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Henrik Lakatos
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Henrik Lakatos
(HEN-reek | laka-tos)
Henrik is the Hungariam form of the Germanic name Heimirich which meant "home ruler". Lakatos means "locksmith" in Hungarian, often seen as an occupational surname. Henrik often goes by the nickname "The Historian" when being a sneaky sneak or when he doesn't want someone to know his true name.

Also Known As: "The Historian", Sentinel of The Rangers, Son of The Forgotten.

"It is important to draw wisdom from many different places."

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Scent: leather, autumn, morning dew
Sexuality: Bisexual
Voice Claim: Tom Hiddleston

Edvin Lakatos x Anasztázia
Henrik Lakatos
no offspring

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[ Deep Liver Chestnut | Messy braids | Heavily Dappled | Golden Eyes | Sabino w/ Freckles | Ram-like Horns ]

Henrik is a deep, red-copper chestnut with dark auburn locks. He is kissed with lighter liver chestnut points along his body. Spackled in blotches of white along his face, legs, chest, and torso, the last third of his mane is white due to the white blotch that slashes across his neck and withers. White runs along his jowls and cheeks; meeting the white that colors his muzzle at his chin. Sepia colored horns curl from his forehead in a similar fashion to those of a ram. HIs hooves, which are chipped and weathered due to his constant traveling, are also a sepia brown to match his horns. Dappling also appears his throat, shoulders, hips, and rump.

His legs bear subtle feathering, while additional "fluff" grows on his chest and belly. Henrik sports a full, voluminous white beard that is surprisingly well taken care of despite his lifestyle. In fact, one could say that about his coat, mane, and tail. HIs mane and tail are messily braided, yet appear healthy. His coat shines brightly, almost like a newly minted coin. Golden eyes mesh well with the earthen colors of his appearance, yet burn brightly amongst the copper and white. He is stocky and of a remarkably uninspiring height. Henrik resembles most closely to that of a sport horse: strong, muscular, weathered, yet rather spritely on his hooves despite his strength. He could be rather handsome...if one likes the wild, rugged look.

A coat of forest green cloth detailed in gold is often draped about his shoulders, held in place by sturdy leather straps that also hold various bottles and a leather pouch. Gold chains and baubles hang off his coat as well as his ram-like horns. Generally, his leather pouches are stuffed with useful herbs. Special pockets along his left hip hold bottles of potions or salves to render homemade medicines or brews while a longer pocket is to hold ancient maps or other important documents.


Loyal | Caring | Respectful | Reserved | Confident | Equalist

Solitary | Wary of Others | Temperamental | Eloquent | A Dreamer | Contemplative

The first thing most notice about Henrik is that he is quiet. Where others of his rag-tag family are loud, aggressive hooligans...Henrik is taciturn and reserved. Despite his rather aloof nature, the ranger is quick to anger, especially with any perceived injustices. A dual edged sword, his temperamental streak is a trait he'll learn temper (as much as he can) yet can also be a great boon. His pride is ferocious but delicate: he is very aware of his "unimportance" and the rather ambiguous nature of his Rangers, thank you very much. Henrik has a thick skin. Perhaps to some, he might be too intimidating or bombastic - but maybe others will see that it is all part of an act.

Henrik is not always an aloof stallion or reserved leader. While he prefers the peace and quiet that comes with being a solitary creature, he knows such a life is not realistic. In fact, on some occasions, Daeron can be rather amiable and approachable. Other equines will find Henrik to be eloquent and polite, yet firm in his beliefs. On his own, Henrik is rather studious about nature and the ways of the world. He stubbornly refuses to let history die with his generation because there is always something to be learned from the misgivings of the past.

He is a valiant protector of his "people"; his clan, his rangers, those who need a champion to save them. Though he has no blood family left, he considers the Rangers his family now and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.


Henrik was born from a line who had somehow, against all odds, survived the bloodlust of the last few generations. Both of his parents had come from lines that could trace themselves back to the Golden Age; to a clan once faithful to King Lokean. (Or so they claimed.) Whether or not they could claim to be descendants of the legendary king is a matter for debate and one Henrik does not ponder. After all, anyone who knows their history knows the royal lines died out. Yet, the fact their blood had raged for so many generations was an influencing factor in Henrik's upbringing.

For who could best share the history of the lands, if not a son of the very land itself?

Henrik grew to learn the history of Fimbulvetr, of its people, of its legends. He grew to separate fact from fiction, to survive off the lands and endure the harsh climates. His family swore no fealty to any houses, as their loyalties had died with the last true reigning monarchs, but instead roamed the land in a rag-tag clan of other locals. His sire, Edvin, served as a historian of sorts by educating the new generations of the rights and wrongs committed and weaving elaborate stories beside campfires at night. His mother, Anasztázia, served as one of the clan's rangers - scouting out new routes, new campsites, potential dangers that could befall them - and taught Henrik the old ways. HIs mother taught him how to track, how to forage, and how to move about the forests and mountains like a ghost.

By the time he reached adulthood, he was wise and untraceable. If he willed it, no one could ever find him. And slowly, he became a living phantom. Edvin died first as a victim to a particularly cruel winter, leaving Henrik to share the old tales that others had forgotten. Other elders died off slowly, one by one; his mother managing to hang on long enough to upstart a new generation of rangers to protect what little of the clan was left. Then one day, on a terribly cheery spring day, Henrik realized that the only ones left were those who had no interest in the old ways, those who didn't know of their own history, or others who were drifting off to join the upstart monarchies that had taken over the ruins of the old houses.

And that, my friends, is how dear Henrik Lakatos - the son of a nobody, grandson of more nobodies - came to lead the remnants of The Rangers.

Enhanced Vision


User has enhanced vision, allowing them to see with amazing clarity/detail, distance, or color, in the dark, perhaps even in a different spectrum of light or into another dimension. This ability allows them to see kilometers away, see in the dark, see the faintest distinctions, and track things too fast for the normal eye.

"What do your elf eyes see?"

Apprentice: LOCKED
Vision is clearer, sharper, more accurate than what is normal for an equine. Henrik can pick out minute details within several dozens of yards or notice the smallest of movements from a significant distance away.

Henrik's night vision improves but is not perfected. His eyes take significantly less time to adjust to light changes, yet he can see far better than other equines.

Master: LOCKED
Can now track objects or animals faster than a regular equine. His vision is sharper and clearer, almost to an unnatural level.

Virtuoso: LOCKED
His vision is now glaringly more acute than other beings of Fim because his capabilities are pushed to a supernatural level. At this stage, Henrik can see kilometers away into the distance, has unhindered night vision, can see the faintest distinctions, and track things too fast for the normal eye.


[ Vili the Owl ]

Diminutive of the Vilmos, which is the Hungarian form of William, it derives from Wilhelm which means "will, desire" and "helm, protection". And that is what Vili is to Henrik; a wise, bold protector in the dark and unforgiving wilderness that is Fimbultvr. A steadfast companion to the ranger, Vili can be rather dry and hard to please. The owl is unbearingly loyal to Henrik and is often his eyes in the sky, aiding the stallion in his scouting missions and keeping his other rangers safe from harm.


Design, Companion Art, and Reference image by AmeAmeridian

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