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OOC & Character(s)


She is doe-like with sweet, girlish features. Her eyes, large and round, implore you with her gentle, innocent nature. One rose pink, the other a rich lavender, her gaze is mesmerizing, but equally intoxicating should you linger there for too long. Though she may try to hide the despair swimming in the pastel pallets of her eyes, she rarely succeeds. Her depression is all-consuming and can be easily interpretable just by the way she carries herself.

Her head remaining in a submissive bow at all times, Luna’s movements are hesitant, soft and timid; evoking mercy.

Of earthly hues, her slender, delicate body is wrapped in a chimera appaloosa’s coat. She is thin, almost to the point of malnourishment, but you’d never hear a complaint fall from those pouting chocolate velvets. The large scars that she suffered from an attack by her captor’s bear companion, have left her with a diminished sense of beauty, but in reality, they take nothing away from her appearance. They only add to her strength of character.

Her mane and tail are perhaps her most striking feature. Nearly florescent in the moon’s ethereal glow, Luna’s lilac gradient locks create a mystifying aura. Muted purples and soft, magnolia pinks are loosely combed, creating a silken, feathery texture.

Luna, though she does possess wings, cannot fly. Jointed behind her ears, these almost faerie-like wings, pose. They react with her emotions and are influenced by the forward or backward motions of her harks. White and freckled, they help to inspire an angelic presence.


Soft-Spoken & Submissive. This beautiful young woman was not born in such a way, it was beaten into her, and she scarcely remembers the carefree, loving filly from before. Luna is timid, and though she rarely chooses to speak of her own volition, her voice is a gentle and uncertain whisper. She’s easy to startle, even the most minute of heightened sounds able to set her off, but there’s little to no flight - or fight, for that matter - left in her. She crumbles under pressure, her body locking up as fear takes over and her mind goes elsewhere; her only defense in the torture she’s come to expect.

Conscientious & Neurotic. Despite all she suffered at the hands of Raekon, Luna never let slip the secrets of the Traegarden’s. She would have gladly taken them to her grave, and on multiple occasions, she nearly did just that, but no matter how messed up and abused her body would get, Raekon always found the means to bring her back from the brink she so desperately yearned for. Understandably, Luna suffers from depression, but in her case, it’s ten times what anyone else might ever experience. Though neurosis might be a mild mental disorder, it causes excessive feelings of anxiety and an overall sense of hopelessness. Her body might have been, for the most part, healed, but her mind is a completely different story all together.

Confused & Delirious. Luna’s mind is a fickle thing. Throughout her time spent as Raekon’s prisoner, or slave, depending on which angle you choose to look at it, the poor filly suffered surmountable brain damage from blows to the head, one such blow that was dealt by the terrible man’s grizzle. She’ll often get confused, and plum forget whatever it was or why she was doing this or that in the first place. She forgets names and faces, and only through repetition will she ever truly be able to remember a person or place. Dementia is creeping up on her, and it won’t be a pretty site once it hits. Illusions and hallucinations alike will plague her without end, but perhaps not for a few more years.


  • Born unto the rolling hills and winding rivers of Rose Kingdom, Lunafreya Traegarden, was destined to hold the secrets that laid dormant beneath the great city of the Water Gardens.
  • As a young girl, princess Lunafreya was taught the importance of her role as a woman of the royal family. It was her sacred calling, just as it was her ancestors before her, and she was meant to protect the ancient relic of power above all else, even at the cost of her own life.
  • She was a happy child, full of life and love, but the careless days spent in the shallows of the Water Gardens, splashing about with her brothers, were short-lived.
  • Using the cover of night, they swept in from the west. With nothing in the way of defense, the Water Gardens, an otherwise peaceful city with whimsical patrons, fell within a few short hours.
  • During the siege, the princess had been escorted to the anti-chamber of the relic she was meant to safeguard. She and several priestesses all knelt in prayer, but it soon became apparent that the gods cared naught for their plight.
  • The only royal left in the city alive, Lunafreya was taken before the man who’d slaughtered countless innocents - her family included. He was enraptured by her beauty, but it was not her handsome looks that he desired, however.
  • Resolved to take her families ancient secret to her grave, she refused his wishes. Raekon, the man who had stolen into Rose Kingdom with a host of loyal and equally skilled soldiers at his back, struck the child down. When she recovered, she looked up to meet his eyes, to demonstrate her strength, but what she saw within their charcoal depths was nothing short of pure evil.
  • Word spread fast of the foul crimes that’d been done to the Traegardens, the monarchs of Rose Kingdom up in arms for their fallen kin. But all was settled through marriage.
  • In the beginning, Luna had outright refused. She’d even resorted to starving herself, but with or without her consent, Raekon would have her as his wife and he would have her city’s relic.
  • She was abused, tortured mercilessly by either Raekon himself or between the number of different lackeys who served him. The princess was defiled and raped, robbed of her maidenhood on the night of her wedding - not by her sworn husband, but by several different faceless men who took pleasure in her pain.
  • When Luna continued to defy him, Raekon fed her to his companion, a grizzled brown bear. It tore at her flesh hungrily, and though she screamed and cried for help, she hoped for death, but Raekon was yet finished with her.
  • With little left to live for, she attempted suicide on several different occasions and nearly succeeded. If not for Raekon’s exceptional healers, she would have been welcomed by her families awaiting arms in death’s sweet embrace.
  • She bared two sons, but both were base-born, and though she fought against the guards who held her down, they were both stolen away from her side and she was left to wonder whether they were alive or dead.
  • At some point, she was unknowingly bestowed a gift by the relic of power. Voices suddenly loud in her head, she didn’t know their origin, didn’t know that she was now able to hear the thoughts of those around her. It terrified her, made her think she was crazy, and people took notice of the odd behavior she had begun to develop as a result.
  • In the end, her steadfast loyalty to her family’s name would hardly matter, and he plight will have added up to nothing, or so it seemed. After two years of trying and failing to break into the inner-chamber of the relic, Raecon had finally achieved that which he sought so desperately.
  • He dragged his wife, the princess Lunafreya, down into the ancient vault with him. He would make her watch as he ascended to power, and then he would finally give her what she craved the most; death. But as he held the relic up from its pedestal, the golden chalice turned to ash.
  • Luna descended into maniacal laughter as Raekon mourned, but there, in the remnants of the chalice, now stood a man. He was the most beautiful creature Luna had ever seen, and he beaconed to her, “come.”
  • Entranced, she stepped forward, but her path was soon blocked by a seething Raekon. He was raving mad, and obviously unaware of the god looming over his shoulder. Luna offered a sweet smile before stepped around him, somehow knowing that this otherworldly being would allow no further harm to come to her.
  • She thought him to be the Rahuul, the god of wayward souls and death, come to lead her into the great beyond, but in fact, she couldn’t have been more wrong. The god of power took her into his powerful wings, and with a gentle sigh, he delivered her from Eos, a world undeserving of the soul surviving Traegarden.



Telepathy: As her plight with the invader, Raekon, continued, the god of the relic the Traegarden's so faithfully protected, took pity on the filly and gifted her the ability to read minds so that she might better protect herself from those who would seek to cause her harm.

Apprentice: What started as quiet whispers in the corner of her dark and molded prison cell, became the loud and unignorable, voluminous voices of several. It was constant then, the shouting, and no matter what she did, she could not drown them out. Here, in the Valley, even after a short reprieve, it's much the same. Her control minimal, the voices drone on and on, an unintelligible jumble of nonsense screaming at her, begging for attention that she knows not how to give.
Adept: Though the thoughts of other's may always be a constant humming in her ears, she's found a way to quiet them. She can focus on a single individual, which helps tune out the rest, but her aptitude is fragile.
Master: A mental connection can be rectified, and communication between herself and another opened, but this skill drains her. She can dig into one's mind, search through their memories and pick them apart piece by piece. Though painful for her, Luna finds use in this more often than not; her trust lacking.
Virtuoso: There are no limits save for her own imagination. Illusions can be cast and she can now camouflage or mask her presence from those around her, and sometimes, with enough focus, she can extend this ability onto others.


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