essentially be a glorified babysitting duty. A child was born to the King’s younger sister, a small boy who would likely be King should his majesty continue to lack an heir.

Kith’ae loathed the child in the beginning. The young foal was prone to wandering and finding himself in trouble. It took time but gradually he came to recognize the child’s mischief. To Kith’ae’s wonderment the child took a liking to his ill tempered guard. The foal would mimic his expression, or chirp out happy little nicknames as he ran around chasing the older stallions heels. It was difficult for the guard to resist becoming attached.

While he kept his shaky loyalties to himself, it remained an iron belief that Kith’ae was dutiful to the King. His young charge was barely two when it became startlingly clear that the chances a true Heir to the throne being born were becoming very slim. It was a fit of jealous anger and rage that clouded the King’s better judgment. Plans were set into motion to murder his sister and her family - the very boy Kith’ae was forced to protect.

In the years that had passed he had come to witness much as the child grew. The King’s nephew was empathetic to everyone of Marothel - a trait that would have made for a wiser King in the future. Kith’ae had come to admire the old soul living within the youth. So when he was given the new task of killing the boy it was not something he could take lightly.

Kith’ae had a dagger placed at the youth’s throat before he pulled away and had a change of heart. Instead he turned to smuggling the boy from the castle, and from there Marothel itself. It was not an easy task. The pair were hunted with a heavy bounty placed upon both their heads. Unsavory groups hounded their steps for many weeks to come, and there was no time to rest.

They travelled to the southern most known region of their realm. It was here that the King’s nephew took on a new name - became someone else. Lorcan adapted well to a life on the run. When they ventured to Oris - the Lawless Lands - Kith’ae began to delve into shadier business to keep some livelihood.

- Spent some time as a smuggler in Oris doing shady business with shady folk
- Kith’ae didn’t want Lorcan to join in that sort of business
- So of course Lorcan joined in
- and he was good at it
- Kith’ae and Lorcan were eventually located because Marothel King is a meanie
- Lorcan’s whereabouts are unknown presently
- Aprox 3-4 years ago Kith’ae crossed the Bifrost
- Pissed off the wrong person, beat up the wrong dude and landed in exile
- At least it’s warm

Apprentice | For as long as he can remember Kith’ae has had the ability to summon forth phantom blades seemingly made of a delicate transparent crystal. Physical, solid manifestations of a gently jingling magic. The ability itself was deadly, giving him vicious projectiles to use at his whim. Since passing through the Bifrost, however, this ability has diminished. His arcana is blocked almost entirely but at this beginning stages he can hear the soft chimes of his gift returning. He must learn how to properly wield his abilities once more. He can summon a single, sharp blade of magic though the weapon itself cannot be used more than once before it bursts and disintegrates back into an invisible, harmless force. It’s also very time-limited, last only for a few short moments before fading away once again.

Adept | Having already known the dance of his Arcana, Kith’ae welcomes the familiar sensations of power as he gains more control over his ability. He is limited still to only a single blade but the duration of his singing magic is far longer now. His Arcana solidifies easier, and while the blade itself still remains only somewhat visible to the eye the delicate wind-chime like noise is a much louder threat.

Master | Finally Kith’ae is beginning to feel like himself once again. His phantom weapons are a soft chorus of chimes now. A single blade is now half a dozen, all lethal at short range. They can be used multiple times without shattering. The blades remain difficult for the eye to see but should he try he can manifest them in a way that makes them somewhat easier for the eye to see.

Virtuoso | Finally Kith’ae has reached the full strength he is accustomed to. In addition to a now vast array of weapons and projectiles, he can not conjure forth a defensive shield. This solidified magic has a deep thrum sound in comparison to the high jingle of his weapons. This shield is only present for a short amount of time but it gives Kith’ae a moment of reprieve should he require it. He is also able to solidify his Arcana enough that can be clearly visible should he chose.



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