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"In this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of is me"

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A woman of many forms, it seems as though she has reverted to the body in which she was born; simple black hide covers a frame of lightly built Andalusian and Arabian, marked only by the faint tint of dark green and pitch along her underbelly. Hooves of delicate obsidian carry her with dignity and dangerous poise, while locks of dark, inky hair fall in tresses from her neck and hindquarters. On the bridge of her nose rests two black horns that rise in a gentle curve back toward her ears. While they are beautiful, they are just as equally deadly. One will note that the sun seemingly cannot touch these two protrusions, as they seem to devoid of the ability to reflect light in the slightest.

The only points of distinct color that Lilith wears is that of her glowing eyes, the rose tucked under her ear, and the silver rosary-like beads that cross her fore-head, hang from the potent flower, and wrap themselves around her two front legs. Her eyes, though like her body have changed from vessel to vessel,, retain an eerie crimson in color and emit soft light that often defines the outline of long eyelashes and her finely chiseled cheek. On the inside of her mouth, nestled in spotted pink gums lay sharpened teeth.


Cunning & Determined & Patient & Arrogant & Romantic & Sensual & Volatile & Unbreakable

These are just the tip of what the creature Lilith is.

Perhaps above all else, patience is the one trait that stands out the most. She is able and even willing to wait a great deal of time, until the perfect moment, to enact. Many have considered her inaction as complacency, perhaps even seeing her as loosing the touch that one made her such a feared force. But know this, Lilith does everything with a purpose. From the tiniest, minuscule tasks to the grandiose toppling of nations, the Witch planned it all. Her foresight is almost perfect, even with out the magic once used to aide in her en-devours. Call it a sixth sense, or acute instinct if you will.

Anger boils in her veins, and the woman has a temper out of legend itself. While not easily pushed to such an explosive display of said emotion, Lilith is a slow burn. When the fuse runs out, no one is safe. She is a witch at heart, serving the devout shadows of old, chaos in it's most raw form and state. Pressing these matters upon her daughters was the first and foremost of her plan in motherhood--though much of this was only pressed upon one. Even her children were not spared from such outbursts from time to time.

Cocky, she holds herself above everything and everyone. Even in her weakened state in these lands, Lilith has seen too much to give a single fuck about the state or worries of others.

Lilith is not above using one's temptations against them. Like a true silver-tonged snake, she often looks to gain information and then twists it to make others bend to her will. She does not help someone with out wanting something in return, and there will always be a catch.


"I am nothing but a ghost story for your children, the whisper on the winds on a cold and dark night. What I was does not matter, nor does my origin. I am The Shadow's Bride, the Avatar of a forgotten god bound on vengeance for a love long lost. You cannot defeat something that cannot die; for one body perishes and another rises. A long line of my blood exists, and a host has been born suitable.

I am the starless night, the new moon. I am the antithesis to the sun's warm rays. Where I live it is cold and unfeeling; a void where life is absent. And in this whole wide world, the only thing you ever need to fear is me" ---Lilith


Her story is one that is far too long to tell in it fullest, not to mention there are countless versions of what had happened knowing the truth is all but null.

There are some out there who claim Lilith had never been a woman at all, and that she simply existed. Others claim to know the exact place she was born and fear to tread anywhere near it. And yet others still had spoken lies concerning her connection to the arcane and the darkness; an abomination of two worlds in some unholy matrimony few could ever comprehend. Superstitious fools, they all were.

But what I do know about my mother is that she is ancient. Not her physical body, but the spirit dwelling within predates most of what I know. She told me once as a child about her life before, and I can give you enough to let you be wary. But even she has colored the stories in different light, and I often wonder if time has distorted the truth as well.

Once Lilith was a woman, considered beautiful by many in a land that no one now could remember. The world was young then, as was she. She had fallen in love once and that love turned sour upon her tongue. For the young girl had a brother; so enraptured by her beauty was he that the man slaughtered her love in lust. And yet, another telling is that Lilith and her brother were in love, and it was the unnamed suitor who had come and cut her brother down. Regardless of the version, Lilith lost much that day and she was never the same. In her blind rage and heart-brokenness, she called out to anything that would listen. Vengeance answered in a whisper and the creeping of a shadow along the ground.

A demon had found her, and what magical prowess she originally possessed increased. Now, there are times I have to question where my mother ends and her god begins. The two have been bonded for eras countless, and I fear they are inseparable.

-- an excerpt from a letter written by Sloan



Umbrakenetic: this is the core Lilith's magic, her 'signature' if you will. Umbrakensis is best explained as the manipulation of shadows and darkness--those who wield this ability can cause the dark to take solid form, to disappear and become one with it, to blind others, to latch on to objects; the only limit is their imagination. Since arriving in the world of Fim, her abilities have waned--as they had been doing so upon the arrival of her firstborn granddaughter whom siphons her 'force' from the matriarch.

Tier 1: In the begining, as it is common with all shadow-benders, she can barely make them cover her body. They appear like tendrils along her skin, and Lilith cannot hold their control for long periods of time. In this stage, she is likely to use it as a stealth mechanism rather than a weapon.

Tier 2: After a time, she can begin to weaponize the dark. Soon the tendrils form shapes and listen to her commands with little kick-back. She now can grasp objects and move objects with them. In the dark she becomes invisible. Weaponizing the dark often leaves her exhausted for days after.

Tier 3: Complete mastery; Lilith has reached almost limitless possibilities with her shadow-connection. From forming wings to carry her in flight to crushing bodies between two solid blocks of dark shapes to stitching wounds--she is a force to be reckoned with, and never crossed.

Tier 4: Lord help you all if this ever happens. In this stage, Lilith has become 'one' with her dark god The Shadow and it becomes unclear where 'lilith' ends and "the shadow' begins. Reaching near god-like levels of control and power, Lilith can physically become the dark and travel across long distances within this form. No longer does she tire from the use of magic, and she draws energy from the lack of light. In this stage, she can absorb the light from rooms and areas to conceal it within her horns.



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