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Arcann sul’Vridel
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Arcann sul'Vridel
because we are nothing - an old man’s battle fodder, sent to die while our homes are bound and shackled,

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(Brian Hanford as V from DMC5)

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Arcann is a blend of bloodlines that lends to his solid build. He is well muscled both from lineage and a strenuous life, and holds himself in an almost proud manner. He’s gray in color, with areas along his legs, hips, and face darkening to a near-black with an almost violet hue. Places along his jawline and ribs lighten up quite a bit giving him a varying degree of shades. Across his chest, forearms, and back thighs are faint stripes that eventually fade into his natural darkening. A few areas along Arcann’s body are traced in an almost pale blue. For every wound severe enough to scar whatever faint hairs grow back take on an icy hue instead. It’s most notable upon his left side where three jagged, pointed lines cross his eye.

What is quick to catch attention is often the strong, muscled wings he possesses. Soft and velvety to the touch, they are large appendages with lengthy, bony fingers that stretch out to a great size when in flight. In some areas the skin is torn - damaged too severely to be mended but far from hindering his flight.

Another aspect that seems to stand out is his long, whip-like tail. It takes place of a more traditional equine sort. He still retains a proper mane, which is a soft silver in color and quite extensive in length when not styled or tucked into a loose braid.

A pale blue cloak is often work across his back, clipped together at his left side with a moon and star broach. The pin is made of a heavy obsidian and well crafted. Looped into the broach is a thick black cord that loops under his wing. During more formal events in his homeland it was customary for him to have a lantern hanging below his wing. This lantern was often imbued with a soft magic that would leave it glowing a whispy blue.


Carved and molded to be an ideal, Arcann has an often stone-faced exterior. He comes across as serious in nature with an almost critical eye to those around him. He observes his surroundings quietly. What most don't know is these are traits forced upon him in near cruel ways. All Arcann has ever known is how to be the sharp tongued figurehead for those in power. While he's not outright cold upon first meetings – unless it's warranted – he tends to be more direct, and blunt in his speech.

He doesn't share much about himself and is cautious when questioned too deeply. Overall Arcann's exterior persona is something so ingrained by conditioning that he's no longer certain where the fake ends and he begins. As a result he's embraced that many of these qualities and habits are apart of who he is.

In rare moments or when he finds himself warming to someone smirks, or quiet witty remarks are occasionally given. He does take humour in things despite not often showing it. In time this might change as he begins to come into his own. Eventually he'll begin to discover who he is without a looming threat constantly at him. In quiet moments to himself Arcann is something of a bookworm. He could often be found in his homelands vast libraries reciting pages from thick tomes.

While it's still rare Arcann treasures his relationships. Again this isn't something that happens often as he keeps the majority of his interactions to a cold kind of shallow. It baffles him that others might wish to genuinely spend time with him, and it's something he holds close. There is still a sense of self-doubt, and almost awkward uncertainty but he would go to vast lengths for those who stick by his side.


Arcann of Vridel
He was a twin – he understands this much. He is also well aware that the circumstances surrounding his birth meant his life had been forfeit at conception. His mother was a temple maid and his father a labour slave. Their union was forbidden, and by law should have led to all their deaths. Had a member of The Circle – the governing force of his homeland – not taken an interest in the unborn children, Arcann would have never drawn his first breath.

Vridel was vicious, known for his greed, and was perhaps the most influential member of The Circle. What he'd sensed in the unborn foals was magic. It had been enough for him to spare their lives. Come their birth, however, only Arcann possessed the abilities Vridel wanted. He was taken from his blood relatives before he had a chance to know them. What happened to them afterwards is entirely unknown to him.

His upbringing was a strict one. His thoughts were never his own and he belonged fully to Vridel. At times some of these lessons were so cruelly inflicted that his very life was put on the line.

But he endured.

Arcann became the very thing Vridel wanted him to be. The loyal lapdog, the bodyguard, the executioner – he was associated with The Circle and carried out whatever was asked of him without a second thought. He spent years this way, remaining close to his master and being the watchful eye. His loyalty to Vridel was unshakable and he dared not think otherwise.

Not until he was tasked with keeping an eye upon the newest of Vridel's brides. She was a strange one, brought in from the deep country with mannerisms that didn't suit a near royal lifestyle. Above all else she possessed a kind of magic he had never encountered before. With an ability to warp reality it was no wonder Vridel – in his endless greed – had sought to possess this mare as well. However she would not be tamed in the way he wished.

She escaped. Arcann followed.

Lirit – as he eventually learned was her name – was spirited. For weeks he remained upon her trail, often being left with her laughing at him tauntingly. In the end the pair settled far from their homelands in a place riddled with other magics. It was strange to see this outside world. Strange to no longer be so attached to Vridel. This taste of freedom and the acquaintances he met along the way left him wondering if this was perhaps the life he could have outside of his servitude.

Months passed this way before he gave in. He returned to his Masters side. He wasn't welcomed with open arms but instead was rewarded with cruelty and solitude. Stripped, beaten, and left in the dungeons. At times Vridel would visit him – coo at how despite having tasted freedom Arcann still belonged to him. There was no escaping this truth.

In time his failure was forgiven. He pushed to prove his loyalties remained. Despite this loss some part of Vridel must have been pleased by Arcann's unquestioning obedience.

He remained his Masters right hand and fell back into obeying The Circle. However in the back of his mind questioning that hadn't been there before blossomed. Some part of Arcann craved freedom once again. So it was a surprise when he was given a task that lay far outside the reaches of their homeland.

He was to find, and return with the head of a certain mare. What her crimes were, or why she was wanted dead was left out. All Arcann knew was that Vridel had acquired something of great value for this task to be completed. It was made clear this time that failure would not be tolerated. Though it had been forgiven once, it would not be forgiven again.

However before he had the chance to set out properly he was set on by an eerie fog. Having been attending one of the many lavious balls held by The Cricle, he was momentarily tasked with keeping an eye upon yet another of Vridel’s brides. This time he had merely trailed after her through the gardens when he was whisked away by some unknown force.

Time Manipulation


TIME MANIPULATION. The acceleration, slowing, looping, and even momentarily putting a halt to time have all been within Arcann's grasp. While many of his abilities currently lie dormant he hasn't forgotten the familiar touch of arcana. There is a soft thrum of magic that pulses through when he draws upon it. Often while time around him will shift Arcann will remain the same. This allows him to have a conscious understanding of the shift. He has not attempted to turn time back, and finds himself unlikely to be able to do such a thing. His abilities are more based upon the present.

Apprentice | At this time he is only able to accelerate or slow time for a brief moment. It would be enough to give him just a few short minutes in which he can move about freely while time around him is effected. This doesn't last for long – a handful of seconds is common, and a few minutes at most should he concentrate.

Adept | A few seconds has risen to a well deserved few minutes in which he finds it far easier to focus his arcana. At this point Arcann can slow down time to a near halt – not entirely stopping it, but slowing it just to the brink. While this still requites immense concentration it's become far less taxing with more of a reward.

Master | The length in which he can extend his abilities is now based upon his energy. Should he be able to maintain his time manipulation the duration of this – whether it's acceleration, slowing, or stopping time entirely – depends upon his own reserves. If he should be wounded or riddled with exhaustion he may only be able to cause a shift for a few short moments.

Virtuoso | Far less taxing upon his energy, Arcann can maintain a shift for a far longer period of time before feeling effected. He is also now able to loop extended periods of time and trap someone – or someplace – in a repetition of an event or moment.


MAKADE. A female long-crested eagle. Arcann’s dark feathered companion. She is rarely far from her bonded and has served as his second set of eyes for quite some time now. She was extremely young when she was presented to him, and can often be found either perched nearby or seated near one of his wings. She’s fairly typical for a Long-Crested Eagle, average in size and coloring. She is on the darker side, with the majority of her feathers being a dark brown-black. Along her wings a few of her flight feathers take on a more cream shade. Lastly her eyes are a sharp amber in color.


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