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A tall, elegant form, his sleek, muscular shape appearing to be carved out of polished obsidian stone by the master's themselves. Emerging from his sides, a large set of long wings that while the prove a bit troublesome in take off, are excellent in shape for gliding, essential for long distance traveling. Tucked behind his first set of long wings is a second, much smaller pair of wings. The serve little to no purpose in actually getting or keeping young Lirr off the ground, but allow for ease of control in the air. Turning and moving these small wings allow for ease of adjustment while flying. These are essential considering his lack of tail feathers that assist birds in such movements. Instead, strung out behind him is a long, thin tail that near the end, lengthens into a cascade of ebony curls that match the long waterfall draping delicately over his neck. His feature's match the long neck and limbs of that of a Tennessee Walker though he scales back on the shorter side of the gene pool.

Lirr is much more than a winged shadow in appearance. His dark pelt is decorated with golden marks that appear like jewelry for the most part. A string of scale like marks cover his lower neck like a thick necklace, small lines hanging down ending in ornate eye shapes. Despite first appearances, they are not hanging jewelry, but instead a part of his very pelt. A similar kind of faux pas adorns one of his front feet. Along the top of his larger wings are the same golden marks, but more in the shape of delicate mandalas. Even the end of his tail has a small decorated ring engraved into his skin. The large end feathers on all 4 of his wings appear to be dipped in gold on both the top and bottom. A large eye shaped marking covers the top of head as well, mesmerizing. With how delicate and detailed these marks are, it would appear to be fake, tattoos perhaps, but his markings aren't perfect. On his hand leg bleeding into his hoof is a splatter of gold, more of a small paint marking than any kind of design. Even on his large right wing, bleeding out from one of the mandala rings is another splatter of the gold coloration.


Lirr is like two different people on stage and off the stage. On stage he is graceful and confident. It's rare he misses a step as he dances around and entertains. But off the stage is another story.

He's as ungraceful with his words as he is graceful on his feet. Stumbling over his words and often flustering himself. It doesn't take much to ruffle his feathers, honestly. Often times he will try to hide himself behind his wings, unable to hold eye contact at that point. He's not very good at standing up for himself because of this, making himself an easy target for bigger, tougher beings. He will however try to stand up for others if he sees it, but this rash decision making is what gets a target on his back half the time. He may get in the middle, but will start to panic and can't even get any words out once he's there.

Lirr is very particular about his appearance as well, very malicious. His looks is a part of his work after all. While he doesn't exactly fear dirt, he'd prefer to avoid it if he can, making sure his feathers are neat, his hair untangled. It's much easier to turn heads when there's something worth looking at.


Lirr and Mother width=

Lirr comes from a family with no home so to speak. The small group he was born into traveled often, hoping from place to place and setting up for a few weeks before moving on again. It was rare that they returned to a place, though not unheard of. It was common for members of the troupe to romance with the locals during their stay. Though foals were a rare occurrence, an unknown sire was not. Perhaps not the most traditional family dynamic, but it can't be helped.

His mother was a stunning mare and had many suitors in her years and they didn't stop even after Lirr was born. As far as he was concerned, the only thing she ever gave him where his looks, passing on many of the strange golden marks to him, but the other troupe members were the ones who actually took care of him. It didn't stop him from trying to earn her praise however. He spent much of his youth learning the art of dance like his mother. He was quite talented as well and when he grew more, they allowed him to perform. Mares and Stallions alike were entranced by him, but the one he wanted to impress most hardly gave him the light of day, preferring to go 'frolicking' with local stallions.

By the time he was 3, Lirr had enough. He grew tired of the constant moving around and decided that perhaps it was time to find himself a place to call home. He was reluctant to leave behind the folk who raised him, but there was something missing and he needed to find it, but he never would if he didn't fly the coop. When they were ready to move on, he gave them their good byes and left, taking to the skies and flying in a different direction. Lirr flew over patches of land and water for several days, resting at night, but he was growing hungry and weary of his travels. At one point, the sky around him grew dense around him, soon engulfing the ebony stallion.




credit, me/Bane