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I swam, the sea was boundless, I saw no shore.
Tanit was merciless, my prayers were answered.
O you who drown in love, remember me."

-inscription on a Carthaginian funeral urn

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OOC & Character(s)


Tanit is a pale gray-based pink, darkening on her head, withers, and rump to a soft, shadowy purple. Her legs edge towards a dark slate-gray, ending with plum hooves shod in bright silver. On her right hip is her godmark, a pretty once-henna tattoo that has become seared into her flesh, a permanent reminder of their love and mercy. One her forehead is a white crescent moon with three dots in a line below. Eyelashes are white, and she has thick, white eyeliner beneath large, cerulean eyes. Her ears are slightly longer than average, but not enough that most would notice, with soft, white hair growing from within. Her muzzle is near black, mark shaped similar to butterfly wings. Her hair is white, coiled and braided with silver chains and mauve roses. She also collects feathers, which hang on chains from her hair, though most have flown away. in time. A gauzy white fabric twines around her front white leg, and a jeweled corsage is kept on her back right. Her legs are surprisingly thin, giving her the appearance of someone who could easily be broken and adding to her rather doe-like appearance. She carries two crystal pendants, on her forehead and around her neck. She appears neither old nor young, though her immortality has been broken by coming here, but she has not yet noticed.


After untold years of being blessed by the gods, Tanit wields her immortality without pomp or flash. She is ageless, simply stated, and does not allow time to mark her. She has seen untold horrors, catastrophes, the rise and fall of empires, but she has also seen beauty so sweet even she had to weep, sacrifice and devotion and loyalty. She embraces change as a river embraces a pebble, allowing it to change and and mold her yet knowing that eventually, it too will not matter. Her longevity has allowed her to grow a greater appreciation for the task set before her, the very reason she is allowed to continue on this sweet existence : to bring others to the knowledge that love is really all that matters and everyone, even the seemingly unlovable, have someones who will be able to touch them.

This appreciation does not mean she does not wish to die, however.

Tanit is very sweet, warm and comforting, always willing and open with a smile, a caress, a kind word. She is the first to rush towards danger, willing to fling herself for the protection of almost anyone else. She can be clinical and calculating, though she strives to never allow someone to feel as though they aren't important; rather, it is her method to search her memory for some who would fit best with the person she is speaking to. Her long life has taught her how to prioritize her memories, allowing some to become vague and some, such as those needing love, her "clients." Anyone she meets is a "client," though she asks for no payment.


Once, in a time both ancient and amoral, a girl was born. This was not remarkable, as many girls and boys and others were born as well. This was, after all, a time both ancient and amoral, and it was expected that your child would not live to grow their own children and so they had child, and children, and more. Often it was the fault of the parents' that the babe was lost, either through benign apathy, malign ambivalence, or, most common for the firstborns, the honor of sacrifice. The gods were angry, after all, angry that those ancient and amoral creatures would not follow their simple rules, that they would choose to stay amoral when morality was being offered them. The gods never asked for these sacrifices, but it seemed an easier price to pay than to change their whole self into following simple guidelines. This filly who you have likely already forgotten, as she was not important or unusual to any story, was, at the time, the youngest of seven through her mother, with only an older brother living. So, as you see, it was not uncommon to be born, but it was almost revelatory if you lived.

This girl grew up, nameless, for naming every child would have filled the world with words that never could be assigned a future meaning for it would already have been a name. Everyone knows that you can be named after items, but items cannot be named after you, especially if you die young and unnecessary. She nearly did not, grow up that is, but her brother, whose name she will not say, protected her and ignored her in kind until she was able to take care of herself and fell upon the mercy of the gods for a name. Tanit, they sighed, voices young and thin among their ancient and amoral children, their breath staining her unmarked hip with a permanent hennamoon. And she was Tanit.

Time passed, and she was drawn more to the gods than most of those she knew. Perhaps it was because she, like them, was young. She, like them, were barely heard. She met several who wished to know her better, but the young moon-marked mare had learned that there was something better out there, another way to live that she called love, where one cared about another as more than nothing. She said, voice thin and reedy and weak, that they would not have a family - another new word whispered by the gods - unless it was with her true love.

It took years, but eventually she found another who would show her such love. In fact, she found two, and they settled together. Time passed, and their ideas grew, but her others slowly turned away from her, cleaving to each other more than to Tanit. In a fit of pain-driven rage she returned to the gods, tears streaming, anger turning her voice rough. "Why did you teach me of love if it would only bring pain!" But, for once, the gods did not answer her. Her actions had increased their strength until they touched many and could not be touched by all. Returning home with her temper only growing hotter, she through her family through the flames until they were nothing more than forgotten words.

A goddess, young enough to not be unforgotten, appeared before the mare and the ashes of her life. That was unwise. Tanit felt more than heard. You were meant to be a standard, an example to the nations, but you failed. We cannot have that, cannot allow you to hold our lives in your hands. So you will receive a blessing. You, Tanit, will be blessed to live for eternity and beyond, never growing old or becoming dust, until your job is complete. Your task is to turn every creature you meet to the religion of love, the religion of us. You, too, must come to this love Tanit. You must return, and until then, you will never have to die.

Tanit has walked the earth ever since, through period after period and life after life. She has had lovers, but has never again found love for herself, and so she remains. She has watched love create and conquer kingdoms, drag people through meadow and valley and smothering dirt. And yet she remains.

And the gods no longer talk to her.

Upon entering the Bifrost, she lost her immortality, at least for now. She is yet unaware.



Tanit has the ability to make others suggestible to her words, to do what is needed even when their fear or doubt leaves them stranded. The moonmare uses this magic to help with her matchmaking, to allow others to fall in love quickly and painlessly, without the awkwardness of a first introduction. She also uses it to help separate those who are unable to realize that they should not be together, that they would be better if they were apart, and to help their hearts begin the process of healing after what is sometimes a devastating blow. Perfect selfless, this sweet child.

Apprentice - Might feel more of an inclination to do something she says, though it could also be attributed to her speaking ability.
Adept - Stronger push towards doing things, needs frequent reminders to "renew" the persuasion
Master - Able to persuade people to do things that they would normally be open to, but simply had not done, may be able to do some persuasion away from their natural tenancies. Long term effects require her to contact them often, though she doesn't need to say the things again
Virtuoso - Able to persuade people to do things that are out of nature for them, and the persuasion will last for a long time even not in her presence.



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