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The horrific mangle of burn scars that occupy Ruvik’s right side are easily one of the first things anyone would notice about him. Much of his flesh is a charred mess - the scars pink and fresh appearing still. Under a firm scowl and grueling reminders of torture and pain he may have once had a handsome face. Now his upper lip is torn into in a deep wound and his entire cheek is consumed by a scar that licks up just under his eye. The scarring continues downwards in patches across the length of his neck and shoulders. The underside of his stomach was mostly kept from this tattered fate but his hip and right leg are again littered with burn scars of varying degrees.

His left side, however, gives a glimpse at what he once looked like. While he does have some light scarring here as well it has been otherwise spared. His coat is a rich brown in color with darkening points at his face, ears, and legs. Most of his midsection is covered in light dappling that gradually becomes heavier towards his rump. At the base of his tail there’s a few faded shades of blue mixed within his dappling but the area is very slight and covered by a small splash of off-white. Across the entirety of his body is a spattering of white flecks that leave him with an almost starry appearance. To accompany this look are twists of lighter shades of brown across his midsection.

Upon his face are sharp, jagged, C-like marking tracing the curves of his eyes in a soft cream. This same color follows the lined ticks that mark just behind his lip line. These markings are minimal at best but they stand out against the dark brown of his face. His eyes follow through with a sharp, silver-white color and a pupil that seems barely noticeable amongst the pale colors.

Where Ruvik might have once had lengthy, long hair it has since been singed away and left to regrow in messy, uneven patches. The creamy, almost translucent hair fell victim to the same flames that scorched his side. While some of it has grown back - most notably his forelock - other parts down towards his shoulder have remained short, and coarse to the touch.


Decisive . Resourceful . Stoic . Aggressive . Cold . Destructive . Erratic . Sadistic . Obsessive
Ruvik is a broken, vicious mess. There is a severe lack of empathy shown in many of his actions. He looks after himself and could care little for the lives he’s ruined - or taken - to achieve this. He has survived torture in magnitudes and has come out with a questionable sanity. He hasn’t lost himself completely but there is something feral and unhinged in many of his actions and mannerisms. He finds himself often entirely blind to the pleas of others, and even takes joy in watching any suffering around him unfold.

There is a heavily ingrained fight response within him, for much of his life it was the only way he could survive. No longer having a constant threat looming over him has done little to calm him into a sense of normality. It takes a vast amount of effort on his behalf to keep his violent tendencies at bay. He has been able to manage - somewhat - as of late, but it’s often only a matter of time before he snaps. Ruvik is a monster born and created by the circumstances of his life, and he has long since learned to embrace this.

He’s cautious when meeting anyone. In his mind there is always a chance that they’re an enemy - that he hasn’t truly escaped the hellish pits. As a result he treats everyone with a coldly, assesses them carefully, and often even goes so far as to keep them far away. Adjusting to a life where he no longer has to look over his shoulder has been difficult.



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