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To and fro the pendulum throws,
I'm in the fire but I'm still cold

Sire: Evandr
Dam: Aishe

Siblings: None

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OOC & Character(s)


Bearing more of his mother in coloration and structure, aside from his height and striking blues eyes. Karth will grow to be a tall, lanky young colt that looks far more unsteady than he is. Slim and fit for the sands around him, there is little to show his sire had been the hefty draft he is; save for the slight curve to his nose and the bone spurs that grow along his shoulders.

A grullo base is blotched with chocolate brown. Hints of reddish undertone shimmer on the rare occasion that he is somewhat clean and dust-free. A white half-blaze stops just where the colorful crystal horn begins under his eyes. A single white sock marks his hind right leg, capped with a pale hoof by comparison to the others. Like his mother, Karth boasts primitive markings along his legs, shoulders and a dark dorsal stripe. His horn is of two colors; a distinct deep purple topped with bright azure. It remains small, for if it grew it would easily break or shatter.

Upon his birth, Karth is a sickly foal. Weak, constantly tired, his body will appear to be fragile. Due to this, he lost hearing in his left ear not long after birth.


**Karth is a newborn, therefore his personality is not set in stone. it is apt to change over the course of time**

Curious & Wide-eyed & Carefree & Inquisitive & Quiet

The colt of the wastes is the kind to lay in the sands and gaze up at the sky wondering what gazed back. The endless sea of sand is the only ocean he will know, and what lies beyond tantalizes him. He is imaginative and desperately wants to understand the world. He feels a deep connection to the wastes, almost like it can 'sing' to him, as he would tell you.

Karth isn't fond of being presented in front of people he does not know. His mother, in particular, is the safest thing he knows, and as such will cling to her when in the presence of strangers.


--to be born 1/4/19



Born barren




Chibi by Sketchybum-tay
Og ref: Purrsain
Headshot: Purrain
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