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Rey Astoreth
(RAY | AS-tor-eth)
Rey is a unisex variant of Ray made popular by the Star Wars franchise. It coincides with an English word meaning "beam of light". Astoreth is derived from Ashtoret which is the Hebrew form of the name of a Phoenician goddess of love, war and fertility.

"I will finish what you started."

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Scent: sand, smoke, teakwood
Sexuality: Unknown at this time
Voice & Face Claim: Daisy Ridley

Emperor Hassan x Senator Leia Astoreth
Ren Astoreth & Rey Astoreth
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OOC & Character(s)


[ Black and Sooty Gold | Pale Blonde Hair | Gold Antlers | Violet Eyes ]

Rey is a rather plain looking girl at first glance; a second glance will tell you there is so much more to her than meets the eye. Rey is the smaller, younger twin to her brother Ren; she will always remain somewhat smaller - both in build and height - in comparison to her twin. She is leggy, yet light on her hooves; slender, yet strong. Her slender and feminine curves will prove to play tricks on the eyes, for Rey will always pack a far harder punch than most expect of her.

Yet Rey is the twin who takes most after her mother in almost all regards. She has the same pale blond locks, the same golden antlers, and the same sooty gold tinges to her coat. Her mane and tail are thick, heavy, and long; a soft creamy blonde in color, nearly white blonde. The locks hold a gentle wave to them and are easily maintained despite her traveling. A great golden rack of antlers crown's Rey's well-defined features and seem to glint in the light much like golden metal. Rey and Ren sport matching violet eyes and golden stripes littered across their bodies, but that is where the shared traits end. Rey's hooves are black and her legs lightly feathered. Her tail is leonine, yet boasts to be full of hair down the entire appendage.

Rey's darkest points are a deep black. Black creeps up her legs and face, blending into the sooty gold that runs along the top line of her back, shoulders, and rump - with the lightest points being upon her shoulders and rump. A delicate looking golden chain is wrapped around Rey's slender neck, bearing a similar pendant to the necklace that Ren wears. This necklace binds the twins together, allowing them to remain forever connected despite how far they may wander away from each other.


"Something in me has always been there...But now it's awake."

Generous | Passionate | Brash | Brave | Stubborn

Headstrong | Optimistic | Fierce | Temperamental | Aggressive

Rey is an interesting mix of both her parents, though it's quite clear from the day she was born that Rey favored Leia just a little bit more. The young maiden is generous with both her time and her goods to those less fortunate or in need, even if she does not have much to offer herself. The type of girl to give someone the clothing off her back without a word, Rey is altruistic to almost a ridiculous degree. She believes that there is a little bit of good in everyone - even those who do not see the light within themselves. Rey is a bit of an optimistic child, but a little bit of optimism never hurt anyone.

She is fiercely loyal to friends, family, and allies alike. Rey has a strong sense of loyalty to those she swears to protect or towards those she cares for deeply. She looks out for others who have won her allegiance despite their pasts, believing everyone is worth a second chance. Her loyalty and optimism mixed together faults Rey in many ways, for it leads Rey to trust easily and perhaps too often in her younger years. This is likely a trait that will be shaken off with age, but for now, Rey is easily influenced in some regards. Despite that, Rey is a stubborn and rather strong-willed creature who does not bend to the will of others. Her loyalty will forever remain strong to her family, regardless of their faults. This includes her twin, who is very much her opposite; Rey will always try to find the good in him, no matter what.

Despite her well-meaning attitude and generally kind demeanor, Rey can be rather aggressive and temperamental. Easy to fly off the handle, one would be quite surprised to find how much of a spitfire the antlered girl is. Rey never half-asses anything, giving her all to whatever has her focus.

For Rey, it is all or nothing.


Rey is born minutes after her twin brother, Ren, on a cool spring morning. The twins were the children of Emperor Hassan of Greeshma, ruler of a kingdom made of sand and red stone, and the second-in-command Leia Astoreth. They were not either parent's firstborn children; Hassan had several other children underfoot and their mother had previously birthed a son before them. Yet, they never wanted for love from their parents or the other equines that were in their herd. As the children of an Emperor, the twins were granted many freedoms and luxuries many went without. Rey often got into trouble while Ren struck out on his own. Both found their magic early, though they were different from one another. While Ren could weave fantastical dreams or one's worst nightmares, Rey was capable of making objects move. She could send anyone or anything sailing into the air, float weightlessly, and essentially lift a "force field" around herself to keep others away from her.

But over time, Leia grew restless. Once the twins were nearly a year old, their mother made the decision to return to her homeland. "I must finish what I started. See if there are any survivors," she had explained to her children and to their father. Hassan respected Leia's decision to leave, and she left the decision to stay or follow up to her children to decide. Rey opted to follow Leia to Tikva, wanting to learn about the land she had once called home - wanting to be part of the resistance her mother had once led. Ren stayed behind, leading to the first time the twins had ever been separated.

Yet the Resistance was in chaos when they had arrived. What had once been a thriving bastion of learning and markets was just a hollow shell of itself. Tikva was still in ruins from when Leia left, perhaps even worse off since the first war. A small group of rebels still fought against those that had risen from the ashes of the Doomsday. The word of their commander's return quickly spread, drawing the scattered remains of Leia's loyal followers back to her side. Yet when another battle came, even their renewed confidence wasn't enough. Too young to fight but too stubborn to listen, Rey snuck her way on to the battlefield and witnessed the methodical slaughter of the resistance fighters. She tried her best to help, but her own magic was too weak and too unpredictable. She found herself cornered by those who would kidnap her - led by a young stallion with the same violet eyes as their mother - and panicked. Her panic triggered a survivalist response out of her magic, blasting everyone away from her and raining chunks of rocks from above to deter anyone from following her. It bought her enough time to stumble away, desperate to find her mother.

But what Rey found instead was not the safety she longed for. She found Leia just in time to watch the matriarch fall bloodied and broken upon the battlefield. The rebels around her roared in rage, fueling their aggression to push the enemy back, but Rey didn't hear them. As she scrambled to Leia's side, all she could hear was her mother's labored breaths. Every exhale gurgled as blood trickled from Leia's mouth and nose, her wings broken and torn beyond repair. Rey could tell there was no hope for her mother, but she still cried for the help that would never come. The girl cradled her mother as best as she could, quietly sobbing as war raged on all around them. Despite her pain, love shone brightly in Leia's eyes as she whispered promises to Rey.

"I love you, my little star."

"Find your brother, tell him...I love him, too. Always did."

"You must leave. You're not safe here."

"Go now, Rey. Go! Run!"

"I'll always be with you...Always."

Leia's last words were garbled, almost lost as the dying mare tried to hang on for one more moment. Yet, as the life left the matching violet eyes, Rey knew. She didn't need to check. The light was gone. There was no way her mother could come back. Against her desire to stay there forever with her mother's broken body, Rey knew Leia had been right - she wasn't safe here. Not when it was clear the rebels would lose again, especially now that their leader had fallen. With tears streaming down her sooty face, the filly fled into the darkness. With no destination in mind, Rey ran and ran until she collapsed.

Gravity Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate gravity, a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other, and gravitons, hypothetical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravitation.

User can bend gravity to make the environment very “heavy” or “light”, cause objects to “fall” toward another object instead of the earth (“nexus inducing”), flatten objects, and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. They can repel and attract matter and energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis.

Offensive uses of this power include repulsing people or objects with such force to shatter practically anything, increasing gravity to crush or immobilize opponents, decreasing it to render them defenseless, or surrounding one's body in a gravitational field to amplify physical strength. Defensive uses include creating a gravitational force-field to repel all manner of attacks or anchoring oneself to the ground.

Apprentice: LOCKED
Her power is weak and temperamental, much like its master. It flares when Rey is in a volatile emotional state, usually triggered by fear or anger. She can "force push" another equine or an object away several feet away from herself or pull things towards her. She can make a target feel slow or sluggish as if their hooves are caught in mud. Using her arcana often can drain Rey rapidly, tiring her easily if she isn't mindful of her energy levels. Exhaustion - even fainting - is not uncommon when Rey overworks herself.

Rey no longer faints after using her arcana too much, but still feels exhausted afterward. Her force push abilities have grown, increasing the radius in which she can push objects or equines away. Her ability to make other creatures feel heavier has increased, though they not entirely immobilized. At this stage, she can also make another equine feel "light", as if gravity is not holding them down. Rey can now lift herself or another to hover several feet in the air; for herself, Rey uses this ability to "float" from Point A to Point B if the distance is short enough. It could be used defensively in a battle, allowing Rey to evade an attack with ease.

Master: LOCKED
Rey can hold herself aloft in the air unhindered, able to move at ease. Her force push and force pull radiuses have increased exponentially - she can now push or pull a target dozens of feet away or clear a sizeable chunk of space in a battlefield. Rey can now summon a force field around herself and up to two others in close proximity to her in protection from physical and magical attacks.

Virtuoso: LOCKED
Her power is unmatched and unhindered at this stage. Rey no longer feels her energy drain when she uses her arcana and can deftly wield it without breaking a sweat. She can force push objects hundreds of feet away from herself or others, pull objects within sight towards her, or clear a battlefield with ease. Her force field radius has also grown. Rey can now target this force field around others, no longer needing to be close by in order to protect others from harm.



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