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Skaug Gibard
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never forget what you are
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Smells Like: Iron, rust, and the damp of a forest after rain
Sounds Like: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Sexuality: Heterosexual

"he's adorable in the i can crush your skull kinda way" - Naki
"he's your lumberjack uncle" - Mallory
"he's gooey on the inside" - Randa
you're a murderer, no matter how beloved

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and who are you the proud lord said

As if chiseled from hard muscle-stone, Skaug is a massive silent boulder. There is not a point in his confirmation where 'delicate' could apply. Layers of muscle slip beneath a thick seal bay skin, bulging with veins and tightly wrought. Like a statue he stands among his peers, a silent guardian with quiet eyes. He is a gargoyle, ghoulish and eerie, as he lingers within the herds of the fairer folk. Why, his coat is littered with scars, afterall, a very testament to war and discord. A sunbleached obsidian masks his visage, and coils in knotted tassels upon his nape. Every clump of hair seems heavy, unruly, boasting that it cannot be tamed.

Much like the rest of him. Spiriling bovidae horns rip through the bay pattern of his coat, unfurling just above his brows. They are slim, almost diamond in shape, and come to an intimidating point further upon his visage. Two other sets of horns pierce through the mess of his mane, just behind the ears, pointed skyward, creating a daring and threatening profile for all those whom do now know the beast truly. To further embody this rather occult aesthetic, a beard grows from his chin, with coarse hair that is striped with three white streaks that stretch up his face, mirroring the lacerated scars across the bridge of his rectangular mug. Set into the deep umber of his face, two sets of pupil lacking orbs stare eerily upon his company. Even without their irises, they are expressive with an active brow when he sees it fit.

The umber of his pelt is streaked with barring along the curve of his hinds. White barring slices through the umber like a thick sword's sweep, etching his dark pelt with some light. To match his eyes, a double set of seraphim wings, mighty and large, stretch from his shoulders. The feathers are all forms of hawk-ish brown, their obsidian hue sapped by years of exposure to the sun. Now and again, black feathers of jet will pierce through when the wings molt. His wings hide the horrific scarring ripped across his shoulders and back - some deep and cavernous while others bubbled and bulging. They hinder the handsome, despite freakish, stallion's form.

There ends the fiendish qualities of the stallion, but it does not finish his regalia. Hung across his shoulders by thick leather strappings is a bear pelt, its eyeless head serving as a crude pauldron of sorts. Damaged armor cling to his cannons, scruffed beyond repair with a faint hint of the filigree that had once decorated them.

that i shall bow so low


and mine are long and sharp, my lord

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

ISFJ-A: Observant, Patient, Reliable, Practical, Humble, Soft Hearted, Resillient, Assertive, Personally Repressive, Introverted, Private, Aversion

Skaug is a drink one expects to be aromatic and tasteful but is cold and bitter, but not entirely unpleasant. Like a room temperature coffee having sat on the counter all day, Skaug is still accepted by his peers with some satisfaction but not without a slight hint of disappointment. Those who seek him out for his brawn are forted by his refusal to fight, and those who seek him for advice hear nothing but silence or disgruntled spurs.

Although he may not help craft a long lasting friendship with you afterwards, the crimson stallion is the first to lay his life upon the line for others. An invisible badge titled "Defender" finds its place on his breast and Skaug does not take the personal title lightly. He is the man to sweep you from the street as a passing car doesn't slow, or the gentleman to offer his coat to a woman who is not dressed for the weather. The consequences to his help do not weigh upon him, and it may even be foolish at times to continue his aid when he has yet to heal from his past endeavor.

Most of all, the ram horned beast is quiet. A fly on the wall, he watches and waits rather than dives into any political drama or gossip. He hears much, but speaks little, for it means nothing to him but information that may help him in future endeavors if the need arises. For those of whom that break through his steeled reinforcements and burrow deep within his chest, he has much wisdom and guidance to share - that is, if he is asked.

Furthermore, Skaug is quite a tactical man. His youth ingrained a certain sight within him, and he is best utilized as a guard or commander. While he would rather bark orders, he does not tarry from an altercation that cannot be avoided or is just. Now, do not question that it was spoken earlier he refuses to fight. The beast simply knows when, and why, to choose his battles. Battle and war are as much a part of him as his scars; for while he may be proud of them, they are a haunting reminder of a life he attempts to quiet.

To push Skaug to his limits is difficult, unless you endanger one he cares deeply for. His weaknesses are his affections for his sister, Grenlid, and Aelwyn. The true barbarian he has worked so diligently to bury deep within himself breaks from his iron chains when his family is threatened. Tread carefully, stranger, if you wish to poke the sleeping bear.

as long and sharp as yours


and now the rains weep o'er hills

Skaug was born to the family Gibard from his mother Merillyra sired by Tobur, the eldest with one younger sister, Mererka, following. Residing in a clan in the heart of Red's Cradle - a hardy region on the skirts of alpine mountains - to a clan of barbarians, their primary focus was to achieve great pride and honor for their family. Skaug and Mererka were expected to serve the clan when needed, be it fighting, producing more foals (when old enough), or thinning out the weaker of the new line of warriors. Beneath the teachings of their parents, both Gibard children flourished enough to become competent, both slightly above average in some aspects. The siblings grew to be run-of-the-mill barbarians in their clan, corrupted by the shadow of greed and mercilessness.

This continued until Skaug was half way through his second year, and his arrogance brought him great suffering. Like all other clans in the Red's Cradle, their clan was war-like, and they pillaged and plundered. They reaped the spoils of battle, taking the mares and foals while slaying stallions. The young warriors weren't allowed to participate within the raids until they had passed their final Atonement - a distinctive word for a bloodbath of spars. Arising the victor after satisfying his father, Skaug was assigned to a war party and a raid was planned to celebrate all Atonement graduates.

Eager, the new braves entered the fray with their fathers and mothers. They fell upon an unsuspecting clan, whom they had studied and knew their men were out foraging for new fields. Skaug and his brethren led this particular raid, a sign of their becoming a true part of the clan, and slaughtered the opposing warriors (that were left to help defend) without mercy. Mothers and children were torn from each other, pulled off greedily by stallions who wished to keep them (others still, to have their way before leaving them for another). In the midst of the chaos, in the flurry of dust, Skaug found that each blow, each death, of another outside the training ring did not bring him the joy he had been promised.

Rather, his insides twisted, and he felt the bile burning in his throat. Each droplet of crimson blood upon his pelt made his skin crawl, and each audible crack of bone made his heart stop. Musing upon it later, what made him sock the most was how good he and his clan had been at the killing. To the horrid beat of drumming hooves Skaug found his moral compass in its true position, and he knew that despite the dishonor it would bring to his family for generations, he had to leave. He did not want to be a barbaric beast who haunted foals dreams at night. He did not wish to be the raper and pillager of women. Turning, he went to flee the fray under the cover of the disarray.

He turned, only to be faced by an arriving warrior of the clan who was descending rapidly upon him. In his natural defense - which he had yet to master and control - he instinctively lashed with a retaliation. Yet, he did not see the young filly that had tried to escape the carnage betwixt them. His body regurgitated the movements it had been taught. Flesh ebbed and broke beneath his hooves until parried his opponent who then made to flee, and here he saw the pummeled foal that had been consumed by the altercation between them.

Without hesitation Skaug bolted away, through the tarry and fighting, he burst through the golden wheat fields and into the pine forest surround. Though he feared the dishonor of his desertion, Skaug understood he could not force himself into their lifestyle. The reality had been far darker than he fantasized. He wandered for several weeks before finding a band of roaming stallions. He was taunted for his quiet and unmotivated nature, but they kept him around for his brute size and estranged, someone frightful, appearance as it kept others at bay. They had hardly become friends, and Skaug himself never used the term, when they happened across a young filly, malnourished and bruised.

Grenlid spoke strangle, aloof and disoriented, and attempted to curse them with hexes which held no string of conscious thought. His fellows taunted her, and grew harsh in their treatments. He stared at her from afar, her own pupil lacking orbs staring fixated back at him. He knew this was a moment of retribution. He would clean the red from his ledger, and from here continue on without guilt. With brief orders and mild threats he stood his peers down and took Grenlid off. For years he protected her like his own, and overtime they became close. Grenlid did not replace his true sister Mererka entirely, but her companionship - albeit odd - filled a void in his life that he would be forever grateful for, whether he admitted to it or not.

Leaving far behind the lands of the Red's Cradle, Grenlid and Skaug wandered for years without incident. It was a meak, if not boring life, despite Grenlid's constant botherings and games. The duo didn't stop to make a home until coming upon a land dubbed Elysium. It was Skaug's decision to try and stay there, find a place to settle for awhile, and try out the new lands and see if it pleased them. Inevitably, the attempt to ground them became their downfall.

Grenlid turned to a life of further tricks and games with Skaug, running away whenever she could and leaving him on wild hunts for her. During their separation, a great spirit of the lands beckoned the denizens to her, and there the siblings met - with many others - and were given a task. Skaug mused that perhaps they were split up on their explorations to prove that they did not need each other - they were both grown, afterall. To a beach he went, with five others. He recalls the rocky shoals and the skirt of greenery along the bay. But mostly, he recalls his company. Here, he begrudgingly took the lead besides a red haired mare named Aelwyn. Despite a queen within their midst, their group was in disarray, and he and the mare knew that chaos would lead them no where. As their party became threatened with local wildlife, it was Aelwyn and Skaug who decided to stay and fight so that the others could flee.

Many times after Skaug found Aelwyn in the wilds of Elysium. (More coming...)

with not a soul to hear



and so he spoke, and so he spoke
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