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Maren Traegur
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here's a lullaby to close your eyes

Scent: Stale roses and a carcass left too long in the sun
Face/Voice: Segovia Amil
Sexuality: Unknown

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maren is highly unpredictable

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damage done to the flesh

Lithe, nimble, and haunting, Maren’s coat is not unlike a macabre tragedy. Her genetics shine true and proud throughout her coat, as if her coat of arms were sewn directly to her skin. A deep coal encases her, with a white cowl stretched along her visage and nape. Her round hindquarters are littered with speckling, much like traditional blanket Appaloosa markings. Hidden throughout her raven pelt are abyssal black marks; three stripes lacerate across her back, and her legs fade from it. Her lips are smeared with a black lipstick, and her mascara runs in false tear stains, marring her white, chiseled face. The midnight lips separate into marks reminiscent to a skeleton’s teeth, stretching well towards her jowls.

Wicked eyes stare back at onlookers, an alarming aesthetic warranted through pupils that melt into their dusty teal irises, as if there were no pupils at all. This same hue finds itself pluming at her mouth with every exhale, rising in a foggish brine until dissipating into the atmos. Of equal hue, fine hooves carry her form on the same teal as her eyes, though their color is usually hidden beneath a veil of filth and grime. Perhaps the only attractive feature the young lady boasts is her luxurious tresses. Her mane is the same abysmal shade of her marks, tipped in the teal inherited from her sire. Her tail drags the ground, gnarled and almost dreaded at times, a dazzling showcase of how admirable the dusty aqua can be. It is not out of her character to braid nor bun her locks to keep them out of her work, but rather is often done, for her own pride and vanity. More still, one may find roses of red or that dusty teal decorating her locks.

Beware her toothy grin, her incisors and canines are sharpened much like her father's, subtly but still formidable enough if she needed to her pound of flesh.


damage done to the soul
Chaotic Evil
ENTP-A - The Debater

Death becomes her. There is something innately wrong with this vixen's blackened heart and mind. A twitchy thing, Maren's mind bounces around like a rabid fox, hopping from one distraction to the next. Not entirely incapable of focus, she only provides her invaluable time to her interests or those whom she finds worth her intrigue. When she has removed her guise of obscurity and honed upon something, she is as a crow. Fixated on her target, it would take an undeniable force to relinquish her from her carrion. To her arcane studies she pours much of her dedication, and all other aspects - save seeking approval from her mother - fall by the wayside.

Maren is also a shadow. She slinks around, lurking in the dark, light on her feet. She is a mouse in a castle, procuring the lavish lifestyle under the noses of the royals. If she wants anything at all, you can be sure that this vixen takes it. Her ambitions know no bounds, so much so she is not always entirely away from the physical tools she pays. But this is the life of Maren. Lucid enough to function in general society, manic enough to cause discomfort in those she manages to corner. It's also not uncommon for her to see strange things that are not there, a curse from a deranged father she never had the pleasure to know.

Otherwise, she is amused, entertained, and bewondered by all things macabre. Bones and corpses hold her interest for extended periods of time, and it is not uncommon for her to have a lingering stench of decay sitting on her natural rose perfume. Picking at the dead is one of her favorite day-to-day pleasures.


pray for the children

Dahlia x Lilith       Unk x Unk
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Sloan x Javik Traegur

Half Sisters: Rowan (by Sloan), Iracebeth (by Javik),
Beherit (by Sloan), Boudica (by Sloan), Slaine (by Sloan)

Half Brothers: Tywin (by Javik)

Born from a strange consensual night to the Iron Rose, Sloan, and a wandering vagrant, Javik, Maren knows little but the importance of family - and of sibling rivalry. She shadowed her mother through the briars and phantasms, wishing to mirror her and secure her pride. But Maren had several siblings. And these siblings were not as... touched as Maren was. She was lost in their shadows, dwarfed by their divine parentage. They were born of true darkness, of god's cowled in miasma. Maren? A mortal man.

A time came when the family disolved, where her mother followed after her firstborn in search (at least, that was Maren's conclusion) and the rest of the siblings dammed by her too vanished. All that remained was the estranged half brother, Tywin, who had found her skulking about the continent. He recognized the familiarity of their colorations and markings, affirmed through deductions and inquires that they shared a sire, and he informed her of another. A golden child entirely unaware of the rest of her siblings existence. Tywin exposed he was leaving Elysium as well, heading onward, leaving the world behind him that meant nothing to him. He also mentioned that the golden girl had left too.

With no remaining family, Maren stalked away, remaining in the shadows and following the Golden child.



deadly illusion, nightmare intrusion

Necromancy: Death, decay, and rot are Maren's play things. Inherited from her pestilent sire, necromancy runs through the ichor of her veins and will swell with prowess as she ages. Reanimation of corpses and skeletons keeps Maren company but also offers her protection from those who wish to harm her.

Apprentice: It takes great mental concentration for Maren to reanimate the smallest of creatures. Moving at all while attempting to use her powers negates the connection and the summoning will fail. Upon exhaustion/failure she secretes effluvium from her nostrils and from the undead subject that may cause coughing and slight irritation of skin.

Adept: Intense focus is no longer required, and she may move slowly and deliberately while summoning the dead. Effluvium clouds waft from her hooves as well but still only manifests upon exhaustion of her powers or failure in incantation. Medium-sized subjects can be reanimated.

Master: Small to large creatures will rise to her verbal or nonverbal beckon, and the effluvium effects waft from her any movement upon her own control (though will still cloud upon failure/exhaustion if she reaches this point). Maren may move freely and without hindrance while casting her arcana, fully mastering her necromantic abilities.

Virtuoso: Nothing constricts Maren's breadth of necromantic powers. Death means little to the mare for it is fickle and reversible. Reanimating the dead brings no such ill effects to her physical person, and she can revive those freshly slain without consequence. Furthermore, Maren's arcanum has become so powerful she may manipulate bodies from different creatures to form golems and monsters of all sorts of macabre proportion.