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Power-play allowed, especially if she is irritating.

OOC & Character(s)


Alayaya is Akhal-Teke, and looks the part. Although still a gangly, long-legged child, she has the fine, delicately carved features of her people. They are built for long waterless days under a hot sun, and the frigid open air of the desert at night. She is growing into her slender long ears, which add an impishness to her appearance at this stage. Her coat is light and bright like spun gold, almost metallic, iridescent in full sunlight. The lightness of her coat seems to give off its own light in the dark, wrapping what’s left of the sun’s lingering reflected light about her. The pale gold is solid and uninterrupted. Her (still scruffy) mane and tail are exactly the same shade as her coat, and flow like liquid sun behind her when she runs, as though she were melting into the air. It is not exactly clear how old she is, but somewhere in the ballpark of 8-10 months would be accurate enough for reckoning. She is a healthy-looking lean child, all taught muscles and angles. She will grow into the typical proportions of her people, on the smaller end of average, perhaps. Alayaya’s hooded almond eyes are light blue: a crisp color that gives her appearance a precocious clarity of thought.


Alayaya is still very young, and so she should have personality development in her future, but she has an uncanny self-confidence for such a waifish orphan. She seems to have no fear of the unknown and follows her heart or any fleeting fancy without much thought or regard for its possible outcomes or inherent danger. She can occasionally be found – intentionally? – detached from her guardian, but never too far to be found again. Either fate has a tight handle on her safety, or she has a better awareness of her actions than her behavior would seem to indicate.

She is drawn to the company of others, and rarely misses an opportunity to impose herself on friends and strangers (or, new friends) alike. She can be tirelessly interested in new people, to the point of acute annoyance on their behalf. Odd for a child, she seems in particular to crave the attention of adults, and not children her own age. Alayaya’s sense of personal space is still being developed. She has no fear of others and often looks for physical contact.

She is desert born and bred, from generations of sand-dwelling ancestors, she finds true joy on hot sand under the sun. More than being tolerant of a harsh environment, she seems to positively relish it. She is an enthusiastic and extroverted girl with a palpable optimism, and a childlike euphoria about the vagaries of life and the world around her. It is usually hard to appreciate that she has had a difficult, and tragic, start to her life, for she behaves as if unaware of it. There are moments, however, when her behavior seems bizarrely precocious and almost morose. She has a tendency to avoid answering difficult and personal questions, but at this age it may be purely a comprehension issue.


Alayaya comes from a desert people with a strict and sometimes savage culture. Alayaya was found, waiting patiently and silently at the side of her mother, by Ezariel some months ago as he passed along the edges of her people’s realm. He still recalls the uncanniness of seeing her there, smeared with blood and resting herself against the corpse of her dam, with a look that suggested merely that she had been waiting for him. She had stood up, shaken herself off, and tripped toward him over the sand without ever looking back.

The bodies of her mother and a handful of others, including a few children older than Alayaya at the time, showed clear evidence of violence. Ezariel did not know for certain what had befallen the group. He saw no sign of predators. He tried to cajole the story from Alayaya, but she had always been either unable or unwilling to say what she might have seen. Ezariel had not been certain at first that the filly would survive. She was hungry and weak when he found her and would have been too young among her own people’s harsh habitat to have been weaned from her mother, but not strictly too young by physiology. They were not far from ready food at the edge of the country, and he took her to a safer place, carefully returning every day himself to the desert grave to assess for signs of her own people. When it was clear that she was adapting to grass and water and gaining weight, and there had been no signs of activity nearby for several weeks, they set off along the edge of the desert. Ezariel was in two minds as they walked: he had no desire of the responsibility of her and he was hopeful that they would find more of her own people with whom to leave her, but also anxious about her safety if they did. This last fear is likely what prevented him from taking her deeper into the desert when their walk along its border passed without sight or sign of any living thing. By mutual if unspoken consent they eventually turned away entirely from the region, resuming Ezariel’s previous route.

Ezariel might have been able to tell her much about her ancestral homeland and its people, and he tried on one or two occasions, but she seemed more interested in teasing him and chasing small woodland creatures than in history lessons. So, we must assume, she knows very little of her own history.

Empathic Manipulation


Ability to sense the emotions of themselves and others including animals, in her own immediate vicinity. With physical contact able to manipulate a single emotion by increasing or decreasing its intensity while contact and focus is maintained.

Able to manipulate emotion in another by introducing, increasing, decreasing, or channeling while interacting with that individual.

Able to manipulate the emotions of others around her while interacting with them, including manipulating different emotions within different individuals.

Able to manipulate the emotions of individuals or groups, and to extend the duration of that emotional state for a prolonged period without ongoing interaction, particularly where the emotion relates to others' perceptions of herself.