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OOC & Character(s)


  • No doubt of draft lineage, Ezekiel has grown into the body of a tall and well-muscled, handsome young man.

  • Blood of the Pegasus, beautifully crafted wings rise up from his shoulders. Stormy in appearance, thunderous in sound.

  • Clothed in an obsidian blanket, his coat holds an indigo undertone that tends to surface only in a certain blend of lighting, giving him an almost oil-like appearance.

  • Ezekiel’s mane and tail kink and curl, the obscure locks unruly and hard to tame.

  • His eyes are honest, betraying his every emotion in their oceanic depths.

  • An overo with four white socks, his hooves are a rosy pink color, but due to mild feathering, they mostly remain covered.

  • A collection of royal markings, or perhaps tattoos, glisten boldly like polished gold: the tips of his ears and the ends of his lengthier feathers, dual bands that wrap pristinely around his left hind leg, much like a snuggly fit anklet, and twin racing lines that stretch from the polls, curving down and across his face to meet at and below the nares.

  • The runes branded into the flesh of either side of his neck burn with a gilted ire. If translated using the language of his tribe, these strange yet intricate symbols come together to form his true name, ‘Angel Borne of Dragon’s Breath.’

  • In the night or during a thunderstorm, a halo illuminates above his crown, an angelic, ethereal charm used to light up the dark.


Intellectual & Perceptive. A reluctant prince, so to speak, Ezekiel shied from the teachings of his father in favor of ancient tomes and a golden-stringed harp. A truly intelligent young man, he excelled at anything to which he set his mind to, growing to be a proficient warrior for his tribe - however reluctant he was to learn - and a skilled musician. Keen are his eyes, and much like a sponge, eager to sop up any and all information thrown his way.

Deliberate & Dutiful. Though he tends to be thoughtless at times where his betrothed is concerned, the Angel is nothing if measured. Time is taken when faced with a weighted decision, a wisdom beyond his years evident in his overall, elaborate thought processes.

Gentle Hearted & Charming. The denizens of Vonele and Aramoor alike held great affection for Dragon's Breath, his gentle, caring nature and fanciful words much-appreciated traits among the common folk. Known for his kindness, it wasn't unlike him to donate his time and coin to those in need of it.


  • The Vonele tribe were an ancient and proud breed, but over the course of a few scattered years, they’d begun to dwindle. The chieftain was as proud as they came, and so sorely stuck in his ways that, until it was almost too late, had failed to see what had befallen his people.
  • Moon That Dances Alone in the Night, the chieftain’s wife, approached her husband on serval different occasions, proposing worthwhile ideas, but the man was stubborn and didn’t take kindly to any. But the tribe was soon faced with a crisis that could no longer afford to get put off to the side by such an old fool.
  • Taking matters into her own hands, Moon Dancer, or Selene to the common folk, approached her son, Angel Borne of Dragon’s Breath; better known as Ezekiel.
  • Still a young colt, the boy detested the idea of an arranged marriage, but he was smart, smarter than most, and knowing the danger their tribe was in, he consented to meet with a neighboring kingdom’s princess to whom he would now be betrothed.
  • She was lovely, this princess, much unlike the ugly picture he’d painted in his head, and though he felt his heart already belonged to another, Ezekiel would not turn his back on the promise he’d made his mother and to their tribe.
  • Much time was spent among the city street’s of Wanniya’s home, mingling with the denizens, and the two became tentative friends. Ezekiel would sing to the people and to her, and she would dance for them. As a recluse who was more interested in books and fine music than the likes of pointed weapons and battle strategy, he could hardly remember a time that rivaled how happy and content he now was. But with all good things, they must come to an end.
  • They were walking the cobblestone streets, making their way through the city at a leisure pace, Ezekiel entertaining his betrothed with a tale from his latest read when an elder man stepped out from the shadows of a nearby alleyway. His eyes were glassed over, his coat mangy, but the couple did not shy away - it was hardly within their nature. He ushered them back down the alley he’d come from, inviting them to come and see a wonder of the past. It was a mirror, standing just as tall as Ezekiel and wide enough to fit the two of them comfortably in its reflective surface.
  • They were told then to look beyond themselves, and there, they would find something truly worth seeing. In the blink of an eye, they were warped; transported deep into the universe and dropped right in the middle of the Bifrost. Lost and absolutely befuddled, the couple had no choice but to venture forward.

Storm Embodiment


Storm Embodiment: Thunder claps at the beat of his wings, lightning arching from his body - a natural conduit of electricity, and fierce winds raise with a heavy sigh as a torrent descends from gathered rainclouds. He is the storm.

Apprentice: Manipulation of the weather is a strain. It takes pristine focus, and even then Ezekiel struggles. A low growl may sound, but lightning is impossible at this stage, even despite the fact that his body seems to always be buzzing with unspent electricity. A brief gust of wind to unsettle the feathers of his wings or tug at obsidian locks can be managed, but only just so.
Adept: A deep rumble echoes and the clouds appear to darken. A bolt of light arches across the sky, but it's rogue and uncontrolled by Ezekiel. Precipitation has just begun to sprinkle the ground within a 30-yard radius when his limit has finally been reached and the sky returns as it once was.
Master: Lightning strikes. Not once, not twice, but thrice. It takes a great effort for him to control the storm that he's conjured (which spans so far as 100 yards out), and maximum focus should he decide to incorporate a howling wind and flash flood, but it's manageable, to a certain extent anyway.
Virtuoso: Dark clouds brewing on the horizon, Ezekiel can call down the wrath of a storm in a mere matter of moments. A terrible wind with speeds able to lay trees flat cuts a steady path through the immediate area (the center of the storm is where the worst of it can be met). Thunder roars and lightning strikes the ground at his command, and rain, woe the rain that plummets heavily from skies above.


Accessories: None at this time.
Outfits and Armor: A cloak made of the finest fabrics native only to Penrith, his homeworld. Although finely stitched cloth, it closely resembles chainmail with its unmistakable alabaster, metallic sheen. The edges are worn and frayed from use in the city streets of Wanniya's families well-populated kingdom, Aramoor.

Dragon Form:

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