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Radames is a strikingly handsome and rugged individual, even at first glance. His breeding is believed to be mostly of spanish influence granting him a slightly roman nose and sturdy muscles, though there may be some warmblood mixed in somewhere. At the end of the day he is a mutt and does not really care what percentage he is of what. White makes up most of his body, except his head and sections of his neck, hindquarters, and tail. Bits of his dun peek through along his neck in a sickle pattern, matching the one he carries with him. His hindquarters are dotted in spots of his base color and darker that lead into his dark tail.

Radames' head is slightly blocky and lacks the elegant and refinement of some lighter breeds. His eyes are pale and very expressive and he always has blue shadow smeared below them. His forelock is black and longer than the rest of his mane, often with a single braid hanging among the thick strands. His mane is cut short, white to match the rest of his body. His frame is sturdy but not overly thick which leads down into powerful legs. His ankles each have talons on the back and his hooves are cloven. Extending from his forehead is a curved horn matching the pale color of his hooves.

He often wears a hooded cloak that hides the easily identifiable markings along his neck. The cloak is a dark blue, trimmed in brown with a tree insignia stretching up from it's base. Parts of it are torn and ragged but he refuses to replace it. A sickle hangs from the shoulder, a memento from his father. It was one of the sickles that his sire used to work the fields and means a great deal to Radames. Just behind it hang a few corked bottles, often filled with powder or other substances that would allow him a quick getaway if need be. He also has a medusa piercing that he takes out occasionally.


It would be easy to classify Radames as heartless or a villain considering his early life, though one would be entirely wrong. Even when Radames was a bandit and smuggler he still had morals. The family of bandits had raised him and given him a better life than he would have had if stayed with his biological family. He learned to be strong and how to survive from them and while some of them were not good men, they were his brothers. At his core, Radames is a bitter man with a large heart that he hides behind sarcasm and wit.

Though Radames is often seen with a scowl or a smirk across his face he can be quite charming when he wishes to be. Observing nobles taught him how to fit in among those of higher birth and he has often been mistaken for such. Despite his sometimes cold expressions, Ra is easily flustered and embarrassed in certain situations.

Most of Radames' personality is built around his core fundamental. Loyalty. He is fiercely loyal to those he considers his family or his betters. Leaving the bandits broke his heart because he cared for them but he could no longer follow their ideals. In that case, he was loyal to his own heart.


Radames was born into a poor family in the hold of Ambrosius. He had several siblings and within his first year it was obvious that his parents had too many mouths to feed. Radames was the second youngest but was the strongest of mind and body. His older sister was sickly and his older brother was timid. His youngest sister was too young and so when it came time to say goodbye to one of their children, Radames was chosen. At just a year and a half years ago, Radames was kicked out of his home. At the time he was scared and angry, feeling utterly betrayed by his family. Though as he would grow, Radames would learn that this was a necessary evil and would outgrow his feelings of hatred.

He was taken in by a band of traveling bandits and would form another familial connection. He learned from them, emulating them in both mannerisms and personality. Radames was a fully fledged bandit by his third year and was quickly rising up through the ranks. No longer a rookie he was incredibly skilled. His time observing the nobility that they often stole from granted him a secondary personality and he was able to pass for someone of high breeding when he needed to.

However, it would not last.

He was eventually caught smuggling illegal goods into Ambrosius. In chains he made his way to his sentencing, keeping his head low. Though a gasp from the crowd pulled his attention and he found himself face to face with his younger sister. With tears in her eyes she pushed her way through the crowd and begged that he not be exiled to the sands. Radames had accepted his fate but there was an inkling of hope growing within his heart. They deliberated and deliberated for what felt like hours until a knight stepped forth and unlocked his chains. He was free to go.

It was a changing point in his life and Radames abandoned the life of a bandit. Though it would always be a part of him he knew this was not the path he was meant to walk. He rushed from the hold, tears threatening to spill from his pale eyes. He began to do only what he had to, to survive as a nonpartisan and found himself a small puppy he named Blue. He now stole for honor and the greater good, though the occasional bauble did grab his attention. It was then that he found himself within the ranks of The Rangers, going by the code name "The Bandit."




Blue is Radames longest and most trusted friend. She was named for her glimmering blue eyes that were the first thing Ra noticed about her as a puppy. Three years ago, Ra heard of a commoner breeding dogs for fighting. Finding no honor in this, Radames set off to relieve him of his stock. When he arrived one of the females had just given birth to a litter of puppies. From the center of the pile, two bright blue eyes were staring at him. It was at that moment Radames knew while he would find suitable places for the others he would not be able to say goodbye to that little girl.

Blue is a generally happy go lucky lady and is more than content to lie around or play fetch depending on her master's mood. However she is very territorial of Ra and takes personal offense when others draw too near to him with few exceptions. Despite her lithe stature she is incredibly strong and knows how to throw her weight around when necessary.


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