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Igor Skaði.
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pronounced ( EEEE - gore )
Russian name meaning, 'warrior of peace'.

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Scent: siberian fir, eucalyptus, and frankincense.
Sexuality: unknown.
Voice Claim: Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar, from Vikings.

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Heavily built more like his father, however no one had been quite sure on how his structure would turn out when he was first born, considering he looked extremely lanky. As a young colt, Igor had been all legs, always tripping over them and never being able to get very good footing. An awkward boy, you could say the least. Now as he was growing, he was definitely starting to broaden and grow into his body nicely. Being at three years of age, he stands taller than his mother, nearly an entire hand taller.

The balance between his mother's coloring and his father's couldn't have been more perfect, as he was an incredible blend of them both. While he was jet black, his mother was more of a lighter gray, causing him to be a brilliant grulla. From his knee joints and down faded into an ebony, coating over his hooves as well. His mane and tail held the same shade, just as the outer feathers of his magnificent wings did; that's right. He inherited his mother's colossal wings. The feathers only brightened as they reach the top layer, a near cream color.

Just at the beginning of the top of his eyebrows, ivory had taken over and swallowed the rest of his face; save for his maw which was a light pink like his mother's. Three horns aligned the center of his skull, the very top was the longest and held ivory, like his father's, before it had been broken off, the middle one was the shortest. The last that was closest to his nose, was half the size of the one in the center of his forehead. The bottom two were a deep amethyst, just as his mother's.

BROTHER WOLF ; ( when skinchanger is purchased )
Takes the form of a huge Timber wolf, weighing in at 120lbs, his body is tan from his paws up to underbelly and mid-chest, turning to light gray with black blotches around his upper torso. Face has tones of gray and brown, eyes change depending on his mood but are mostly emerald.


Oh man. You got a minute? Hope you're sitting down, 'cause here we go. There is one particular word that could be used to describe Igor, that's right. Just one word.


So young, yet so full of hate and anger. Even while still in Ylva's womb, he was a boiling ball of rage; but he suppressed it the best he could. He watched as the other foals frolicked and played with each other, but he had no desire. All he could think of was tearing them apart and then playing with their dead bodies. As a child, Igor always felt as if he was far superior over everyone, aside from his mother. He held her at the highest regard, she was quite possibly the reason that he held such a God complex, as he recognized her as one of the baddest women alive. Only a God could come from her, right?

Ha. It surely didn't come from his deadbeat father. Which he holds a heavy amount of hatred for. While that was a whole different mound of issues, we'll touch on it briefly, as it has effected his personality. You'd think it was because the lack of his father figure, yes that was part of it, but not it entirely. Igor took the small amount of time he got to know his father even worse than not knowing him at all. In his eyes, Entia treated his mother poorly, he hadn't been there for her. He took her like a grain of salt; he believed Ylva was a fucking Goddess. Anyone who reacted negatively toward her, would feel the wrath of Igor, that much he had vowed. His father was on that list. And yes, he had a list.

Sarcasm and wit filled in the cracks of wrath; pushing the buttons of others' was his favorite past time. He brought pleasure in starting chaos with anyone and everyone. He got off on pushing others to their limits. It was his defense mechanism. He was quick to come up with comebacks, shit talking is one of his favorite things. Thing was, Igor never said anything unless he knew he could back it up, because he'd be damned if someone made him out to be a fool. Bloodshed was what he lived for, the irony, copper taste was a pleasure to him. He was always looking for a fight or a fuck, he was just a simple fellow.

Kindness was not something he knew and it was definitely not something he practiced. The most kindness he had ever allowed passed through his heart, was for his mother. Other than that, it didn't exist. Igor saw females as nothing but tools to use for his pleasure and for things in his life; of course, he knew how to play it. If it benefited him, it interested him. He would never do a single thing that did not work out in his favor in one way or another. Manipulative was a fabulous word to describe him, and observant. He watched people, learned their habits. When they were lying - everyone talks. It was what they did was what mattered and Igor knew that.

Sex and death. That what was mostly on his mind.


Born within lands far from here that many would know as Caeleste.

To the magnificent Ylva, fathered by deadbeat Entia who hasn't been in the picture nearly since the beginning. He had a step-mother, Destroyah, and a step-sibling, Namerin, who he had grown to become attached to. In his first months of life, Igor found that he didn't spend much time with his mother, for she had been out building herself up to lock down a life for them all. He grew up around his step family, although he never spent much time with them either. He snuck off often, to watch the other kids play or the adults whisper somewhere they thought was private. Needless to say, Igor grew up always feeling like a major outcast, as if he was on the outs all of the time. It wasn't too long after that, that Ylva had claimed a territory for them in the high mountains called Dead Horse Ridge. It was insanely cold there, but Igor loved it. Even more so because his mother loved it. Others began to fear him just because he was Ylva Skaði's son. He felt immense pride.

How he came to learn about his father was because he overheard his mother and Destroyah arguing, which they had done often it seemed. It was the first time he had ever heard of his father's name and that was all it took. Curiosity drove Igor to find and track the man, in which he succeeded in doing so. It hadn't been hard. It was when the strange man came out to greet him along the shoreline, with his... monster as a companion. Entia welcomed his son with open arms, but Igor was furious. He was grateful for taking the majority of his looks from his mother, save for the ivory horn in the middle of his forehead. It was the fact that Entia was kind, yet wasn't there for Ylva. He wasn't apart of his life. The fact that he had to pursue the search for his father, yet he had known where his son was the entire time! That caused Igor to become livid. It was his father's choice not to be apart of his life. That was the first and last time he ever saw his father.

Months went by, Igor lived day in and day out within the boundaries of Dead Horse Ridge, enjoying his role as the heir. He strutted around, not feeling a single bit of shame for treating others as if they were peasants, because they were. Royalty was in his blood - even further back than he even realized. It was when his mother fell pregnant with her second's children; vampire twins. He felt threatened. The crown was his. Not anyone else's. How could she dare have other kids? He hadn't been much of a fan of anyone who tried to close to his mother, knowing that no one was good enough for her. No one treated her right. So Igor began to distance himself, going out on hunts alone. Letting his Brother Wolf out far more than he should have. He had lived an entire month as his wolf, never switching back. It was the rage that fueled it. Speaking of Brother Wolf, that had been a whole different thing for him - he was a day old when he shifted, not having a single clue what had happened. It was something in his mother's bloodline, she explained. Those of her blood were one with their inner wolf, and had the ability to communicate and shift. Igor used his gift often.

Once Ylva gave birth to the monsters that Igor chose not to have any connection to, he tended to her. Made sure she was regaining her strength. She had almost died during that pregnancy, and losing her was not an option for Igor. So that was when he began to do whatever he could in his power for her. When she got better, they began to go out on hunts together, in their wolf form. One particular night, they had been hunting a caribou. Out of no where, a male snatched his mother up, knocking her unconscious and taking off. Igor followed in hot pursuit, never letting them out of his sights, except once they left the barriers of Caeleste, that was when he had lost her.

He still to this day wasn't sure if it was because he was born within Caeleste and his mother came by choice, but crossing through that wall that surrounded Caeleste felt like it nearly killed him. Stripped him of everything he knew, he was exhausted by the time he made it to the other side. Still driven by adrenaline and anger, he pushed on. Picking up their scent. It took him a week to track his mother down, it had almost been too fucking late. Once again, Igor had almost lost his mother. Without asking a single question, he unleashed an unEarthly rage upon the male who held his mother captive, who stood over her once again unconscious, bloody body. Igor literally ate him.

It was later that he learned, it had been Ylva's older brother. The brother who had once upon savagely raped her with her younger brother, and her father. The one who fathered her first child, Igor's sister that he never had the chance to meet. The one who had fathered her and murdered her.

He knew a massive weight had been lifted off his mother, but now he was all kinds of newly fucked up - not that he would ever show it, for he was just happy to be of service to Ylva. They nursed each other back to health and kept on their travels, knowing that they couldn't return to Caeleste. It had been too long, it was in their past.

Now upon Fimbulvetr, we'll see what comes of young Igor.

Blood Manipulation


"Blood is life."

He can only begin sensing another's life source now, by the heat of their blood within a short distance, he can pick up the sound of another being's heartbeat by the blood being pumped through it. He can also tell if another is sickly or something is off with them by their blood, however he doesn't yet have the mastery of pinpointing of what it could be. Only that something is off. Igor can sense if someone is dead or alive just by a glance, or if they're dying. Not having the power yet to actually do anything with his knowledge drives him insane.

Only skimming the surface on what he can really do once he learns, Igor has now learned how to tap into someone else's blood source, but hasn't quite figured out what to do yet. He can feel it, as if it is flowing through his own veins, and only with extreme concentration can he stop flow, similar to a blood clot would. But still, he cannot do enough to matter. With enough focus he can pull a trickling amount from another, having it appear into his mouth - which isn't any but just a taste. It was only by taste is when Igor can pinpoint a problem within someone. If they are sick and what from - dying, affected by another's magical properties, anything.

Now really becoming in tune with his arcana, Igor begins to feel more powerful. With much focus, he can perform transfusions to himself and to others. He can spike their blood sugar or lower it at his will. By the use of his own blood, he can teleport to places he had previously been; for instance, leaving an amount of his blood elsewhere, then using his own fresh blood to teleport from his current location to the previous. Like bread crumbs, however that drains much energy from himself. Although he has become far more powerful, he also runs the risks of bleeding himself out if he isn't careful enough. Through an exchange of blood, he can become tied to others, for life; knowing where they are, feeling their life source no matter where they were. Knowing the second their heart took its last beat. He can also now regenerate and heal himself with blood, but again it exhausts him.

The ultimate stage, the one most sought and worked hard for. This is where he can take his own blood to make copies of himself, to confuse an opponent or stranger. Drown another with their own blood. Or his favorite, boiling someone's blood and watching them die. And every other ability prior was just tuned and perfected at this point.

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