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Thomasyn Dasrin
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Her parents never allowed her to go by any other moniker but Thomasyn, but she (guiltily) enjoys the sound of "Thom," though she would probably never refer to herself as such.

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OOC & Character(s)


She is a willow-stick of a girl, her body never seeming to quite fit her bones due to a high metabolism and a need to improve the living conditions of everyone else before herself. Her body type is closest to a thoroughbred, quick to scurry, with large, yellow eyes whose color is nearly mirrored in her full though not particularly long, mane and tail. Her coat has a base of deep purple that rolls into black on her points. Her front hooves are grey, while her white are lighter peach with white, irregular stockings. White markings litter both sides of her barrel in a romanticized idea of ribs, and her face is artistically marked as a skull, stark white with a large "eye hole" shaped like a pointy-heeled bear paw and a smile of small "cut-outs." Thomasyn's body language rarely reads as very confident, as she is not.


Thomasyn is rather quiet, more out of misplaced respect for those she meets than because she doesn't enjoy speaking. In fact, she quite enjoys chattering to herself, but has spent most of her life with those who do not care about her passions and so they have been pushed so far back that she may not be able to tells someone what she likes. On this same thread, Thomasyn is secretly gay but doesn't know it. It wasn't that she was ever told that it was wrong, just that she never thought to follow her own desires or even to recognize them sometimes. She hasn't explored her sexuality at all, and if it comes up will likely be extremely confused. The skull-girl is very sweet, and nurturing, but she bottles up her emotions in an effort to keep everything copacetic and feels extremely guilty when she notices inner anger or unhappiness, as though she doesn't have a "right" to feel them. Invalidates herself often, because "others know best." Gullible, and knows it, but she gives people several opportunities to break her trust before she finally tries to give up on them, mostly because she feels like few like her and so she needs to allow those who are willing to act her friend to do whatever they want regardless of how to affects her.


Born an older-middle child in a to a large family where the parents loved each other, Thomasyn had a rather happy childhood, and most of it was spent caring for her younger siblings while her parents and those older than her followed their own passions, though they, of course, helped some. This taught the pretty skull-girl responsibility, a love of children, and the ability to put people before herself. However, she had never noticed the opportunity or importance of caring for herself, and everyone was too busy to tell her.

As she grew older, there was a stallion who asked to marry her, and her parents were delighted. He was rich, important, and close to home, so they could visit each other whenever they wanted. Thomasyn felt nothing for him, but it was what her parents wanted and it made sense to say yes, so she did. Nothing came of it, however, as he died suddenly in a freak accident the morning of their wedding. While there was no way for it to be her fault, the other horses in their quiet valley began to say she was cursed, and nicknamed her the "virgin widow." Her family tried to calm the rumors, but when it started to negatively influence her other siblings and their chances at a family, she told them she would leave for the betterment of her family. They put up a small half-hearted fuss, but eventually she parted from them and wandered here.





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