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OOC & Character(s)


Standing at an imposing twenty hands, Bram is an impressive individual even considering his origin. Despite being technically deceased, Bram does not appear so from a distance. His coat, while often dusty and dull, is a deep chocolate brown and completely unstained by white. His mane was long since pecked and chewed away, leaving the appearance of clean shaven neck. His skull is partially visible and the flesh covers only a third of one side of his face. That side is blessed with a bright yellow eye and a single ear. Large antlers seemingly sprout from his skull, but were placed there by his "father." The naked side of his face has a small strip of flesh along his cheek but nothing else. His tail is thick and matted mass of blonde hairs, often sullied by dirt. He wears a brown bit of fabric around the base of his neck and there are large branches tied to both of his front legs. Fastened to those branches are bones.


Despite Bram's deathly appearance, he is not as haunted and dead inside as his father. Though the soul of who he once was has fully moved on, Bram possesses the ability to have his own true personality. Though he does not express and understand emotions as well as a living horse, he is far more than a reanimated corpse. Though he may look intimidating at first glance, Bram has a very soft and large heart. He is affectionate and kind, to both animals and other horses alike. He is happiest reading a book with some birds perched in his antlers.

Though he is more "human" than most like him, he is not immune to the oddities of those raised through necromancy. He is often easily startled and confused, especially when catching his own reflection. He is a bit of a goofball too, often getting his antlers stuck in branches and waiting happily until someone can come untangle him.

However, Bram is still a warrior at heart. He takes his role of Vromme noble (and fighter) serious and would fight to the (second) death for the citizens just as his father. Even in the toughest of fights, it would be expected to see him on the front lines defending with no concern for his own safety.


Bram's original body belonged to that of Donovan. He came from a long line of warriors known for their valiance and strength in the name of Vromme. They settled many generations ago and would devote themselves to whatever sovereign was currently standing. Donovan never took a mate, far too devoted to his job as a kingsman. He followed Bones blindly to the battle in the North where Espen was slain. Donovan was unfortunately one of the casualties and was returned to Vromme to be buried with honors. Upon receiving such an honor from the sovereign he was able to pass on completely, leaving his body an empty husk. Donovan had never taken a mate and so it seemed his family line would end there.

However, Bones would not let his family's sacrifice be in vain and thus revived Donovan's empty husk of a body to be raised as his own son. Remembering bits and pieces of his conversation with the former entity, he named his new son after his great great grandfather. The great soldier Bram had been somewhat of a legend among the soldiers of Vromme for many years. Despite Bram not being his true son, Bones would love him just as if he was.

Animal Control


In the first stages of his arcana, Bram will have very limited control over animals. He will only be able to summon and control up to three small creatures (ie birds, rabbits, etc) or one medium sized animal. He will be able to communicate with them wordlessly and order them to do his bidding. At this stage he cannot control the animals belonging to others.

Once he reaches adept rank, Bram's proficiency will increase. (Albeit slightly.) Now he will be able to summon a fourth small animal or one large creature. Creatures of myth are still far beyond his control. Once he reaches adept, he can control the animals belonging to others for short periods of time. However he cannot be controlling more than one owned creature at once.

There is not much Bram cannot do when summoning his friends. He can now summon animals freely, provided they exist in nature. While he can still only control one creature belonging to someone else, he now has full control of them while in his clutches.

Bram can now summon and control animals of myth. However summoning a beast of legend is no easy feat. He cannot control other horses even at this level, despite them falling under the category of animal. At this stage, Bram is at his most powerful-- provided he does not let his guard down.



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