Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Autumn Year 501 | The heat has broken, and the trees of the Valley begin their transition from emerald to citrine and rubine. The temperatures steadily drop as the progression of Autumn claims all of the Slidr River Valley and plunges it into the hallowed solstace. Snow already weightlessly falls from the sky on cold nights - especially to the North and West. The Laurel Alps and Frior Mountain Range begin the process of wrapping themselves in thick white blankets of snow, leaving the once purple snowcapped border of the continent a stark white crescendo on the horizon. To the East, the heat wave has finally broken. The staggering temperatures have fallen simply from the harsh miles of wind sweeping from the mountainous vales and into the bowl of the desert. Those huddling in the Frekr Oasis for salvation will find the nights frigid. Best light the plinth fires and stock up for the winter, for it is just around the corner.

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She does not appear all that striking with a midnight black coat and a mane and tail to match. Her tail is of an average length, reaching down to just barely brush the ground. Her mane is cut into a mohawk until it reaches her forelock, which falls down her face to her muzzle and has three grey streaks running through it. Her tail also has a single grey streak running along the top to the bottom. Black cloaks her hooves and a horn of the same color spirals from her forehead. The black of the horn is broken only by a line of gold that wraps around from the base to the tip. Golden eyes peer out from her head and match the gold on her horn and the thread that wraps through her lips, holding her mouth shut. Her teeth, although never visible, are similar to those of a velociraptor and her tongue is pointed to match.
| Quiet | Protective | Cautious | Warm | Loyal | Due to her muteness Ezera isn't much for conversation. Small talk is difficult and, though she'll be patient and try, she prefers not to take part. Due to events in her past she can be very cautious of strangers, especially stallions, but once you have her trust she can be very loyal. She would do almost anything for those she considers family and can be very cold to the ones that hurt them or herself. Ezera is not much of a fighter unless it is to protect her own and will avoid a fight with the exception of if it is necessary. She would much rather try and convince the other to back down somehow, although with her condition this could be tough. Most of the time the mare believes in giving second chances but she also knows that not everyone deserves them. The girl really does not like to be alone, especially after her past. Being alone allows the memories to push their way forward and, with no one there to distract her, they take over. Being around friends helps her forget what she has been through
[X] Apprentice : She can only get a few thoughts across, such as telling someone her name. [ ] Adept : The connection lasts longer, allowing more information to be sent over. "Yes" and "no" questions can be answered as well as more detailed questions (with some effort), although after a while the connection will fade. [ ] Master : The connection lasts as long as she wishes and she can get any information across. It is no longer an effort for her to send her thoughts across, the magic is as easy as breathing. [ ] Virtuoso : At this level the magic would allow her to turn the thoughts of others into her own, almost like a form of mind control.
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Pixel - Tesoupi | Avatar - Myself | Reference Image - LadyZizii
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