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Davaros Arud
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(dav-are-os are-ood)

Mathias Arud x Hai

Born of Native Father and Outsider Mother

Scent: Forest moss, dewy mornings, and a hint of lilies
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Voice/Face Claim: Tony Thornburg

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OOC & Character(s)



A seamless combination of his jade dam and his granite sire, Davaros displays their mixture of earthly tones. Deep, endless pools of emerald observe the world around him, set into deep brows. A dark grey triangle stretches down from his eyes, a family mark acquired from his father's native blood. A shade lighter than this encompasses his eye, creating a frame to pop his visionaries against the stony hue of his pelt. His muzzle also shares in the aforementioned darker grey, along with his lower legs not unlike bay marks and two thirds of his kirin tail. At his hooves, however, a sharp contrast twixt the dark and light greys occurs at an angle, as if perfectly erasing the abyssal hue from his lower extremities.

While the stone pays respect to his father, jade carapaces decorate the length of his dorsal, starting with the smallest of scales resting between his nares. They are lustrous and vibrant, speckled slightly as if sprinkled with frosted dusting. This causes the male to be maneless, but what he lacks in hair upon his nape he makes up for in both scholarly beard and textured locks along his back, croup, and tail. These silken tassels are of a bright, spring green and manicured with care. It is not uncommon for the tassels of his banner to reach the flooring, but it is far more familiar to see it held high, if not gently undulating.

From his crown stretches a unique set of gilded horns. They ascend in a gentle curve, framing a trident of further points within. Interconnected in the center by what resembles an eye, this solid extremity is both impressive and beautiful. His hooves shine with the same golden polish, with a hint of sage tossed into it's coloration that it appears almost brass. Furthermore, a soft, thin layer of moss grows around his plated scales, as if coming from beneath it. Their volume has increased with age much like his mother, who was nearly consumer with it by time she had passed.

Percentage to Inherit: - Triangle Markings 100% - Dorsal Scales 75% - Horns 75% - Maneless 75% - Brass - 25% - Moss - 25%



Alignment: True Neutral INFJ: The Advocate

Creative | Inspirational | Decisive | Altruistic | Private

Davaros is a river. Enveloped in a serene calmness that almost seems contagious, there is very little that gets a rise from the beast. His voice is evenly toned, collected, and his words placed with extreme thought and caution, illustrated by his leisurely pace. Unlike most stallions who parade their strength and showcase their masculinity, Davaros is a free soul who remains quiet, stoic even, in the graces of nature. Although he is outwardly handsome, he has no desires to gather attention to himself and it brings him no joy. This bleeds into his private, reclusive nature. While he will not shy from company, he is not one to invite others in. Grand events tickle his interest for a love of regal air, but he is more likely to stand at the sidelines and observe the smiling faces so that he himself can have one of his own.

A trait rare to his breed, Davaros likes to create. Be it patterns with river rocks, fantastical streams that arch and weave through the lands, or simply tending flora in their natural environment until they reach magnificence, the stallion has a keen eye for the aesthetically pleasing. Flexing this portion of his mind's eye keeps him grounded, and his emotions under his own control rather than the vice versa.

It is not uncommon for others to find inspiration in his work, his arcana, or simply his words. There is nothing more he enjoys then calling on proverbs from his mother's native land, or reciting tales long told from Slidr River Valley generations. Usually they speak of morals, or difficult situations, and he uses these indirect methods to aid those around him. Davaros finds the most peace when he has helped another, through healing or words of wisdom, and attempts to live otherwise selflessly in the valley where ambition plagues. Davaros is not a man to weigh his decisions for extended periods of time, either. He will not debate whether he should help another, or what the answer to a question is, but simply let his mind and heart lead him down the path they have chosen. Those who cannot come to find decisions he believes have lost their heart, an old teaching from his mother, and he pities them greatly.

Davaros has an affinity for water, and always has. Since birth he's loved playing in the rain or the ponds littered in the South. As he grew up, his affection for the waters of the Valley grew. His only other love that can remotely match is his desire for knowledge. His father knew much, but that untapped resource has gone to him long before he became interested in the arcane and ancient. Friendly debate and philosophical discussions are some of his favorite hobbies, if he isn't feeling so private.



Born into Vromme from an immigrant outsider mother, Hai, and an old scholar old enough to remember the spring that woke after the Fimbulvetr. He passed not long after he was born, and Davaros remembers little to nothing of him but recalls his mother with great fondness.

He was raised in the water laden fields of Vromme until his jade mother passed. During their time together she introduced him to many aspects of her culture that she kept alive through her attachment despite the alienation that it caused between her and the others. Davaros, blessed at least with a name to help assimilate him into the Valley's culture, found great interest in the stories from his mother's homeland, and her recitations of Slidr River Valley tales that his father had told her for their brief affair.

When his mother passed nothing kept him from adventuring from the rivers and streams of Vromme to the rest of the Valley. He took to exploring for several years, growing familiar with almost every inch of the Valley. It was in these travels he met other of his kind, and a small network of like heritage bonded several equine together. Their knowledge passed from one another freely, trusting each other's intuition and embracing their likeness. Now, his travels have come to a close and he looks back to the South for the flood plains.




Nenya: A term learned from his mother, Davaros' arcanum abilities are best described as a bender of water and anything else in a liquid state. It's ebb and flow will succumb to his whim, and offer him a beautiful crystalline tool for showmanship or aid him in travel.

Apprentice: The first stage of his mastery, Davaros can only control small amounts of water at a time, and the invocations end quickly. Small balls of liquid can be rose from ponds, for example, but maneuvering them further is quite difficult and taxing.

Adept: His agility with water bending has increased with a dampened tax upon him while performing. Tricks are within is realm of capabilities, and he can invoke a greater amount of liquid to bend to his will.

Master: Only long and elaborate showcases of his arcana have physical ramifications now, and with this new mastery comes the ability to breath beneath the waters surface.

Virtuoso: Ascended entirely, there are no taxes or ramifications upon Davaros physically or mentally at the use of his arcana. Astounding amounts of water will rush to his bidding, both awesome but terrible. Furthermore, his abilities of breathing beneath the water have developed into something akin to becoming water. Essentially, he melds himself with the liquid and may use the rivers and lakes as roads for travel.



It's Adorable! Tamed in Eybramr, Davaros' familiar is a common mink that is currently unnamed. The small neovison is spunky, intelligent, and quiet. He does not speak to Davaros' in words but rather emotions, feelings, and auras. Bonded to Davaros' intensely, he is never far from the stallion's embodiment, and at times rides along his back when the equine needs to cover great distances. In the future, the mink will be used for warging purposes.