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❝my biggest fear is that eventually... you will see me the way i see myself❞

scent || a fresh, clean scent of aromatic woodsy
notes interwoven with oakmoss and a light hint of lavender
accent || a light voice with a tinge of a smooth, british accent
sexuality || heterosexual

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Caelian has the build of a lean and athletic stallion, resembling that of a cross-country show horse. His shape resembled that of either an Akhal Teke or Trakehner, if not a mix of them both. Either way, he has quite the slender form, sleek with very fine bloodlines. His 17.0 hand height runs in his lines, as his sister is just a bit shorter than him. Because of his extreme athleticness, he is slightly lighter than horses of his height. This is also due to the fact he would rather do other things than eat.

His sleek, dark grey coat is something that doesn’t run in the family, though he can’t claim to have a large family in any shape or form. All of his family, which only includes his sister, have the recessive gene of a light coat. His coat is not all but dark grey, though. He possesses a large variety of freckles all along his coat. Most of them are a darker shade than his coat, though some are near the same hue. None of them are lighter than his base coat colour. These freckles dot the top of his snout, the top of his neck and back and the front of his legs. On his hind legs, they cover nearly the whole buttock and thigh. They cluster mostly on the bridge of his nose, right underneath his eyes. They are something that has grown darker with age, as they were very light when he was a foal. He has lighter tones of grey under his neck and belly, as well as inside his legs.

Caelian’s mane and tail are a unique anomaly. Though being soft and touchable, they give off the appearance of being made of obsidian. Black with crackle-like white lines, the mane nearly mimics the look of the rock. Though he used to keep them short and kept, he is no longer able to do that and the waves have grown out. Of course is mane and tail are still wavy, but it is not as extreme. His eyes are the most attracting part of him. With eyes as blue as a clear ocean, he easily allures others. Around the pupil, they are darker like the depths of the ocean, along with around the edge of the iris. These darker parts blend in with the blue in the middle, a light blue like snow in the dark or a clear winter sky. His teeth sparkle with a brilliant white, though a danger lurks in his smile. Two sharp canines line his upper array.

The last thing about his outward appearance is his horns. He possesses two spiralling horns on his forehead, both of a slightly short length. The one nearer to his ears is slightly longer than the other. Both have the colouration of a purple obsidian rock.


Caelian grew up as a shy and gentle soul, but things began to change once he left his sister. He feels as if he is rediscovering himself, or discovering himself for the first time. Without his sister always making him a shadow, he feels he is finally free to being his true state. That being said, he is quite the complicated fellow.

He has a small anxiety about not belonging. All he ever wanted was to belong, to feel wanted. He wanted to feel a connection with others that he never experienced when with his sister. He had always been looked down upon, sort of as a disgrace, and now he longs for that sense of trust and connection. This can be through any kind of relationship. Because of this sense of alienation, he's become broken and lost. This has also allowed him to create a mask for himself. He has a strong sense of self-control, but under it all he has an extremely broken heart, going back to play with his anxiety and need for belonging.

However, his mask is well threaded and does not break easily. He has a very sophisticated outlook on life, and can be sort of a badass at times. He enjoys the luxuries and the classy things, the elegant parts of the world. He can be gentle and kind at times, as is his nature, but he is not afraid to punch his way out of any situation. He has an undertone of anger in him. It is very subtle, but it still festers within him.

Nothing triumphs his final trait, though. He could never turn into a monster, no matter how hard he tries, due to his pure and selfless heart. He cares much for the well-being of others, much more than himself, though this is a trait he hides well under his mask. He does not want others to see how much he cares, so he acts selfish in an attempt to hide himself.


Atnion was an extremely civilised state when Caelian was born. It was located on a fairly large island, completely covered in lush vegetation and trees with beautiful beaches and crystal waters. The only part of it that wasn’t vegetation was the large city on the east coast. A city that shined in the night and lit up in the hearts of everyone who lived there. It was almost entirely made of marble, ivory, and every other kind of beautiful, white rock. It was also lined with find jewels, gold, and silver, though no one had reason to steal any of this from the walls of the city. The civilians of the city were just as luxurious and rich, adorning themselves in jewels and soft fabrics. The king who ruled the land was a strong and handsome figure who never had reason to fight. The whole island was a place of peace.

There was always a large demand for artists and others of the sort, because of the many civilians who enjoyed the nicer things in life. They spent all their money adorning themselves, their homes, and their lives. And so Rynial, a talented stonemason, had his goals set to move to this city, and he did. He became rich and even more skilled in his works over his years of living there. That was when he thought of a certain project no one would be able to see or hear about. He collected a large block of obsidian and a large block of marble and began his project, chipping away at the rocks with his telekinetic powers and tools. For three years he perfected these two statues, working on them every day until they were perfect. Then finally, he brought them out into the daylight to flaunt his skills to everyone.

They, in all their beauty, became the centre of attention all across the city. Everyone came to marvel at the beauty of these two statues, though no one was allowed to name a price. These statues were Rynial’s pride and joy and could not be sold with a price. One night, a particularly interesting costumer came to Rynial to see these statues. It was dark and the lights were being shut off when Rynial was closing his doors to visitors. However, this figure insisted that she see the statues and would only take a moment. Reluctant but seeing no harm in letting the mare see his work, Rynial let her in. She looked them over quickly, complimented him, and head off on her way. What Rynial didn’t know was what she had whispered under her breath.

The next morning, Rynial woke up to a real anomaly. His beautiful statues lay in pieces on the floors, and two visitors stood in his small home. They were extremely unique in their appearances and qualities. The mare, by the looks of her, was tall and elegant, beautiful. Her coat shone like the moon, faintly sparkling. Her mane resembled marble, and it was soft and flowed easily. Her horn was spiralled and long, coloured a gorgeous blue that matched her hooves. And her eyes, her eyes were a pretty green that bled into the brown around her pupils. Then Rynial’s attention turned to the stallion. He was slightly taller than the mare, but just as gorgeous in his own way. His dark coat was dappled in lovely freckles and he had slightly lighter undertones. His mane also resembled a rock, an obsidian rock. His two horns were also spiralled and coloured an obsidian purple. But his eyes, his eyes could make anyone drop dead. They sparkled with the light of a distant star and were such a beautiful blue, Rynial wanted to capture them in a painting, if he could paint. However, these two horses seemed vaguely familiar.

That was when it hit him. These horses were familiar because he had created him. Rynial had carved these beautiful anomalies from hoof over the span of three years, and last night they had been brought to life by some spell. With excitement, Rynial raced out into the city to tell everyone and that day, the small home was overrun with visitors.

They, of course, were both given names and places in the community. They already seemed extremely knowledgable about the world from the whispers and gossip they had heard over their time as statues, though were taught what else they needed to know. They became the king’s personal advisors, both because of their beauty and because of their overflowing knowledge. Though, the king always favoured the mare over the stallion.

Because of this favouring, the stallion fell into the shadows and rumours began to float around the city about him. He was thought sketchy, shady. Some people began to fear him and what he was. They called him a shadow to fear, and eventually was rejected by society. The mare grew in the sunshine. She was nearly perfect, with her bright smiles and gentle personality. She was overly adorable and overly pure, while the stallion had nearly the same qualities as her, he was thrown under the bus. Eventually, he grew sick of it and became what they already thought he was, a shadow to be feared. He growled at anyone who met eyes with him, and he walked to and fro with his head down and a black silk over it.

This life he lived, he hated it. Eventually, he confronted his sister and told her what he felt. She didn’t believe it because she never saw it. This allowed him to open his eyes, and he saw the city for what it was: fake. So he left. He had already researched spells and had some ability in magics, so he went to his professor and asked for a spell of wings. Of course, he was given one, given a way to get off the island.

He planned his escape thoroughly, and when the time came to execute it, he never hesitated. He went to the south side of the island, where the wind was high and the cliffs were especially large. It was night and the moon shone brightly, the waves crashed far below and the low vegetation rustled in the wind. With the spell the stallion whispered, he sprouted wings. These wings were incredibly beautiful, black but not entirely black. They held a hue of purple within then and were struck through with crackle-lines like a slab of obsidian would have. They also seemed to sparkle in the moonlight and seemed to hold the stars within them. The feathers were soft and blew in the wild wind when the stallion extended them.

Now was the time. With eyes closed, he took a leap of faith and spread his wings, jumping off the side of the cliff. For a moment, he had this horrible falling feeling before the wings caught the air and lifted him up. He glided for a moment, before flapped them once and soared higher. With a smile, he flew away from his horrible life and to where he would be able to begin a new one. He would be able to rediscover himself, to be who he always wanted to be. That was right before a blinding light flashed before his eyes, and he was sent to another world.



Electrokinesis || the psychic power to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind

Caelian is able to conduct, generate and manipulate a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give him control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Apprentice || Caelian is weak in his magic at this level, and has nearly no control over the electricity he can conjure. When he tries to form small balls of electricity or bolts to fire, most of them explode and drift off into the breeze. Sometimes, lightning will jump off his body in every which way, and he has no way of containing it. He is prone to burns, and can easily hurt himself.

Adept || By this level, Caelian is able to conduct his abilities in a better path, and nearly never burns himself anymore. He still occasionally suffers from random outbursts of electric shocks as the protons and electrons within him become overactive and send shocks to the protons and electrons in the air around him. He suffers mostly from these outbursts when it is raining. He is able to make lightning orbs much better, and is even able to create two at one time and play with the electric current flowing between them. He can focus electricity in a singular part of his body, such as his two horns, and electrical currents will flow and buzz between the two conductors.

Master || Caelian now has completely power over his ability. He feels each electric pulse beneath his skin and can conduct it as he pleases, as well as direct it in any form he wants, including animals.

Virtuoso || Being a conductor of electricity, Caelian is able to create insane lightning storms in the sky above him. The electric current in the air, when these storms are happening, is outrageous and Caelian can use this current to his benefit. He can become the current itself, aligning his pulse, protons, and electrons with the ones outside his body, and become an equine completely and utterly created by lightning.


caelian's blood is silver instead of red and his meat is silvery blue


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