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“Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.”

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Anduit is tall - built slim with a moderate amount of muscle defining his body. He has a warmblooded appearance with a stern, firmly set face. He’s a dark, warm chocolate in coloring with lighter red hued tones along his abdomen, chest, throat, knees, and hocks. He has heavy dappling along these areas as well. There is nothing overtly outstanding when it comes to his appearance, however he could hardly be considered plain. There is something dark and almost regal about the way he carries himself.

Both his mane and tail are a rich brown, darkened almost to the point where they could be considered black. His mane is long and well kept - silky to the touch, and fine in appearance. The bones through his tail extend somewhat and give it a much longer appearance. These hairs are also well kept though they are exceedingly long and often brush against the ground when he walks.

What perhaps stands out the most about Anduit’s natural appearance would be his eyes. Where the rest of his coloring is dark and dull his eyes are a startling bright shade of emerald. Flecks of a paler shade scatter his iris like stars however despite this there is an almost hollow, empty look to them. His emotions are rarely shown through his gaze and are often shuttered from his expression altogether.

Lastly comes the armor he wears. It’s uncommon to see him without it. A gold faceplate rests upon his forehead and runs down the length of his nose. It’s finely decorated and carved into with intricate patterns. A pair of gold chains drape from the back, loop under his ear, and are tucked away into his mane. The second part of his armor is another gold plate but this time upon his shoulder. This one is carved into a distinctive pattern that could often be seen within his homelands.


sullen . observant . stern . protective . loyal . cautious
Anduit is an observer. He is the watchful eye, the silent witness. For many years now he has stood by and viewed the world around him. He has seen events both enlightening and tragic transpire. Through each of these experiences he has stood by one rule - do not interfere. It had been all too common for him to watch and never step in. While this has seemingly begun to change over the course of the last few months he is still very much someone who does not partake in the drama that may surround his life. It takes something drastic for him to begin to act.

Perhaps the most notable change to the would-be bystander is the relations in his life. Anduit spent much of his life a loner, carefully avoiding interactions with those who were not of his blood. Despite his better judgement he has recently allowed himself to befriend outsiders. While he still retains his grumpy, and cynical attitude he has found himself enjoying these friendships.

Though his smiles and warm looks are still few they have certainly become much more common in these recent days. He’s not entirely closed up and while he isn’t the friendliest face around he does mean well. Anduit has become a listening ear and cautiously finds himself curious about what other relations he may form now.

It can still be said that he is a sullen sort. He moods don’t swing drastically and he remains a bland kind of stoic at times. Until he begins to trust he keeps his emotions locked away and to himself. It should also be noted that he has a fierce temper. While he is not quick to anger he is violent when brought to such a point. He’s vicious and holds onto grudges tightly.


He was a guide in his home realm. A watchful eye and a gentle hand. He would not speak much of it now but once time held no sway, and he had death in the palm of his hand. Whatever Anduit may have been all he’ll admit to is what he is now - a vagabond. A mortal. Powerless. He left his home realm behind and as a result he has stretched the thread tethering him there to the brink of breaking. Any powers he may have once possessed have slowly dwindled away. He struggles to adjust most days but his reasons for leaving are - in his mind - worth the trade.

Anduit seeks out a friend. He has journeyed far in the recent months. His knowledge of realms outside of his own is limited but he often finds himself returning to the role of the quiet observer. Silently he prays to whatever gods hold sway in these new places that he may find his friend.




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