Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Autumn Year 501 | The heat has broken, and the trees of the Valley begin their transition from emerald to citrine and rubine. The temperatures steadily drop as the progression of Autumn claims all of the Slidr River Valley and plunges it into the hallowed solstace. Snow already weightlessly falls from the sky on cold nights - especially to the North and West. The Laurel Alps and Frior Mountain Range begin the process of wrapping themselves in thick white blankets of snow, leaving the once purple snowcapped border of the continent a stark white crescendo on the horizon. To the East, the heat wave has finally broken. The staggering temperatures have fallen simply from the harsh miles of wind sweeping from the mountainous vales and into the bowl of the desert. Those huddling in the Frekr Oasis for salvation will find the nights frigid. Best light the plinth fires and stock up for the winter, for it is just around the corner.

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Scent: Faint sea salt, dusty roads, windswept bluffs
Voice: John Krasinski
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Above all, Marrow is a handsome young stallion. While scruff may line his chin, chest, and haunches the heir's body still holds that springy, elastic youth. The beginning of muscles pop and slope across his once soft form, and his hooves have hardened from life on the road. His pelt, quite striking and resemblance of his family, is not unlike that of a blanket appaloosa. Draped in a white suited for a prince, Marrow's primary coat color is alabaster. Every strand of silken hair is virgin white, plaited here and there to showcase his finer breeding, with patches of soft pink peeking through where his pelt thins along his barrel and muzzle. Dark coal speckles his rump and areas along his nape, with one larger mark upon his right eye. Reminiscent of a scar, it draws with jagged edges, consuming the orb, as if someone had torn his white pelt to reveal the black beneath.

Furthermore, a dusty plum tone fades along his hinds, stretching nearly to the blanket of nightly spots. To accentuate the monochromatic hide, his visionaries and hooves boast the same bright golden hue. His eyes are dashing, bright and expressive. The hooves at his feet are proportionate, feathers, and shine and wink in the weakest of lights as if molded from the finest buffed medallions. Most unique of all are the family runes etched into his nape just above the withers. Their colors are vibrant against his snowy pelt, blue, red, purple, yellow, and green. Their tale is a tightly wound secret that only the men of his family know, but he likes to display their etchings with pride despite the mystery. Despite his cushioned upbringing, he is riddled with scars he showcases with pride, both acquired from accidents at home and obstacles along his journey. His eldest scar lacerates across his left golden eye - which was spared, thankfully - from a spar gone wrong with his brother.

He takes pride in his appearance, and while he is not afraid to sully himself with mud for the sake of the journey, he grooms nightly to maintain his appearance. Marrow is not usually caught without his cloak, a fine fabric doubled up to protect him from the harsh gales of Windhold. He maintains this too with vicious scrutiny, as it is one of few things he kept with himself after leaving his castle home. A halter of sorts drapes along his visage, finely made from the castle but understated. He has tied trophies to the halter, along the left after the tassels, from his adventures, mostly including feathers but also one jaw bone given to him by an old gypsy. At the clasps of his cloak hide various colored bottles, and a single small dagger. When the cloak drapes properly, they are well hidden out of reach.

His final and most obvious feature is a rough, arched horn that protrudes from his forehead. It is the very color of his pelt, laying smooth but grooved as it arches every so slightly back.

Percentage to Inherit: - 100% Appaloosa/Spotted Markings - 50% Golden Hooves - 50% Eye Markings - 25% Rune Markings (Not exactly like Marrow's)


While the prince has left the castle, the courtly nature has not left the prince. Marrow is the epitome of prince charming from his charismatic smile and boisterous voice to his absolute bravado before a group of onlookers. His charisma is only matched by his optimism. No obstacle dampers the prince's spirits, and no foe is to much for him to handle. While his courage may be admirable, it leads the young Marrow into one too many predicaments he himself cannot overcome. And in spite of these scenarios usually meaning escape or retreat, the Heir of Windhold holds no ghosts from his past failures. While others may have to save him from the clutches of adversity, he himself does not allow it to soil his bright nature.

Marrow still requests the finer things in life, unable to get rid of his strappings and cloak from his castle home, and maintains a courtly verbiage when he speaks. Cordial as the day is long and respectful to others, he is a prime example of what a prince should be. It is not outside of him to flirt with pretty women, but the boy does not push these harmless acts into anything intimate. To him, he is married to the lady adventure, and nothing could rein him in. Childish crushes, however, plague his heart and drives the young gentleman into precarious situations that are not flattering for his image, but the stud colt only means the best and wishes to impress others.

To be expanded through roleplay...


Marrow experienced the life of luxury, born into the ruling family of Windhold, a land of rolling hills, fog, and mighty zephyrs. His life was devoid of turmoil, with a loving mother and stern but warm father. He followed his older sister around the halls, and his younger sister followed him. The trio were always getting into trouble, traipsing wherever they pleased as gayly as children should. As they grew older, his sister and brother grew very involved with the court and court life, attending galas and balls so that they may find suitors. Marrow, however, had little interest in spending his time inside the walls of the castle. While he appreciated the cushioned lifestyle, he craved the outdoors and the dirt road. He frequently sneaked out of Windhold and took to the vast viridian fields lashed by their local gales. His father grew quite cross with him, forcing him to attend court to impress their neighbors. It was at one of these courts that the young heir met a vagabond who had disguised himself as a courtier. While at first appalled the man had made it through the guards, he found kinship in the free spirit the crasher held. Without much convincing, Marrow plotted to leave in the night. With cloak in tow and only a few items to remember his home by, Marrow relinquished the crown and took to the dirt roads, slinking out in the wee hours of the morning during guard change.

On his path he crossed many other travelers, mostly friendly faces or kind enough to offer the young man shelter and an eye while he slept. It was along these trails that he met Kismet, the first to join his party. Coming along a small nomadic festival cast to a field on the side of the road, he was mesmerized by all of the gypsies and charlatans performing their skills and tricks. He came to find a fire dancer and was entranced by the way that the flames burned at her very command, and he knew he must speak with her. She was near the opposite to him, level headed and cool, but one way or another he managed to convince her to join him along their path.

More to come at a later date...


Marrow has no arcanic abilities.


Design (c) Duskbeguile
Pixel 1 (c) DanjahMouse
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Reference (c) Duskbeguile
Bust (c) alimajire
Illustration by CittyLights

Design (c) Duskbeguile
Pixel 1 (c) DanjahMouse
Pixel 2 (c) Elegant-Tragedy
Pixel 3 (c) Oxlorn
Reference (c) Duskbeguile
Bust (c) alimajire
Illustration by CittyLights
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rank Fjolltindr Commoner
age & season 4 Spring ✿
species Equine
height 16.2hh
sex Stallion
mate None
status Offline
crystals 20

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