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Dyggvi Gymirsson
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Dyggvi considers himself a beautiful beast of a creature, a mother's story of giant's blood running through his veins, as he was considered exceptionally tall in his little hamlet. He is powerfully built, his white and brown-near-black hide covering rippling muscles that deprive him of any chance to not be called "stocky," most closely resembling a Georgian Grand or something similar. Kudu horns stretch above his head to almost half again his height, made of gold-green opal, with thin gold chains connecting them at their peaks.Thin lines that almost appear to be scar litter his body, though closer inspection reveals that they are cracks of opal, vaguely rougher than the rest of his spottled skin. His hooves are feather-less but also opal. His hair is long and mostly unkempt, though he prefers to call it "windblown" or "sea-washed," though he keeps many messy, random braids. His mane is teal, his tail white-to-teal ombre. His eyes are a light blue, like the color of a stormy horizon.


Dyggvi is, mentally, in many ways, still a cold. He has never needed to take real responsibility for his actions, as his father constantly inserted himself between the consequences and his son,blaming anything the mottled boy did wrong - or right - was fault of his parenting. Dyggvi had known no real loss, but also has felt no real victory. His life had been simple and easy, especially as he just skates through life and blames everything on everyone else, though he had been known to make one specific person his scapegoat got a while.

This easy life has allowed him an easy smile, quick with a compliment or joke, and he's never claim to be especially bright. He is, of course, not stupid, and any ignorance he shows is because his father didn't tell him or people haven't given him the opportunity to know. He kind of just floats through life, though there had been quick flashes of anger that could hint at a dangerous future if he didn't learn to handle it.

Dyggvi is rather flirtatious anyone be meets, friendly flirting just being his main method of communication. While he is absolutely willing to take the night wherever it will go, he does not currently plan on being tied down to any one person, even for more than one night (or day or whenever - hrs surprisingly flexible). He feels very little loyalty for anyone or anything, potentially because he knows mrs walked away from all their loyalties for him so why would anything ever be more important? He's quite willing to CLAIM loyalty if he wants Shonen enough, but when it's called into question he just laughs and tells them they should have known better.

The opal-marked stallion is extremely taken by water, having heard of the journey-to-pillage stories of his father. He doesn'tc care about temperature, but will complain often and loudly if he thinks it's too dry, which is rather easy.


Dyggvi was born to be a legend.

That is entirely not true, and even he doesn't believe it in its entirety. He was actually raised in a small, quiet town, in a small, quiet forest, to retired warrior parents. His mother had been the queen's Right Hand, her personal protector and, rumor had it, lover, and his father was an explorer-soldier whose dreams often brought him to foreign shores rich for the reaping, which he did with great efficiency and no mean amount of pleasure. His travels brought much wealth and strength to the small kingdom, though he generally refused any praise towards himself, laying it instead among the four altars of his personal gods.

The pair met as all romantic partners meet - at a work function, when the queen was throwing a spectacle for the recently-returned warriors to drink and dance and spread their growing stories. Gymir was among them, boasting of the strength of his gods, and Eyfuru was in her typical position of circling the queen. In the early morning, Glaur told Eyfuru to find her own fun, that the pretty queen was trying a few of the legends for the night, and that she'd be protected well enough. Eyfuru laughed, sent the usual retinue to protect outside Glaur's surprisingly thin walls, and did as she was bidden.

The night was well enough, but a short time later she noticed she was pregnant. Glaur was happy for her, but it was frowned upon for warriors to journey after they had a child, and extremely dishonorable to not claim said child. With promises that it would would allow him to fade into legend while yet alive, Gymir promised Eyfuru to take the child and raise him, allowing her to keep her position. Eyfuru laughed, not a truly happy sound, and a compromise (not really) was reached: they would both go to a small town where not much would happen, but it would be mostly Gymir who would take care of the child. Eyfuru would be able to go and do whatever she wanted, but would also be housed near enough the child to be a part of its life.

So that's what happened. Eyfuru was there sometimes, but it was Gymir who spent most of the time with the child, and in his heart he knew that he blamed Dyggvi for having to leave the oceans. Understanding that this blame was misplaced, Gymir began to "protect" Dyggs from any kind of consequence in an effort to not blame him too much. He was a first time parent, but it really wasn't helpful for the child.

Eventually, Vi decided it was time for him to leave because he felt like it, and so he did. Since then, he hasn't done much except possible sire an unknown number of bastard children - his father failed to teach him responsibility about anything - and wander around, having a good ol' time.



User can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire. User has no control over fire that starts from from his fire. For instance, if using fire to set wood on fire, once the wood catches user cannot control that fire. Baseless vs based fire.

Apprentice : can create small (seeded-grape sized) balls of flame that move around him, but they go out easily and find anything that is even slightly wet difficult to burn. Can have a maximum of maybe three balls, though without intense concentration they would either go out or just burn him.

Adept : Doesn't have to focus as much, up to five balls. Can make other shapes, too, but they just resemble blobs. Still can't burn anything that's wet though he can make it smoke, and can kind of set dry kindling on fire if it's not windy. May accidentally set things on fire if he gets angry.

Master : Many balls, though number still depends on if he's paying attention to them. Can make wet grass/sticks burn if he's patient, balls are bigger, and there are definite shapes if he creates not-balls. Hopefully has better control over his emotions, but really, who knows?

Virtuoso: Can basically burn anything and make shapes with fire, and still gets burned. Rarely accidentally sets things on fire.



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