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Itarille Talendiel
She smells of raspberries, warm from the sun, and the warm summer breeze over a meadow of wild flowers.

She came down from her immortal realm to experience the world of the mortals, and to heal and correct any dark hearts that she might happen upon.

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OOC & Character(s)


As Itarille was born as a goddess in another realm, she doesn’t exactly look like other equines. The most prominent feature, except the pure white coat, is her four wings. Large and strong they sit upon strong, sloping shoulders. They can carry her far and wide, working together in harmony. They are decorated with golden markings and tips, other than that they are a pure white, just as the rest of her.
She have a strong back and a well rounded behind that ends in a long, silky tail with natural wavy curls at the ends. Her legs are strong and hard, long enough for her to be quite a fast runner should her wings ever fail her. They end in gilded feet, free from any cracks or imperfections as she rarely have to do any running on rough ground. Her chest is deep and well formed, with strong lungs and heart. The neck is beautifully carved and upon it sits a perfectly shaped head, with big blue eyes, blue as a clear summer sky, large nostrils on a delicate muzzle, and a wide forehead, decorated with golden markings. Her audits curve slightly in towards eachother, but are shaped beautifully to sit upon her head, and head and neck is beautifully clad in a long silken mane, also with slight curls and waves.

All in all she resembles what her parents deemed perfection as she was conceived by them and their will. In many eyes she’s beautiful and strong, purer than a freshly fallen blanket of snow.


Itarille stepped down from her realm as she was curious about the life of mortals. As she did that, she temporarily gave up on her immortality and powers, all to satisfy her curiosity about the beings on this other realm that she had just heard about.
There’s not an evil bone in this lady. Being several hundreds of years old, she can easily say by now that she have no interest in turning to the dark side, so to speak. Her nature is kind, curious and understanding. There’s not much in this world or the other that can make her mad or unforgiving. She have a heart of gold, where she can include almost everyone she meets, and she’ll try her very best to make everyone smile or be as happy as they can be in that moment.

However, she will never be rude with her kindness or her curious nature, she can always behave with grace and elegance, as she have seen so many years on life already.


Itarille was born into another realm, as a goddess and daughter to other gods. As part of their will, they shaped her appearance to what they thought was perfection. She grew up and matured at the age of 4, her powers by then fully developed, but as she was immortal, she soon lived for several hundreds of years. But she was curious about the mortal world, and soon decided to leave her realm and dive into the mortal realm to see what it is like.
Of course she lost her immortality and powers as soon as her hooves touched the ground, but she soon found herself walking into a strange place that she at that time didn’t know the name of. She was guided through dangers and curiosities, labyrints and guessing games, but in the end, she made it through. The Bifrost led her to these lands, and here she have been actively traveling and exploring, to see as much as possible. That was almost a year ago, and she still feels like there’s an ocean of knowledge to be discovered by these lands.

Matter manipulation


Apprentice - Locked
As she starts to get her power back, it’s more sporadic than what she would like, coming and going at times, and not as strong as she’s used to. She can manipulate smaller things, nothing bigger than herself, and it’s easier to change the molecules to something close to the original, e.g air to water, earth to stone and so on. Sometimes it fails, as the power is still not quite awoken in her.

Adept - Locked
Her powers are becoming more dependable and they hardly ever fail now. The size of the things she can manipulate are now larger, around the double or three times her own size and weight. She can control it better and more at will, and it’s also a little easier to change one type of molecule into something completely different, although she can still experience some difficulties at times..

Master - Locked
Her powers are now fluent for her, the size limit is now pretty huge. Although she can still not manipulate the element she created, e.g she can’t control the fire she creates from the grass around her, she holds better control over the new element at the first few seconds of its formation, which means that she can create projectiles from the air around her, and shoot them at someone before she lose control over it. As long as she now have materials available to her, there’s almost no limit to what she can do with it..

Virtuoso - Locked
As her old powers awaken to their full state, there is no longer a significant limit to what she can create when it comes to size and weight. It’s fluid like water to her and comes almost without thinking, as it responds to her subconscious. She have still no control over the elements themselves, but there is no limit to what she can create, and it uses up almost no energy to do so. Any molecules can be changed into whatever with ease. This is her true self, the goddess she was born to be..



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