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OOC & Character(s)


Rhyol is a tall mare, but far from fragile. Her body appearing muscular with a thicker, sturdy build almost like a light draft horse with gentle feathering adorning her hooves. A tail, leonine in appearance is just long enough to drag on the ground behind her. The hair that drapes from the end of such a tail as well as from her neck, lush waves like those from an old classical sculpture. Her body a glittering white hue with bits of grey naturally swirled in. A classical beauty, truly carved by a master artist for this is not a being of flesh and blood, no, she is made of marble!

Where a stone horn once stood proud upon her crown, it has long since been replaced with an eruption of crystals. Much of her mane has been broken off and replaced with crystals, same goes for half of the hair on her tail, once delicately carved hair, now sharp crystal. All the feathering on her legs have been replaced with crystal. All except the back left leg that is. Her front left leg, just above the knee, bears a large crack where the leg was once broken off and then repaired by herself. On her right side, a rather sizable hole remains, the geode like interior exposed to the world Sometimes sticks, leaves, and other nesting material can be see sticking out of the cavity.


This small creature resides in the statue's gash. His own body decorated in pale greens. He bears a long neck with feathers; a flat, snake like head with dual horns on the nose; where front legs would be, his arms stretch out into leathery wings bearing a spot like pattern; He has more membrane like stretched at the base of his tail just past his wings as well as on the end of his tail in a strange butterfly like shape. His body bears subtle striping on his neck and sides in a thick, leathery skin. Long, spindly hind legs end with tiny claws. His appearance, though strange, looks to be like that of some kind of small dragon or rather, wyvern.

This tiny being is just that, tiny. Should he be the size of an actual dragon, he would be quite a frightful sight, but he is no more than foot in length with his tail included.


Something about this not so little mare is just... off. That unsettling feeling from her presence could be written off quite easily should you only catch her in a passing glance, but that dead look in her stone eyes is something different. One could argue she has no soul and they'd probably be right. She is one of little knowledge and fewer words. Anything spoken to her will be greeted with short, simple answers. It's needless to say she doesn't understand the concept of jokes, even after all the time she spent with her friend the story teller.

Due to her lack of, not compassion, but own moral compass, Rhyol's stone heart is easily swayed by the whims of others, often going along with anything she is told to do, regardless of the consequences it may have on her own well being. You cannot tell her to physically harm herself, no, but that's not to say harm won't come to her and in all honesty, she'd prefer it. It quickly became apparent to her that where she is able to repair herself, those with fleshy bodies aren't so luck as to just pick themselves back up.

This is not to say that Rhyol is a mere punching bag. She is never really inclined to start fights, but should one strike her, it's as if a flip becomes switched in her once docile brain and she is thrown into a fit of rage against the aggressor. Not much will calm her in such a state, fighting until either she is too damaged to continue or the opponent in the same tattered conditions.


She was once nothing more than a chunk of stone, a piece of the earth and nothing more. That was until someone, an artist, decided she could be so much more than some chunk of stone. Over the course of weeks, pieces were carve away, slowly taking shape into something to bizarre and foreign to her own earth covered home. After much hard work, the artist stood back and claimed this chunk of earth as something divine, a true work of art. But to her, she was still nothing more than stone. From her 'birthplace' in the artist's studio, she was taken to a grand building by their standards, she just saw more stone stolen from the earth. Well, actually, she didn't see anything because she really was nothing more than stone. A statue to celebrate someone or perhaps something. And the building that stood around her marble form? A school of sorts, full of scholars young and old as they studied the magics of the world.

But those who studied were not the ones who fought, they sought knowledge unknown and unconquered. Not everyone shared in their innocent pursuit however and wanted the power to far more sinister reasons. And why should they spend the time and effort of gaining it themselves when they can steal it from those tucked away in a study? The great magistrate was aware of the danger they would face upon having so many magically inclined in one place and had set forth many precautions. Time and again, the wards and magic held true, protecting them from aggressors.

Outside were large stone statues, giants to the mortals, their stone bodies littered with scars of many battles fought, but they were not living things. They were puppets controlled by the Magistrate to fight on their behalf. The protectors that kept anyone unwelcome from stepping foot inside their home.

Centuries passed, several Magistrates took their place as head, only to be replaced upon their death. But one statue stood unscathed by time as it stood tall in the center of a large room, just behind the front door. A solemn expression, rather unremarkable in features. She stood in watch over the scholars, a tribute to who they called the mother of magic. And as long as she stood, so too would this sanctuary for magicians. The one thing no one was prepared for was a betrayed from one of their own. A power hungry youth who took and took, destroying all that was around on his path to rule with a power unbeatable. A power he would steal from the very walls that was once his home.

For the first time since her creation, the marble being who stood tall and unfaltering would move. Pulling herself from her stone pedestal, she turned and looked at both her 'puppeteer' and the traitor. Something was wrong though, different that the other stone warriors. This 'Mother of Magic' had something inside of her that not even the artist who carved her knew of. Inside, a small crystal growth as formed, only a shard in the beginning, but it absorbed the magic around it and grew, getting bigger and stronger right under everyone's noses and when the life spell collided directly with it, something strange and new was born. This was no colossal puppet, it was a living, breathing being. Well, not breathing, but it was alive with a conscience and will of it's own.

One muscular stone being stood over two more frailer, magic wielding beings, both terrified of what they'd just awoken. The Magistrate both in awe of the creation and afraid of what it was capable of was stuck frozen in place. The traitor however turned his rage on the new creation. Destructive magic crashed against her and the previously confused and docile being was thrust into a fit of rage at the assault. Attacking with brute strength, she lunged at him, crystals erupting up from the ground as she slammed her hooves down trying to crush the much smaller male. Sharp edges ripped at his skin, marks sure to one day scar if he lived long enough that is. He faltered back from her, desperate to get a distance from the unhinged stone beast. He was scared and desperate to destroy her, hitting her with any spell and magic he could think of. She leapt after him again, the blade like horn slashing down at him. The two traded blows back and forth like a tennis match. It was a blur, the stone mare colliding with anything and everything in her pursuit of his death.

The once grand and pristine room lay in shambles in her wake, the two standing on either side. One heaving and tired from the fight, the other hardly scathed. She reared before charging towards him, intent on finishing him off. In a panic, he set off an explosion of pure energy, his own fear and stolen magic becoming too entwined in him, the instability leading to fatal consequences. Much of the building was torn apart in the blast, rubble crashing down upon them, crushing the two remaining fleshy equines and burying the stone one. Large chunks of stone forced her to the ground, one breaking open the right side of her, revealing the brilliantly colored crystals inside; another shattering the horn that adorned her crown.

With her assailant destroyed, a calm washed over her, like a blank slate. Slowly, she rose from the rubble, her gaze shifting around at the mess. The Magistrate's tower was one of the more intact sections of the building. Her stone gaze remained fixated on it for a time before turning back to the two stone statues that now lay in fractured on the ground, their years of damage and abuse making them fragile. Choosing one of the two more intact pedestals, she climbed up on top and just... stood there. For two months, it appeared as though she'd returned to her state as a stone statue, the same pose and all, something familiar to her. Crystals slowly grew from the break on her head, shaping into a new horn for her. Birds and other things perched on her for a break from their travels and still she stood, unwavered.

That is until one little creature in particular decided to NOT move on. The little creature with small feathers on it's neck, it's body covered in tiny scales and it's wings leathery. It decided that she, surrounded by destruction, was the perfect home. It slowly started to collect nesting and built himself a home in the cracked gash in her side. Another month came and went and he showed no signs on passing on, he was dead set on living there in her cavern. He began to imprint some of his own personality into the mare, weather it be by his mere constant presence or the absorption of the crystals vying for more than just magic was unknown.

His influence drove her from the familiar stand, stepping back down to the world and beginning to walk, curiously looking around at the world she once ignored. She wandered, aimless. Perhaps it was just them in the world, it was for all she knew. They never came across another equine besides the one's she killed. One on purpose, the other an accident, neither bearing any weight on her conscience. Perhaps if she just walked a little further. At least that's what the small creature chirped at her. Further, further. Why did he want to go further? She didn't know why she understood the small creature, in her ears it sounded like nothing more than bizarre chirps, but she knew what it meant in her head for reasons unknown to her. Granted, most things were unknown to the colossus.

But on she went, a slow, steady pace. No destination, just a journey. There is a word for it she would later learn. To coddiwomple. Yes, such a funny sounding word, but it was perfect. To travel with a purpose with no destination. However, she would not find what she was unknowingly looking for, it would find her. Among her journey, a tiny stallion came running towards her. Frankly, his sheer small size was baffling and she could do nothing but stop and look down at him as he ran past. He was being followed close behind by two larger equines dead set on catching him. Based on the short length of his legs, it wouldn't take them long. Turning, she began to follow. Not even she knows why she did it, but it was the start of a something completely new. Are giant like her made of stone, she had no trouble disposing of the aggressors, though she did kill these angry youngsters due to her new friend's protests. He was so small, he stood underneath her colossal frame with ease.

She saw him as a curious specimen, he saw her as his knight in shining marble. Once together, it was like they'd never not been a pair. He prattled on for hours, telling stories both his own and ones of fantasy and beasts. She, one of few words walked in silence, listening and learning. It was he would even gave her the name she now calls herself. Rhyol. For years, they walked the land, seeing the wonders, the small Bim getting into trouble and Rhyol fixing said problems. He even gave their little green mascot a name. Called him Pea and boy did he hate that name. While the breathing Bim couldn't understand it, she could and he protested the name every time. He squawk about being a dragon, but Bim said he was nothing more than a fake dragon which only made the flying creature angrier, but he never did leave. The trio left a trail of strange chaos in their wake and would continue on their shenanigans for years.

The more fragile pieces of her would sometimes break off in scuffles like her mane, her tail, at one time she even lost her leg. But she is no being of flesh and blood and could mend herself though not completely good as new. But, all things must come to an end. Bim fell in love with more than stories and adventures, he fell in love with a mare of flesh and blood. How could Rhyol compete with that? She didn't know how to prevent him from leaving and Bim tried to convince her not to go, but wait place did a broken statue have in the middle of lovers? And so, in a much heavier sense of Deja Vu, she left. Once again a whisper on the wind. Another phrase she learned from her small friend, not that is made much sense. She was stone and a whisper weighed nothing.

Crystalline Growth


Apprentice: At this point, she is able to manipulate and grow the crystals that adorn the inside of her marble shell. While it takes much time, she can use this growth to help reattach broken parts of herself. Growing such crystals can take up to an hour to fully complete.

Adept: She is able to manipulate her own crystals at a much faster rate, moving them inside of herself to cluster in areas as a soft of internal shield against breakage. She cannot grow the crystals on a whim though and so by gathering the hard gems in one spot, the rest of her becomes more fragile and brittle as it becomes thinner in comparison. Growing crystals to fully repair broken pieces may only take a few minutes depending on the size of the damage.

Master: Her ability to manipulate and grow the crystals has become both faster and more controlled. Chunks of missing stone from her can be replaced by the crystal that grows inside. It can even replace limbs that have been severed. It can be permanent, but the crystal that replaces her stone body is more fragile and prone to shattering. She has also come to realize that she can grow crystals onto other things both living and not, but only through touch and once she is no longer touching the item, the growth stops. This is weak though and is easy knocked free without damage to the host.

Virtuoso: There are no limits to what she can do with the crystals that reside in her Geode like body. She can bear crystalline growth over top of her stone body as a sort of armor or even as spikes just like how she fixed the once shattered stone horn on her head. As long as she is in contact with something or someone, she can embed the very being with her crystal, becoming a part of them until broken off though at their own physical expense. For example if she sprouted a chunk of crystal onto someone it can no longer merely be brushed off, it will remain ingrained into the skin it touched until removed by force.