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OOC & Character(s)


Ra is on the small side of the marwari scale, but it suits him more that way. His body is elegant but not lanky, more compact and slightly muscular. His furry ears curl towards each other, crowning his poll as their tips come within mere millimetres of touching each other. His skull is delicately dished, a barely noticeable dip on the bridge of his nose. Ra's gaits are slow and loping - his canter in particular could be compared to the movement of a horse on a carousel.

His body is a milky violet-blue, darker towards the ridge of his back, down his fetlocks and the velvet of his nose which further transitions into a pale blue-grey. His hide is softly accented by a pastel golden-yellow, airbrushed over the underneath of his groin, his chest, and faintly over each knee, elbow and cheek. His flank, shoulder and jawline are flecked with gold and silver bird-catcher spots, though only very few, and each of his four hooves is a bright metallic gold.

Ra's hair starts at the roots in a pale milky hue of white, fading into a warm orange at the very tips. His tail is most often held high, though when it rests naturally the tips sit a few inches above the ground. His mane is most often kept long, tapering out just beneath the line of his barrel, though he will sometimes have it cut short in particularly hot summers. Both mane and tail are often seen adorned with daisies, dandelions, and other flowers he's found on his adventures.

Upon Ra's crown, sitting just above each eyebrow, are two short golden horns. They serve little purpose besides decorative; they are not sharp, nor do they make him look at all scary. Both of his eyes are the same metallic hue of yellow-orange, and are rarely to be seen without the glint of a smile or a glow of unapologetic happiness.


Ra is nothing if not a gentleman and a sweetheart. His words are as soft as his colour palette and rarely will you see him without a smile on his face. An eternal optimist, he cherishes the world and everything in it. The sun is of utmost fascination to Ra, and he thrives most during midday when the heat beats down upon his back. Perhaps Ra's most favourite pastime is making friends. There's little that makes him happier, besides the golden glow of summer, than having a big bundle of friends to give gifts to and laugh with in the late evening. In fact, Ra treasures his friends as his most important possession. He would rather give up everything before losing those who mean most to him.

When not laid on his back to soak up the sun, it is likely you will find Ra picking flowers. His favourites are the humble daisy and the magnificent sunflower (the clue as to why he likes that one is in its name), and will often go about his day with these strung into his hair or placed neatly into a satchel he hangs at his side. On occasion, Ra will spend hours of the late evening lacing his pickings into daisy chain crowns and bracelets. He's even been known to spend days at a time crafting elaborate flower crowns, bouquets, wreaths and corsages, most of which he gifts to those in his wide circle of friends.

Though his optimism and gentlemanly ways may depict Ra as a social butterfly, he is not the most confident of souls. With those he has not met before, and in large crowds of strangers, he will shrink into his shell and quietly hold his tongue. It isn't that he is particularly anxious or nervous, merely more at home conversing with familiar faces. Quietness aside, he will still strive to befriend those creatures he does not yet know.

His favourite scents are freshly cut grass and the mild fragrance of outside after rainfall - though he's partial, too, to floral aromas and the sweet smells of cakes, pastries and bread. He isn't much a fan of gore or blood, in fact has rather a prominent phobia of it. His initial reaction is most often to faint, though when presented with an emergency he will do his best to help out - even if it means he must close his eyes just to remain conscious.


Ra was raised an only child by a single father - his mother having died giving birth to him. He did not mourn her loss, for he never truly knew her, but he looks fondly over the memories of her life he's created in his head. In Ra's eyes, his mother was a soft and gentle soul who would've sung him lullabies each night and made him blankets out of flower petals. She would've told him myths and made up stories about the sun, about how there were tiny little horses who lived on it and were immune to the blistering heat, about how it was covered in sunflowers all the way around, and that was why it was so golden. Ra's mother never did any of these things, only just managed to breathe his name before falling into slumber, but his memories of her were sweet and innocent, and happy.

His father did not falter in parenthood. Though he lacked the soft touch of a mother, his voice was always warm and comforting and his makeshift blankets of moss were near as good as daisies knitted together by their stems. They were close, father and son, and it pained both greatly when the time came for Ra to find his own way in the world.

One year ago, the boy of violet and gold ventured out into the world on his own. Tears were shed between he and his father, but it was time to make his own legacy. He hopes to this day that he will see his father again - he never intended for them to separate for good but who knows where the old man is, now. Perhaps some day they'll be reunited. Until then, Ra's heart brims with unbridled excitement over the horses he may meet and the adventures he will have. He's yet to even discover his magic, for the concept of sorcery and enchantment is not one he's ever come across before.

Solar Manipulation


Apprentice: Ra can summon the power of the sun and use it to heal small plants and flowers (no bigger than a dandelion). He cannot revive them from death, but near to it. Once touched by his magic, these weary flora will straighten and brighten, their colours more vivid than ever before, and will remain alive even once plucked and threaded into one of his intricate flower crowns or bracelets. There's no attack value to this regeneration magic, only Ra's own satisfaction at reviving pretty things.

Adept: Now a touch more powerful, Ra can revive flowers as big as sunflowers, though not without a lot of concentration and a lot of time. He'll also grow considerably weaker for a short period of time after reviving bigger flowers. He still cannot revive plants from death, however. On top of revival of plants, Ra has gained the very weak ability to draw warmth from the sun into himself. For no longer than five minutes at a time, he can heat his body very mildly with solar power. He will be ever-so-slightly warmer to the touch, and this magic has no purpose other than thawing his bones in colder climates to give him time to comfortably move to shelter.

Master: There are now few plants Ra is not able to revive from near-death, and he has gained the ability to bring back flowers and like-sized plants from the dead. The bigger the plant, the more tired Ra will become in his efforts to regenerate them - in reanimating a flower the size of a sunflower, he may find himself unable to use magic for a matter of days afterwards. He is better capable of warming his body through to maintain acceptable temperature in cold climates. This body heat can last up to an hour and is considerably warmer than at Adept level. With intense concentration and suffering immense fatigue afterwards, Ra can cause small flowers such as daisies or forget-me-nots from the ground, no matter how parched or swampy it may be. These flowers will behave as those he reanimates, living forever in full brightness no matter the season or conditions.

Virtuoso: Ra can now heat his body so that it burns to the touch, with prolonged contact causing an attacker not-insignificant harm. He can only maintain this for a matter of seconds, however, in an effort of self defense, and will be dizzy and fatigued for minutes - to hours - afterwards. He can maintain his moderate warmth, however, for up to half a day at a time and only experience mild tiredness afterwards. This is only useful in cold weather, however. He can summon from nothingness flowers as big as sunflowers, though this is only done with considerable difficulty and the side effect of migraines and possible nausea. With practice, it may become easier.



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