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OOC & Character(s)


Tyrelle is tall, but not overbearingly so, with his body holding a good balance of both a lean frame coupled with dense muscle. Leaving him with the look of a fit athlete in its prime. His pelage is a dark all consuming black with mixtures of sterling silver thrown in. Sprinkled within are star like markings that look as if a galaxy had been painted upon his coat. His onyx limbs are etched with partial teal socks spanning from his coffee colored hooves up to his fetlocks. The same deep teal bleeds down his nape in irregular lines, coating his ears and dorsal. His dark black fur gives way abruptly to soft blush colored lips, an icy blue blaze and fang like marking running along his jaws. The mane that adorns Tyrelle's crown is long and lush, loose curls sporting a dark navy blue cascade towards the ground, nearly dragging. The plume of his tail is different, as thick charcoal strands drag along the ground.


Standoffish would not even come close to describing his personality. A true lone wolf, Tyrelle keeps to himself and rarely takes the time to seek out the company of others. Thanks to events plaguing his past he is left thinking that all individuals have an ulterior motive that they wish to use against him, and so he does all that he can to protect himself both emotionally and mentally. Because of this he struggles to see things outside of his own warped perspective and often fails to realize the good in others if they do indeed possess it. Which unfortunately leaves him rather insensitive to the company he does happen to come across. However, on the opposite side of his dark and brooding nature he can have sparse moments of kindness though they are rare and far and few between. Loyalty is a foreign concept, but if given the opportunity the opposing party would find a bond like no other with time and immense patience.


Tyrelle comes from a start with humble beginnings, being the product of his wolf mother and vampiric father in the land's of Etain's kingdom. However, sticking by his mother and sire's side was far from fates plan for him. He was given over to a witch that planned to use him for as long as she saw fit in exchange for a powerful weapon for the wolf queen. Confused and bewildered Tyrelle went along willingly, believing his stay with the stranger to be temporary. But days turned to weeks, weeks into months, and eventually those phased into years under the harsh abusive care of said witch. By his forth year Tyrelle grew tired of the neglectful life he was living bound to slavery and solitude. And so he devised a plan to murder the witch holding him captive. Unfortunately for him nothing went according to plan and he found himself wrestling with the mare. The pair fought tooth and nail until he wounded her enough for him to escape. But not without a price to pay. As his form fled from his captive holdings the witch placed a curse on him, altering his way of life till the day he died. Doomed to a life of solitude Tyrelle continued his wanderings completely aimless, unaware of his purpose in life.

Necrosis Inducement


Necrosis Inducement: The ability to cause anything that is organic to decay, wither, rot or eventually disintegrate whether living or deceased through touch.

Apprentice: He can cause things such as plants and other forms of flora to deteriorate rapidly, withering away and crumbling to ash. Fur or hair from others would fall out in that specific spot if they touched him accompanied by an uncomfortable burning sensation but skin would remain intact.

Adept: His ability can now cull very small animals in a matter of seconds. But larger individuals will be left with painful lesions of the skin where the skin has been eaten away in that particular spot and spread an inch or two from the source.

Master: Those who touch him will find that particular body part laced with agonizing pain as hair, skin, sinew and muscle deteriorate at a rapid pace. The wound itself would span several inches deep and wide from the point of contact.

Virtuoso: Avoid any form of contact with this man at all costs. Prolonged touch would ultimately be your demise with all organic matter withering and decaying away at an alarming rate. Bone would be all that's left if you cannot loose yourself from him fast enough.



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