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This mare is a creature of nature and wildness itself. She smells of forest and sun, all mixed together. She have an air around her that is calming yet wild and untamed, like there is no force in this realm that could tame her.

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OOC & Character(s)


This girl sports a golden coat with dark legs and a dark dunstripe along her dorsal, along with stripes on her legs. Her hair is mainly a light cream color, but the dun color gives her dark streaks of chocolate and black in both mane and tail, which are extremely long and trails behind her as she walks. Her body is well built but delicate in form, resembling that of a desert horse, lithe and agile like a dancer. A short back, sloped shoulders and long legs that ends in hooves made out of hard crystal. There is no markings on her body, but she is decorated with beautiful crystal antlers atop her slightly dished head, adorned with jewelry and chains. Her eyes are a striking jade green, carefully watching and aware of her surroundings. Her coat have that famous metallic look as some desert horses have, and it goes well with the rest of her appearance.


Since this girl comes from a tribe outside of this real, she have grown up in a different way than most. Although her people have always been sophisticated, they have also always had a more wild side to them, in touch with nature and abiding by its laws. While this have taught to be tough and independent, it have also taught her humility and care for everything around her. In heart she is a gentle soul, with a golden heart matching her coat, she will care for everyone around her that she deems worthy, which is mostly everyone. However, if you’re evil of heart, she will resent you with everything she is, or try to change you to the better, if there’s something that she cares not for, it’s the evil in this world, or the darkness that sometimes seem to threaten to devour her dear nature.

She does not often become jealous, and even if she does, it’s something that she will try to hide in her heart to not pester people around her. In fact, deep inside, she can be the most loving mare that you’ll ever met, and it’s most likely only love once or twice in her life.


She is born outside of the Bifrost, in a place called Penrith, in a tribe who worships nature and sun, Aramoor, and she was not meant to leave the safe care of her tribe from the beginning. As her father got an offer from a neighbouring king, who had the precarious problem of their healers having all died, he accepted the offer of marrying off his daughter to the oldest son of that kingdom. It would make sure there was a peace between the two herds, and no war would rage upon either of them. In meeting her fiancé, she did so to honor her father’s wishes, and to maybe help the people of this new land. Although her powers had yet to awaken at this point, she’s highly skilled in using herbs for healing.

At first she didn’t think that she would care much that there wasn’t much love between her future mate and her, but as she noticed that he seemed to have feelings for someone else, jealousy stirred in her heart, and she felt betrayed. She knew it was a silly thought and very wrong of her, but she had left her home to help his people, and seeing him care so much for another made her dislike someone for the first time in her life. Despite this, she tried her best to get along with the prince and his people, and tried helping in any way that she could. Wandering the streets, on a day they had mused themselves in song and storytelling, they were approached by an elder. Little did they know that the mirror they were shown, would whisk them away to another realm. When they got to it again after the whirling it felt like their bodies had gone through, they had appeared in the Bifrost, and who knew what was in front of the now.

Healing touch


Apprentice - Locked
As her powers awaken she starts to be more aware of things around her. By touch she can feel how biotic organisms are structured, meaning both plants and living beings. It’s hard to control, but she can heal smaller wounds and diseases with her healing touch, and make a withering plant bloom again, although the drain may cause her some fatigue for a little while.

Adept - Locked
The power grows stronger, and now she can heal bigger wounds and mend bones, and even try her hand at some poisons. She can now start to manipulate the healing in a cellular level and thus have a bigger understanding on how to heal different things. At this point she at times unconsciously emits some of this around her, and some plants might sprout at her feet.

Master - Locked
As her healing touch now truly awakens, there is almost no limit to what she can and cannot heal and do with her powers. The drain on her energy is significantly less and her understanding of cellular structure is tuning up really nicely. Even if someone is on the brink of death, as long as this creature is still alive, she can probably save them and heal them back to health. As these powers relates to all biotic organisms, she is also closer to nature and can help it bloom and heal if needed. This healing can now somewhat affect herself as well, and while she might not be able to heal the deepest of wound, she might be able to heal some wounds on herself sufficiently enough to not die.

Virtuoso - Locked
This is the final stage of her powers, a healing so advanced that it can bring the recent dead back to life, as long as it hasn’t been more than an hour. She can now also bring back a small forest to life, with new trees and plants sprouting. Her healing of herself is now also greater, being able to almost heal any wound on herself, and others are not even a problem anymore.


Accesories: She always carries small rings of gold in her mane and forelock, braided in, with one of them, at the arch of her neck, carrying a white gold star. Her antlers are always decorated with bands of gold and hanging chains, and a few small white gold stars.

Clothing and armor: At times she wears jewelry along her spine, beautiful gems set in gold that are attached to the mane and the tail, connected by a gold chain. In between these gems she sometimes hangs beautiful shimmering clothing and sashes in mint green or lavender. with some outfits she also have gold bands and bells attached to her front legs, and additional chains attached to the one that goes between her withers and her tail.


Reference image: Made by me Avatar: Lines by CrystalUniicorn at deviantart, design by me