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Moloch Arche Berneviel
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"Do it for your people
Do it for your pride
How you ever gonna know if you never even try?"

Stallion | Pansexual | Bard | Chaotic Nuetral
| Formerly Second Lord of Bludhall |


Sire- Enletidae Berneviel II ~~~ Dam- Rexis Versailles
Moloch Arche Beneviel // Tallow Crin Beneviel // Svalaen Briar Versailles

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"You could go the distance
You could run the mile
You could walk straight through hell with a smile-"

Moloch's base coat is of a deep, smoky grey- his pelt is thin and shiny, exept for where it lengthens slightly at his rump. Along his hindquarters is a wide splotch of white, uneven around it's edges. Over this is a layer of fine black flecking, just around the outer rim, with uneven spots of black on the main body of the blotch itself. Some seem almost to have ran, like tears tracking mascara down the skin. On his left shoulde,r just above the forearm, is a sigil, appearing as if dyed into the fur. His form is guant and sickly thin, as though starved.

Moloch possesses a long, thin tail, which bears unkempt, dark mahogany mane along its underside near the end, with a charming sort of hackle along his spine at his haunches, leading up to just past the base of the appendage. His neck is senous and velvety, and strangely bears no crest; he is maneless here, in contrast to the usual equine.

His head, however, is his crowning glory. Made of a simple skull with no flesh or muscle affixed to it's smooth surface, though his mouth still opens and closes- the mystery of how never seemed to cross his mind. He of course cannot make facial expressions, but he makes up for it with an expressive voice and grand gestures. The voice itself seems to rise from his throat with no physical aid, for he is without a tongue. Moloch's eyes are not flesh and blood, but rather brightly glowing violet orbs- an almost neon lavender ring replaces what might normally be his pupils. Stabbed into his neck on either side, with their points protruding from the opposite bottoms to form an X, are two wickedly sharp silver daggers. The wounds bleed, but he doesn't not seem to acknowledge the pain on most occasions.

Protruding majestically from beneath his macabre skull are four horns, all smooth but slightly ribbed. Their color is of dark, almost grey brown. The top pair curves back and then up, about a foot in length, while each lower horn turns gently , back, down, then slightly forward. Each top horn is pierced with two hoops on it's outer edge, while the lower set each has three silver studs on it's curve. Beneath these are his ears, which, added to his eerie appearance, actually make him seem endearing- they are almost cute, in the way they dangle. They are quite long, about a foot and a half, resembling those of a basset hound mixed with a lop rabbit. Their edges have little nicks, but they are satin soft, with a delightful, faint pink color on their inner sides.

Moloch's voice is a charming one, with a hint of an accent and a light rasp. His scent is of lavender and lilac. (Voice claim is Rowan from the band, Rowan and the Rose. Face claim is Colin Donnell)


"You could beat the world
You could beat the war
You could talk to God, go banging on his door-"

Wise | Lively | Bold | Persuasive | Manipulative | Adventurous

Moloch is a very interesting blend of level-headedness and complete disregard for rules. While a wise and often calm individual, he has his moments of wildness, which come generally when out of sight of authority figures. In the presence of someone in a leadership role, he assumes an aura of tranquility and quiet respect, but this dissolves quickly once freed from the presence of company. He is inquisitive and adores learning, allowing most of his decisions to be made by his heart- if a choice is too difficult, you may catch him throwing up a stone or a stick into the air and leaving it up to chance.

Under this outward jumble of personality is a habitual desire to pull others to his cause. He has a charming, rakish suave when he speaks, seemingly full of allure- not for his body, since he is generally quite hideous to most- but for the promise of adventure and intrigue he offers. He plays, in equal parts, both the devil and the angel on your shoulder; it depends on what he is trying to convince you to do. Moloch feels the magnetic draw of mischief, so beware when He is in a vindictive mood. He is often a particularly persuasive equine, and uses this, combined with his world wise views, to play the side of diplomacy when it comes to politics. He abhors violence, but knows that sometimes it serves the greater good.

As middle of three siblings, he is used to being the voice of reason- or the one causing the most trouble. It was not uncommon to find him leading his brother and sister to pranks and tricks, or speaking charmingly to the prankee to weave himself out of consequences. Much aquainted with authority, having been Lord of Bludhall, his family's holdings to the north of the royal seat, which his elder brother inherited.

Despite his once-aristocratic upbringing, Moloch prefers the people to the pomp and circumstance- he was a Bard in the village of his father's kingdom, and later even when he was Lord of his own small peoples. He loves to sing and tell stories, and has a wonderful, resonating voice in doing so.


"Do it for your country
Do it for you name
'Cause there's gonna be a day
When your, standing in the hall of fame

It was a well known myth in their kingdom that the royal family of Berneviel was descended from the beasts of Hell. Not as far back in the family tree as some would like to admit, they had been a clan of necromancers, demon summoners. Having brought forth all manner of undead and monstrosities from the netherworld to do their bidding, it was no surprise to the people when they copulated horrifyingly with their creations. They exalted their demonic mates to their sides, breeding furiously with no regard to health or consequence.

Three generations later, the blood of Hell still flows strong in the descendants of the necromancer and their demonic concubines; three siblings were born, just as hideous and horrifying as their father and his father before him. Moloch Arche Berneviel was the middle child, with an elder brother and a sister two years his junior.

With his brother set to inherit the throne and his sister the favorite of their mother, Moloch took up the tradition of second born and was free to do as he pleased. His creative spirit and charming nature made him perfect for the role of a bard, and he received training from the best in the territory. He loves to sing and weave tales, and the allure of adventure only gave him a greater appreciation for the art. He grew in relative calm, the only mischief provided by himself and his siblings. His father relinquished his title to his brother, Tallow, once he came of age, and respectfully bequethed Moloch with the lesser northern Hold, Bludhall.

A benevolent and just Lord for the small village, he spent two years as it's head, but found he wished for a grander fate. Leaving his lordship to his young but strong willed sister, he wandered in search of something new and exciting.




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