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Deceased x Deceased

Scent: Faint smoke, an old campfire left to burn its coals until they're ashy and crumble
Sexuality: Demisexual

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A menagerie of colors, Hel's coat showcases the colors of her convoluted life. Dark muddled browns and obsidian of an underworld's deepest pitch cover her visage in a soft cowl, trailing along her dorsal while also rising upon her appendages. Ashen beige mimics the drab grasses of the Vromme flood plains where her ancestors once vacated, mixing and bringing all other shades together but most prominent upon her lower abdomen and chest. Burnt sienna accents the darkness of the burnt umber, a reminder of the flames of her own personal Helheim. Swampish hues accent her coat with dappling along her entire embodiment, wrapping all other colors within its thin embrace. A complicated coat at that, her mane and tail also boast all shades. The tassels of her mane begin with the pitch of the darkness before quickly transitioning to the dusty green of life, only to burn in hot embers at their tips. Her forelock boasts mostly charcoal, accenting and framing her visage in the small collection of dreads that tie them back. The tail at her hinds, kept trimmed but of thick consistency, begin their life as that soft goldenrod before falling into the fires like her mane.

Her conformation is a mixture of things, and a single breed cannot be plucked from her long lineage of mutts. While her fellow vikings are thick and robust, she is quite lean. Her barrel slopes with some femininity, with compact hindquarters and nimble legs. While others were built for brawn, Hel was built for speed and agility, but it makes her stoney hooves of abyssal black and vivid orange no less potent. Her nape is slender but not hooked like that of an Arabian, and her cranium is fine but holds sharp edges. Her eyes are set perfectly in her visage as not to appear to large or small, and always seem to have a furrowed brow. Braids frequent her tail and her mane - even her dreads will be plaited now and again - but otherwise it is disheveled. Her single oddity, the one portion of her entire appearance that strikes against her guise, is found in the left ear where it is tipped in virgin white.

She dresses like the rest of her band, with leather strappings and armor. Furs pad them for comfort while also offering additional warmth in the cold months of Winter. A simple harness wraps around her visage, under her chin and up into a split at her ears and jowl, it's cross sections decorated with a battered iron medal.

Percentage to Inherit: - 100% Blurred/Mixed Colors
- 75% Faded Black Dorsal and Mask
- 20% White Ear



Perhaps Hel could have ascended to Valhalla once upon a time, but no longer. Before her twisted fate with necromantic powers, Hel wasn't even dubbed after the lady goddess who protects Helheim. She found merry in their battle songs and danced around the hearth fires as more of a bard than warrior. Her loyalty to her House, her Shield Sisters, was unparalleled. Without apprehension she would throw herself into raids and trials, aiding to down any foe or swelling the morale with the voice of their songs. She was a hardy girl, thin and small in comparison to her counterparts, but her personality could not be contained in such a small frame.

Then came her accident.

She had rejected arcana before, and wanted nothing to do with the occult. Magic didn't win you honor. But now, it is the darkest of tricks that keeps her alive. Those short hours where she lay nearly hidden in the snow, passed from an attack by her very prey, she suffered considerably at the hands of demons and the goddess Hel herself. Despite all of her songs and her strict path on the way to Valhalla, she was robbed of such a luxurious afterlife. Tortured for what seemed like years with no reprieve she was only saved when a passing Spiritborne took pity - or was it morbid curiosity - in her carcass. Gasping back to life in the frigid temperatures of the Laurel Alps, Hel had become intimate with death.

Transformed by her time stuck in her worst repeating nightmares, Hel returned to Slidr River Valley bitter, callous, and angry - not that she was resurrected, oh no... that she was not worthy of the feasts and clarion horns of Asgard. With heresy on her lips, she spits her rage towards her viking others, denouncing their attempts to reach the greatest honors of warriors so that they may eat upon those feasts and hear the blaring horns. No, rather, she stalks their encampments, murmurs of the fire giants and the demons who would burn them to the ground, that Ragnorok was real and coming, and that Helheim would swallow them all. At times, almost, her fiery eyes seem to dazzle with the faintest of amusements as she chastises her kin with her maniacal prophecies.



Slidr River Valley native, raised in nonpartisan band of viking warriors. Traditional childhood. Brynja acquaintance/friend through adolescence. Followed her when Brynja rose to Tryggr monarch. Died on the mounts of the Laurel Alps by puma attack. Resurrected by n unknown dark magic user. Short death seemed like years, raves about Helheim being real, that there is no paradise in death.

To be expanded.




Teleportation: Upon her resurrection, Hel has manifested abilities that allow her to immediately transport to locations she had already been. Nearly silent, Hel's teleportation abilities carry her several feet or several miles depending on the distance she needs to cover.

Apprentice: Short bursts much like "blinking", where she can thrust herself nearly invisibly within a several foot radius of herself. It is taxing, and she needs time to recoperate.

Adept: Blinking no longer taxes her, and she may perform it several times in succession prior to tiring her. She can fully teleport into other locations she's visited with great physical taxation, giving her a plague of headaches and nausea.

Master: Hel can visit wherever she likes (that she has been) without any physical manifestions that ail her.

Virtuoso: The world is her playground, and Hel may teleport anywhere she pleases with little effort to her health.




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