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~The Geminus~

Diadne (left) x Faro (right)
(DIE-ad-nee) ~ (FAIR-oh)

| Pansexual | Neutral Evil | Rogue class |

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Well, I've got two lovers,
but I ain't ashamed
Two lovers, and I love 'em both the same

With attributes doubled in a two-faced duplicity of the common form, the twins are a mystery from inside to out. Their body is built fluid and yet stocky, an androgynous blend of masculinity and feminity, with womanly grace coupled to virile strength and corded muscle. Their legs are slightly broader at the hooves and ankles, much like the friesian that influences their appearance. Despite this, the joints are unfeathered, and smooth with short, velvety fur, like the rest of their supple hide. The hooves on the left side are cloven, the right being smooth. Most noteable about this equine- where the shoulders would meet the arched neck of any normal creature, there sprouts two perfectly formed heads rather than one. SImilarly, at the end of the spine on the rump, a pair of long, prehensile tails.

Over their bodies are a dark grey-brown coat, lightening to teak along their underbelly, throat, and rump. Over this beautiful, aged-stone coloring, they are painted with strange, ritualistic symbols, in great slashes and circles over their faces and form. Diadne, the left head, bears a circle over her left eye, with lines on her right cheek- in contrast Faro bears a T over each side of his face, whose top goes through his eye and whose trail goes to dissapear beneath his chin. The topmost point of each T is flanked by a smaller and larger dot.

Each elegantly turned neck is adorned with its own mane along the crest. Diadne's, being more wispy and curling, falls in gentle ringlets only a short distance, mussing charmingly around the long crimson horn that curves from her forehead. Faro, whose hair grows straight and far more coarse, prefers to keep his clipped in a medial-length mohawk, ending just barely past the ends of his pointed, forward facing horns, which are far less in length than his sibling's singular portrusion. These harstyles match those of the hair along both tails. However, in contrast, the clipped zebra-style of Faro is on the left tail, oppsite from his head, with Diadne's curled style on the right.

Floating just above their shoulder blades are a duet of petite dragon wings, their colors matching that of their coat. The wings are not attached to the body, and are far too small to fly.

Finally, each head/tail is adorned with jewellry. Diadne prefers silver, and wears various small studs and petite rings in her nose, ears, and horn. Her tail has a delicate bracelet of thin silver filigree, bearing a curved spade as a pendant. Faro, rather, favors gold, and wears his as a bull ring through his nostrils, studs and a small dangling earring in the shape of an inverted cross, the pendant of which matches that of the golden bracelt on his tail.

They are hermaphroditic; their body possesses both male and female reproductive parts. They are cabaple of both siring children and carrying them. Their scent is of candlesmoke and earth.


Darlin' well, don't you know I can tell
whenever I look at you, that you think
that I'm untrue, 'cause I say that I love two

| Diadne |--- As sharp and cutting as the edge of a razor, with a cunning guile to match; Dia is as much like a creeping snake as she is the regal falcon on a gilded perch. Her smiles are often, but full of promises for betrayal, lies, pain. The amusement she feels is of things with which humor is not usually aquainted~ the futility of an insect fluttering broken wings, cries for a lost lover, blood dripping from a mortal wound. She bears herself with the regality of nobility, and her lips hide a charming, deceitful tongue. She has a gift with words, weaving an intricate web of truth and lies, all the while putting on a show of masks and hidden intentions. She is a skilled actress, so beware the moments caught in her nest. This is a viper who will slither into your bed with oaths of love and passion, only to strike you as you sleep. She is a sensual, seductive creature, a trait which is exhibited by her love of courtesans and lust- any heart she has belongs to the brother attached to her, but since they cannot regale one another with physical fervor, they appease their bodies by persuing and flirting with others of all genders and types.

| Faro | --- This male, in contrast to his wicked sister, prefers a more direct approach to his depravity. While strategic and cunning as well, his blazing intelligence is quieter, hidden behind the veil of his sibling; this, however, is on purpose. Most are far too busy watching his sultry and secretive other half to pay close attention to the calculating aggression of Faro. He is blunt and brutally honest, but if he knows there is something his sister wants to keep hidden, often he will simply not speak, or else support her slander and lies with cleverly barbed truths that are far more painful. Were his spirit to be described as another animal, he would be a bloodthirsty warhound or a violent boar. He is a straightforward beast, but his temperament is as volatile and shifting as a bonfire. While often he is subdued, letting his sister do the talking, he has an explosive temper that can be triggered by even little matters- sometimes, though, things that made him roar and draw blood elicit hardly more than a raised eyebrow. In this way, he is incredibly hard to predict. He is the general to Diadne's empress, the warrior to her sorceress. He enjoys conflict, both verbal and physical, and notices far more of the minute details than even his cunning sister. This makes him an expert strategist. He plays out conversations, altercations, events like a game of chess in his head, showing his sister just which pawns for her bold self to move, to manipulate until the game is in their favor. Faro is entirely devoted to Diadne, and while he tolerates her insatiable physical appetite for others, and will enjoy it when it happens, far prefers simply being one with his ambitious beloved.


'Cause your'e a split personality,
and in reality,
I've got two lovers...
And both of them are you

Diadne and Far were helped in Fimbulvetr, deep within the Marshian woods, to seemingly normal parents. But at their birthing, it was discovered that the arcana of the mother and father had combined in her womb, and they were born connected. Horrified and disgusted by his intertwined children, seeing them as an insult to Espen and, worse, the Bloodless, their father attempted to bash in their soft, newborn skulls with his own hooves. Enraged and willing to go to any lengths to protect the children of her body, the mother threw herself over them and shielded them with her own flesh. With a wrath borne of love, she struck him down with little more than a thought. Fleeing with the pair into the woodland, she raised them for only a year before succumbing to fever and death. Having only each other, and with resentment blooming in their heart for the hatred of their father, they raised one another alone in the harsh lands of Fimbulvetr, beholden to the old gods and spirits. Once grown, they searched many moons until they found their sire- lame with his old injuries- and slayed the man who had dared hurt them and their mother, claiming their justice to hold dear within their souls. Now, they wander as they always have.



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