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A rich orange color mixed with dark reds, oranges, and yellow depending on how the light catches her form. Spanning her front legs, each of her fins, as well as a patch on her side, her face and her chest are a bright ivory color. There are a few odd scales here and there out of place in the same what hue. But unlike those on land and those of the mammalian persuasion, she is covered in scales. A larger set of eyes sit neatly in her face making her look younger than she is, though it matches her personality in it's childish charm.

Replacing hind legs are a lush set of fins, useless for land, but essential for underwater living. Her body ends where a long, elegant tail sways behind her. Where ears should be perches upon her head, additional fins sprout, the membrane reaching down the side of her head. stretching in pairs of threes are long gill slits along each side of her neck as well as along her sides just behind her front legs.

Unlike other hippocampi, the goldfish never quite learned how to morph into a form suitable for land and thus is forced into a life under the water.



Poppy still remains fish like in her appearance for the most part, her body covered in reflective scales, fins sprouting in place of ears, the fun that once stretched down her spine has become shorter and now begins halfway down her neck and ceases where her tail begins. Her long, elegant tail still remains, dragging on the ground behind her and likely to trip her up should she accidentally step on in her usual excitement. Despite it's delicate appearance, it is not so easily for or ripped. If it were, she would likely half no tail left by now. In place of her hind fins, she now bears hind legs of her very own. The funds morphing into something far more suited to land, they still carry the splotches of orange through the ivory white in the same place and pattern as her fins once did. Perhaps the most important though, her gills. Remnants of her gills are still visible, bare of any scales almost like faded scars. They did however close up in favor of a more mammalian breathing process.

Her body type is similar to that of a Welsh Cob.


Much like her coloring, Poppy is a very bright and cheerful individual. She chooses to see the light and good in others even if it might be buried kinda deep. But the best treasures are often buried the deepest, she often says! This leaves her vulnerable to deception though and it isn't unheard of for her to be taken advantage of.

She is far from shy and is often described as puppy like by her peers. Poppy seeks out company frequently, even among complete strangers. After all, strangers are just friends she hasn't met yet! And she is determined to make it so as well, prone to following and constant attention towards those she wishes to befriend, despite their own protests against it.

Her brain however likes to fault her on a regular basis. Her memories a fleeting presence, she struggles to retain information, often mistaking one person for another, confusing information, everything mixed in fragmented scenes and voices. She may try to continue conversations with people she doesn't know for the sheer fact she cannot recall who she had previously spoken with or if this new being is in fact a stranger or someone who just slipped the grasp of her mind. It is not a hopeless endeavor though. Information may have to repeated to her, but with patience, information will stick and become clear to her, like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.


The land she reins from was a vast lake, the water clear and lush with life. They were a prosperous kingdom beneath the water for who would fight over territory with those who held no land? Her family were ranked above commoners, noble in their profession alone, but Rick in their values. Her parents held family above all else and spent most of their time and attention raising their two children. The first, a nearly pure white son with a small spot of Orange atop his head, but he was a frail fish. He was weak in body, often falling ill and spent his young life forced to stay among the reef like terrain, sheltered with no one but his parents as he eventually withered and died. At only a year old, they were distraught at the loss and for a time, secluded themselves from the King, unable to perform their duties in the wave of grief that washed over them.

While they would never truly let go the pain of losing their son, the pair were desperate for a child to raise and were blessed with a second child. She was smaller than expected and many feared she would share the same fate as the son, but despite her smaller size, young Poppy was strong and thrived. Despite the clean bill of health, her parents fear held a tight grip on them and a close eye was kept on her, where she could go was restricted, what she could do, who she could talk to. Sheltered and naive, Poppy wasn't even taught take the form of a land equine, essential to her family of diplomats. Confined to the water, Poppy quickly became restless, often sneaking out to explore, her curiosity a driving force.

But not all was normal in the small female. She struggled with simple tasks, forgetting most everything she was told. Even the name of the King was lost on her for some time. Because of this faulty mind, her parents feared of what someone might do to her. She trusted all and surely a corrupt mind would use and abuse, instilling lie in her, leaving Poppy none the wiser.

Poppy never grew to the same size as her family, but despite the small size, she grew well into her fine, a beautiful sight to behold and had her fair share of suitors. But, to the disappointment to many, her parents never allowed her to marry. She was destined a sheltered life with her aging parents, doomed to remained reliant on them for all her life, but history would not allow it so.

During late summer, Poppy had escaped the comfort of her home as she often did, venturing beyond the reef of the nobles and out further beyond. The further she went, the shallower the water became. Poppy couldn't recall ever venturing this far, but perhaps something worth while would be just a little farther and thus she continued on until she could swim no farther, emerging from the water for the first time. Her head rose as the air stung her gills, but the world around her was fascinating and we could not retreat, not yet. The trees and birds, such strange foreign beings! The sky stretched grey and smell of water filled the air, but not like the smell of the lake, no, this was a bizarre new smell. Above her the sky stretched a dark grey, a bad omen to those of the surface, but to her, nothing more than a curious choice of color. With her side gills will submerged, she was able to breathe, though a bit more difficult and thus she remained there, slowly taking in the scene. First, one drop of water tapped her nose, then another and rather quickly, a few drops of rain turned into a violent down pour. Confused, but unaware of the danger, she remained. Even when she retreated back to the water, she remained close to the shore and the surface. The lake and the sky rerouted into a violent storm and naive Poppy had gotten herself caught in the middle of it. Water be game to toss and turn on the surface, thrashing her about despite her protests otherwise. The once clear water became murky as her world became disturbed, sand and dirt churned around her and she became turned around, lost. Unknowing to her, Poppy would never return home after this day.



She suffers from some Short Term Memory Loss. She speaks German!