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Maji - Water (Swahili)

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While in land form the only thing note-worthy about the boy are his markings. Splattered among the black base are yellow patches surrounded by white. All the markings are the same in color with the exception of the patch on his face which is a darker yellow, almost orange. The boy's eyes are a pale, pupil-less yellow. His mane and tail are a bright white and are average in length. As for Maji's Hippocampus form it is the same color scheme with only a few variations in the markings. The most notable difference is the disappearance his hind legs and his tail. Replacing them is a long tail that resembles a serpents. There is a dorsal fin with a long tip and a smaller pelvic fin and anal fin. At the end of the tail is a small caudal fin. With this transformation the boy gains gills along his neck. He mostly resembles a Moorish Idol in both land and sea forms. While his coloring is vibrant and colorful his body is sickly. He's just above being skin and bones, he's constantly weak, and breathing has always been difficult for him. He exhausts much faster than someone of his age should.


Maji isn't the most social of creatures. He would much rather prefer to adventure on his own than have someone accompany him. This is mainly due to all the questions he has had to endure that he really doesn't have answers to. So for the most part he keeps to himself. When he does have to speak with someone he is very polite but reserved. He tends to have an issue with authority figures and tries to avoid them whenever possible. If he does have to interact with them he tries to remain respectful but it never lasts very long. Despite all of this he can be very gentle, especially with children. He has a soft spot for them and their innocence. He has trouble connecting and will much rather give up and walk away before allowing anyone to get to know him. Even with his body being so weak he doesn't know when to give up and constantly pushes himself to the breaking point.


Maji was born to and raised by a father who didn't much care for him due to the fact that he had just been dropped on the stallion's "doorstep" with no explanation from his mother. He doesn't know much about the mare that gave birth to him except that she somehow made her way into the king's inner-circle. She became so close to him that they ended up together one night and then she vanished until the colt was born. According to what those in the kingdom, the ones that would actually speak to him, he got his strange markings from his mother. No one knew anything else about her so he has no reason to know about his Hippocampus side. The healer in the kingdom had no clue as to why Maji was so sickly all the time but no one really cared to look any deeper. The oddly colored bastard of the king was left to his own devices unless someone, mainly his half-brother's, needed a punching bag. Their father did nothing to stop it and more than once he even encouraged it. Same with the other higher-ups of the herd. So the boy spent most of his time hiding and hoping that no one would find him. After being used as a training tool that left him more bloody than normal Maji had had enough. He left the kingdom without speaking with anyone and hasn't looked back since.




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