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Sariel Gotzone
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  • OOC Name: Randalin
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  • Age & Season: 5 (Winter ❅)
  • Species Equine
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  • Height: 14.2hh
  • Sex: Mare
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Smells like: Stardust; metallic and sweet.
Father: Inverni Gotzone
Mother: Gwydyr Gotzone

Friends: Arihari, Adunit

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Powerplay within reason permitted!
Sariel is a broken girl with severe PTSD; she suffers from flashbacks and extreme terror in any social situation.

OOC & Character(s)


Sariel’s coat when properly groomed is luxurious in texture; like the finest of silks that transforms into the softest of furs during the colder months. Her coloring is akin to a galaxy of spinning purples, blues and pinks. Across it are both faint and vibrant shimmering stars that come to life during the night when light is gone. Her mane and tail are excessively long but carefully maintained and carry the same galaxy design. The feathers adorning her wings are incredibly soft and bear the same hues as the rest of her. She sees the world through eyes free of pupils and lavender in color. Her hooves are a dark purple and do not show any stars but wrapped around her left rear ankle is a manacle with a bit of chain still attached; a remnant of her days as a prisoner. She wears a necklace at all times gifted to her by Adunit and Arihari; it carries a single pink feather and an aged pendant bearing the same symbol as the ancient god's armor.


A bit of a recluse, Sariel is not inclined to meet many new faces or travel new paths but she always presents a friendly front to strangers. Her past has taught her caution though and she is incredibly, painfully, slow to trust. If startled, she is more likely to fly as far as she can than to stay and speak. Sariel is all things sweet but tempered by the bitterness of a cruel world. She sees the world for what it is, no trace of rose-colored glasses to be found and carefully picks her way through circumstances to determine the best course of action for her. Her words are thoughtfully constructed and seldom spoken; but when she speaks her words are full of wisdom and her tone resembles honey in its smoothness. She is not one to give up on those she sees the good in, whether that sight is from her experiences with the person, her Seer gift, or a combination of both.


Born into a small village in Marothel five years ago to a simple life, Sariel knew nothing of luxury but experienced all the love and familial warmth she could ever desire. Her life was simple, but pleasant and her parents did their best to ensure she never went hungry; even at the cost of their own growling stomachs. For the first year and a half of her life everything was blissful in her tiny universe, until the visions started. Everything changed three months after successfully warning a local man away from a section of trees…she had seen his death should he head in that direction, he failed to heed her warning. When his shredded corpse was carried into the village, wolf bites and tears covering the parts of flesh not entirely eaten away, everyone turned to her in fascinated horror.

The stories spread and soon the horror faded to wonderment as more and more villagers approached daily to have their “fortunes” read. The trouble with premonitions is that the future always changes and she can only see possible futures, the decisions one makes determines which one comes to pass. Three months go by and King Varick’s troops march on the village, word spread to the capital of a seer. They came with weapons none could stand against, not that anyone dared to try, and swiftly captured the yearling. Her last vision of home forever emblazoned behind lavender eyes; flames spreading and licking up the sides of trees while her parents looked on in sorrow and fury. Sariel tried everything she could think of to escape but no matter how far she ran they always found her and brought her back to their group.

Eventually two weeks later they arrived at the capital where the King and his heir awaited her with malicious and salacious gleams to their eyes.

Quickly the guards took her to a secured area and chained her to the wall so she could not fly free. It did not stop her from trying daily at first, rubbing her flesh raw where the cuff lay as she strained against it. Her attempts included attempting to use her great wings to propel herself away from the wall, hoping to snap the chain. It never failed or weakened and it always got her caught. The punishments were swift and often brutal ranging from starvation to binding her wings so tightly to her abdomen that the cramping sensations brought her to her knees. Eventually she learned to submit to the chains and to the royals who took forcefully from her often.

Now, four years later at age five, her spirit is but a shadow of its former light and her starred pelt bears bruises in various stages of healing almost constantly. What started out as punishment driven abuse, became an outlet for the anger of the royals anytime a vision proved even slightly inaccurate. She was nearly broken. A stranger came to her cell one day, Arihari, and he took pity on her. Together they worked to free her of the bonds, his magic helping to ease the band pinching her wings tight against her sides; carving into her flesh. Though she did not fully trust his good intentions, she leaned on the smaller man as he led her to safety in the form of an old god; Adunit.

Though the ancient being at first was annoyed with Arihari for breaking his guidelines of no interference, he could not turn a blind eye to state of Sariel. Wounds and scars, fresh and old, decorated her once beautiful form and her hair was a tangled, filthy mess. His heart softened toward the young, wounded soul and the pair began to stitch the pieces of Sariel back together. After several weeks under their care, aided by magic, she transformed back into the beautiful creature she was before her captivity. Her soul remained splintered and hurt for months, jumping at the slightest noises, but eventually with the help of her boys she began sleeping soundly through the night. Her muscles no longer tensed at every stick cracking and leave rustling in the wind.

Their presence soothed her and she grew to trust them completely but knew she could not stay with them forever; not in this land where the king’s spies might catch wind of a starred pelt gliding through the trees. So, after nine months with Adunit and Arihari, she made the decision to leave The Three Kingdoms in search of somewhere no one would think to look. The two escorted her as far as they could before embracing one last time and sending her off with a necklace holding a single pink feather and an aged pendant bearing the same symbol as Adunit’s armor. She tearfully took to the skies and traveled each day until her wings gave out and she was forced to land. Eventually, a month later, she found Elysium and a chance to start anew.

In Elysium:

She did not linger in these lands for long, darkness sought and found her there shortly after her arrival. A great beast by the name of Tantibus cornered and viciously forced himself upon her; a repeat of an already damaged history.

Once her wounds healed enough, she fled the land she hoped to call a haven though her wings remained too damaged to be of use during her journey. .

In Fimbulvetr:

To be determined...



Apprentice: Random visions appear behind the scenes, playing out in vivid detail in her starlit gaze but leave her with crippling headaches hours after it occurs.

Adept: Her visions now last longer and can occur when touching an object or creature, they remain uncontrollable and the physical ramifications vary depending on the length of the vision.

Master: She can now focus her energy and willfully summon a vision with or without physical touch; however, the physical penalties remain the same. At this level she also begins to experience visions during her slumber, leaving her lethargic come morning.

Virtuoso: The energy needed to summon a vision at will lessens substantially and the time taken to achieve this final step grants her better control over the spontaneous visions; she can pull out of them if she chooses which diminishes the physical ailments. Overall, though, the physical ramifications are greatly reduced after any type of vision be it random, touch-based, or dream.


Her captors and tormentors in Marothel took great care to never scar her starlit form. No, her scars come from a man called Tantibus in a land named Elysium and they are:

A crescent shape on the nape of her neck; his teeth
A diagonal line across the backs of her hind legs, starting above her right hock and traveling downward to end at the left; his hooves
A jagged, foot-long line starting at her rump, just above the start of her tail and across her right hip and side; his teeth


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