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Gaia Xenos.
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Gaia Xenos.
( GUY - uh / ZEE - nose )
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Scent: flowers, rosemary, woodsy.
Sexuality: homosexual.
Voice: Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell.

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While standing at seventeen hands, she was one of the shortest in her immediate family, save from her mother. Her bone structure was a mix of both of her parents; she possessed strong, sturdy legs yet a more smaller, feminine frame. Don't let that body structure fool you, however, for it was lined favorably with toned muscle. Thick hide held taunt over each muscle, topped with a very soft fur coat. The colors of said coat were a mixture of a fawn and creme; her rear limbs were fawn all the way up her hindquarters, saving for a singular thick ring of creme around the hocks. The fawn hue reached to close to her withers, however faded out near her mid underbelly.

That was when the creme took over, shooting down her front limbs to her sandy colored hooves, right back up through her chest and taking over her entire neck and head. Her mane and tail possessed the same fawn hue to them, in which her mane elegantly wrapped around her scrawny neck when a breeze passed through. Her forelock came clear down to the ridge of her nose, often covering her amber colored eyes. A distinguishable thing about Gaia is that she had tattoo-like markings upon the right side of her face, right underneath the eye. As well as down her leg limb, beginning at her shoulder down to her knee. They closely resembled a vine of some sort.

Attached to her at the withers, she had gorgeous wings that held profound feathers. The ridges were of a darker, russet brown then went to her usual fawn, the outer feathers were of pure ebony, as if they had been dipped in ink. Her tail was an interesting one to say the least, leonine like with the exact pattern of her wings. Many said that Gaia had the ambience and look of an ancient soul, and she had the personality to match. You'll have to get to know her to find out.

Not many scars made themselves known, in fact she didn't have very many. A few faint ones along her limbs, small ones here and there from playing too hard when she was younger. The only one that was ever big enough and deep enough, was a vertical scar beginning at the underside of her breast, stretching all the way down to her lady bits. It was a very big, ugly scar. One thankfully no one sees unless she shows her under belly.


There is some good in the world, and it's worth fighting for.

One of many sayings that Gaia finds herself living by; she knows the world is full of such death and destruction. The awful and mean. She wished to bring light into the darkness - smiles and laughter upon those who feel like they have nothing left. She believed in living a blessed life, a beautiful life. Ever since she was a little girl, she only wanted to bring peace and happiness to others, she had been a great mediator. She grew up in a world where pain and despair was in no shortage, everywhere outside of her village reeked of death and decay, there wasn't much food nor water to go around. Herself and kids like her were skin and bones, they often cried out, but Gaia always made a point to make her rounds in the village, bringing the children flowers to cheer them up. At least a little color in their lives before they ate them - it was a source of food, was it not? The first time it had made Gaia sad to see the kids eat her flowers, but she knew it was still some sort of nutrients for them. And it made many of them smile, at least for a little while. And that was all she could hope for.

Seeing the good in others was what Gaia was about, from the very beginning. Her own hardships never changed that fact, if not deepened her reasoning. While she wasn't naive, she tended to put trust onto others more easily than another would. She believed in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. She was big in the, 'fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.' motto. Everyone deserved at least a chance, just as she is more generous to give out second chances. A voice of reason, many had learned to call her. She cared for all living things, for their emotional and physical well being. This gave her a knack for instilling trust in others, which in turn allows them to feel comfortable in sharing things with her; Gaia is a trustworthy being who doesn't take it lightly. When she gives her word, she holds it to a very high regard. It's her Honesty, in her opinion, goes hand in hand with trust. If it comes from her mouth, it is honest in her view. She has only lied once in her life and it went horribly wrong, hence why she believes that honesty is the only way.

Now, you'll find Gaia most happy among nature - she thrives when she's among the creatures. While she enjoys dressing fancy and other luxurious things, she isn't one to be afraid to get down and dirty. She isn't much of a soldier, but that most certainly doesn't mean she isn't a viper when she needs to be. She learned at a young age how to defend herself and to protect others, and although she isn't 'knightly' bey any means, it most certainly doesn't mean that she'll die upon her knees. Oh no, trust that she'll go fight to her very last breath. Not only is she quick on her feet, but fast with her tongue too. In the bedroom too, but that's only for the ladies. Gaia enjoys sarcasm and friendly banter just as much as the next woman - even though she thoroughly believes in being kind, surely doesn't mean she doesn't know how to have a good time. In fact, she is quite the hoot to hang around.

Headstrong is something not many would figure to be a trait of Gaia, but it is. Once she has her mind set on something, it is rather difficult to be persuaded from unless presented with facts - or from someone she cares deeply for and trusts. She has her beliefs and sticks by them immensely. Although she doesn't strive for conflict, Gaia doesn't shy away from it. Knowing how to handle oneself under stress is a very handy thing and she does it beautifully. A logical, thorough thinker this one.


Like many, she wasn't from around here.

Gaia was born into a small, poor village not too far from here. She had a loving mother and father, once upon a time she had a little brother that was born almost a year after her. But that comes later on.

Surrounding their village was a violent, vast territory ruled by a vicious King. When she was only a couple months old, the King had sent out his men to gather up men from the villages to fight in an upcoming war. They took her father and he went honorably, kissing his family goodbye. Her mother cried, but knew better than to question the King's men. It hadn't been long since word got around that the men in the villages were absent and the occupants were only women and children. Outsiders began to come and raid, raping the women and sometimes murdering the children. It just depends on if one of them got in their way or not, which was why the village women often hide the children away.

It was Gaia who mothered them, who kept their minds busy, so they couldn't hear their mothers' screams. Their cries. Although she was only fairly young herself, she felt it was her duty. Their laughter was what kept her going. When day light came, everything was silent again. A couple of the mothers came to reclaim their safe children, some never came back. It was then Gaia and her mother began taking in the orphans. It was the way of life, it was the only thing they knew. It wasn't long before her mother came up pregnant, many of the women did. It was on repeat, day in and day out.

Early one morning, her mother gave birth to a little boy. Eos

Things continued the same way as always, except she had a few more children to watch over. Until one day, it was her own mother that didn't return. Gaia knew what it had meant. She was two years old at that point; they had all accepted the fact that their men weren't coming back at that point. It had actually been way before that, when they knew it. The village was poor, dirty, and dying. She did all that she could for everyone, the village began to call her 'Mother Gaia'. All she wanted was to bring health and happiness to them, especially the children. But there had only been so much she could do, especially with so little.

On her third year of life, the King's men returned. However, with a different quest. They had asked for all the girls to line up, without realize. They picked out a couple and then took Gaia, but she didn't want to go - they needed her. They would die without her! Normally she wouldn't fight, but she couldn't leave. She fought and fought, but they managed to knock her out cold. That was all she remembered; a massive hoof coming at her face and then nothing. She woke up inside a stone room in a bed lined with lace, her eyes focused on a fireplace with a warm fire flickering. She was in a castle. Not just any castle.

The castle.

It was then that it was explained to her what was going on; the war that the King called her village's men for had been lost. A new King reigned, which brought a Princess along with. She had requested hand-maidens and for her father's men to pick what they saw fit from the villages. There was only a handful surrounding Gaia, it was time for the Princess to pick which ones she wanted. it was Gaia's unique tattoo markings that saved her life that day... and killed her village. All in the same swing. For the rest of her days, she played hand to the Princess. She sat with her in lessons, she went wherever the Princess did. She learned, and observed. She learned plenty. She stayed with her until she was married off to a man closer to Fimbulvetr, but still on the outskirts. She reigned as Queen - but there was war. Gaia had managed to escape with the Queen, but barely and not without them both being severely wounded. In a cave a ways from the castle, was where the Queen succumbed to her wounds.

Only moments after her Queen took her last breath, men of the opposing army was doing a carnage sweep. They found her and took her hostage, of course not without a fight. They tortured her. Starved her, but not like she wasn't used to it. Her entire village starved for the longest time, which had ended up stunting her growth in the long run. When the newly appointed King ordered to slay all prisoners, they tortured her further. A man with horns came forth, slit her wide open from under her breastplate, down her underbelly and near her lady bits. Of course not without the entire group of men ravaging her, before dumping her out in the scorching sun to die. They thought she had passed out - but no, Gaia had just closed her eyes, and slowed her breathing. She didn't want to feel anymore. She didn't want to be anymore. Her Queen was gone, her village was gone... she had nothing left.

Eyes fluttered. She could feel ice cold against her fiery hot skin. Ears twitched as she heard a woman's voice mumbling. Gaia woke to a beautiful woman tending to her gaping wound. Knowing better than to panic, she glanced around; she was in some sort of ice cave. They spoke softly to each other, the woman spoke comforting words. They exchanged name's, the woman asked to be called Letty. Gaia told her of the men and what had happened, Letty responded that she already knew, she had been watching and waiting for them to leave, to rescue her. Gaia remained with the woman for a couple months, in which Letty told her of Fimbulvetr; told her briefly of the place. Letty advised her to go there, while it wasn't the absolute best, it was far better than where she was at the moment.

After parting ways, Gaia headed for Fimbulvetr in hopes to find peace, happiness... and maybe love?

Plant Manipulation.


Ah yes, controlling plant life. There isn't much that Gaia can do at this stage, especially without tiring herself out. She is just figuring out on how to feel the plants; if they're sick, dying, or just right. With focus, Gaia can hear with all plant life, to her they each have their own voices., although fuzzy and muffled. However she cannot speak back, but hearing them is enough for her, for now. She also has discovered she can revive a dying plant, with great effort, but it will only live if she is constantly focused on it. The moment she loses that connection, the plant slowly dies once more.

With practice, she has been able to broaden her arcana, but only slightly. Increasing her basic skills, she can hear their words far more clear now. Still not being able to communicate back, she can assure the plants with her presence. She can radiate a sense of warmth to them. With extreme focus, Gaia can revive plants and keep them alive, but with vigorous tending to. Plants brighten up the moment they feel her nurturing warmth step within proximity of them.

Breaking out of her shell, she has gained a whole new level of confidence with her power. The plants' voices are crystal clear, as well her own voice communicating back to them. Yes, that's right. She can finally talk back. They speak to each other telepathically, so Gaia doesn't appear to be crazier than she already may seem, spending most of her time with plant-life. She can feel their pain, their sorrows, their happiness; she can even feel the cozy warmth of when the sun shines down upon them. Their pain is her pain. Plants are her eyes and ears of well, everywhere that plant life can thrive. Which brings me to her learning how to bring a plant to life from a little seedling. She can also revive plants to their full potential, without having to tend to them multiple times a day. In dire need, Gaia can command trees and other plants to aide her in protection.

Fully blown out, Gaia's skills are tuned to their expert level entirely now. Plants respond to her emotions now, they weep when she does, etc. She can feel plants of where she calls home from far away, can communicate telepathically from far distances. She can command any sort of plant life at the blink of an eye and they react. She can use trees to bend to her will, she can kill plants with a small huff of frustration. Now of course, Gaia would never. She believes everything deserves the gift of life and wouldn't wish death upon anything. But she had the power. Oh boy, did she have the power.



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