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The world doesn't seem like such a bad place
When I'm with you
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Pain makes people change

Amrod appears to be a perfect mixture of his mother and father. He is tall like both parents even very slightly taller than his father as he stands at 18.2hh, muscular but slim, and well built in proportions. In terms of colouring he takes after Oberon, he is a dark chocolate brown. Amrod bears an irregular blaze that is thicker at the base by his nose and quite slim throughout the rest. It breaks apart just below his eyes ever so slightly. On his left front leg, he has a white sock marking. His cheeks, neck, shoulders and all four legs bear blue space markings like his mother and sister. Amrod's eyes are a pale green with a snake's pupil. Both his mane and tail are exceptionally long, like his mother Io Kairavi, though they are both straight. His mane is always braided unless otherwise stated. His mane and tail are a deep brown with his tail having streaks of grey running through it. His forelock is a silver colour and a patch of his mane in the middle is blue, both present with a star-like pattern. His tail drags upon the ground like his mothers and at times can often be seen in a bun with a braid running under the bun. The young man is covered in scars as well. Primarily on his chest and shoulders.

While in Caeleste the young man has acquired a few small scars and a large throat tattoo. A large hawk with a pale rose in its direct center covers his throat while the large wings of the hawk curl up and follow the lines of his jaw until they meet his ears.

Somewhere along the way Amrod picked up a second tattoo: a large tattoo swallows his left leg in the design of a snake weaving its way through red roses, the only part of the tattoo coloured, and swallowing up a moon. The tattoo covers both the outside and the inside of his leg.


I'm everything you can't control

As a foal, Amrod is a curious being who has questions for just about everything you can possibly imagine. He takes much after his mother in the ways of kindness and generosity but he is also a bit guarded. As an adult, Amrod will be serious, distant and dripping in sarcasm. He will cool and collected, stubborn, cynical/brooding and somewhat nasty in the way that he is brutally honest but, unlike his mother, doesn't care how he presents the truth. A bit calloused and rough around the edges he'll probably be the first to point out your flaws and tell you how to fix them. Amrod is a deep thinker and a bit of an emotional boy. He cares deeply for his family and friends, willing to do anything it takes for them but he will always weigh out the pros and cons before taking action. Much like his mother, his personality is often contradicting itself at every turn.


Amrod is very much a haunted being, after his kidnapping and torture as a young foal he has changed much. He can be described as a bad boy, a distant guy. He'd probably be that guy smoking a cigarette and leaning on the wall before he starts a bar fight. Amrod is nonchalant about most things, often blowing important things off and willing to fuck with just about anyone for his own amusement. He is a dark being with some depressive moments after the death of so many beings in his short life. In general he is a being who shrugs things off and probably couldn't give two shits about you unless you find someway to get close to him. Amrod suffers nightmares from his time in captivity as well. In his family he is closest to Luthais, his older brother. He is, however, an undyingly loyal being, if you're one to earn it that is. He holds respect for those he believes deserve it and is a fiercely protective man. Should the lives of his family, or their happiness, depend on the sacrifice of his own he would willingly give it up.


I'm sorry you were not truly loved
And that it made you cruel

Born to Io Kairavi and Oberon Amrod is somewhat of an outsider in the land of Caeleste. He was born in the dead of night with a twin sister named Luthien. For sometime they lived in Elysium before he and his mother came to Caeleste and then returned not long after. Io had a near death experience that caused her to leave Elysium with it's citizens believing her to be dead. Amrod was present at this moment and later left alone to grieve alone, both his sister and father leaving him. As well as Luthais, who would later come back after the death of their mothers companion Shanti. Amrod was also with Shanti when she died and he held her in his arms as the ghost companion left. Amrod was taken into another Kingdom by the Queen Arete who became a surrogate mother to him. At the age of one Amrod was kidnapped by his ''uncle'' and taken to what had been the rival Kingdom of the Kingdom his mother once been Queen of. For the next year he was tortured and suffered through many trials. He did however see the former princess, Rowan, who he quickly fell for without realising it. As soon as he was released he left to find what remained of his surrogate family and friends, reuniting with them all. The young man left the most important meeting to be the last; a reunion with Arete who had been his surrogate mother where he asked for her blessing to leave the lands in hopes of finding himself. With her blessing he was gone from Elysium with only a look back to see what he had considered his mother before leaving with himself torn in two and returned to Caeleste, a changed being. Though the memory of Rowan still follows him and the young man pines for her. As does the memory of Arete, on his sleepless nights filled with nightmares he is always thinking back to his days in a mother’s embrace once again.
In Caeleste Amrod joins the Kingdom of Sharad and becomes the regent under Leonidas. He meets up with his childhood crush Rowan, who he still has feelings for, as well as a few others. While in a sparring tournament Amrod wins round 1 and in celebration gets his first tattoo, a nod to Rowan though he’d never tell anyone, of a large hawk with a pale rose in its direct center that covers his throat while the large wings of the hawk curl up and follow the lines of his jaw until they meet his ears. He also gains a few more scars. The man also gains a companion named Lucius, a black female phoenix. Amrod also creates a Criminal Syndicate by the name of Hemlock. When Rowan leaves the lands and sends a note to Hemlock saying she has left he drops everything he has gained in Caeleste to go and find her; he would hopelessly, and foolishly, follow her to the ends of the earth.
Somewhere along the way he picks up a second tattoo; a large one that covers both the inside and outside of his left leg.
Amrod now enters Fimbulvetr in search of Rowan. Brash, stubborn, aggressive, and generally nonchalant he is everything opposite of what he was born to be. Wielding dark magic that works even against himself it is unknown where he'll land on the scales of the world.

Cosmic Matter Manipulation


''Golden child,
Lion boy;
Tell me what it's like to conquer.

Cosmic Matter Manipulation

The ability to control cosmic matter in the air and objects. A dark ''blood'' magic from his mothers home world it is known as ''Elen Tura'' or ''Star Control'' and is considered to be a dangerous magic. It is nearly the opposite of ''ithil sila tura'' or ''Moonlight Control'' in Isilme; for it controls the stars and the ''matter'' in the air. It is known to backfire on it's user as it is no longer taught correctly. Due to this it is banished in Isilme and in their history it was thought to manipulate the night.

Apprentice: Amrod's control over cosmic matter is currently unstable, he can not use it for too long. With the control of cosmic matter he'll be able to create small objects that to him are black while to others are unseen, they will of course have a distorted outline. They are barely solid; just enough to trip someone. His ability will to primarily be able to control the matter in the air, allowing him to essentially pull the matter out of the air and bend it to his will. This will of course have side effects that range from low concern (when simply practicing the magic lightly) to high concern (when pushing the limits of his ability too much) such as: Headaches, dizziness, ear ringing and double vision (seeing two of things) for a few moments for low concern effects. For high concern the effects are: shaking, causing cuts/gashes on his skin and bleeding, severe weakness and exhaustion, and extreme nausea.

Adept: With his magic growing to be more stable he can now create larger and more solid ''objects'' that are, still, unseen to others. When using his magic it still distorts the air around it however, once it has been used small flakes of black dust appear in the air for the smallest of moments. While this is still used for all his fun and games while Amrods magic grows so does his injuries from use. At this point it can be used in battle though he uses it primarily for defense.
Low concern: irritability, muffled hearing, temporarily sees a bright light in his vision (like you've shown a flashlight in your eyes)
High concerns: Amrod now gets nose bleeds and medium sized injuries on his skin, it is likely that with his blood loss he will faint.

Master: Amrod can now use his magic as an offense in battle. The magic is now visible to others, clearly being seen as a black dusty mass bending to his will. He can now create large objects that are solid enough to cause real damage such as daggers. His injuries from past concerns are now tolerable and he has begun to pull the matter out of that as well (please note this is not blood bending; rather he's using the matter in the blood). His magic, like always, is generally used for fun.
Low concern: Light headed, bruises from injuries, left over bleeding.
High concern: temporary light blindness, large gashes and wounds will appear on his skin and is now susceptible to infections in his injuries.

Virtuoso: His magic is now stable enough to create solid and large objects that are now clearly visible to others; they can now see clearly black masses with stars, galaxy and small planets within it. As if he has ripped open a void in the world. While it may be mesmerizing it is just as dangerous; with now solid objects whether big or small he can do much of what he pleases. Like always however Amrod is more likely to use this for amusement than for battle.
Low concern: His joints and nose will bleed slightly
High concern: Amrod may have seizures with too much use.

Fearless child,
Broken boy;
Tell me what it's like to burn.


Brothers to the last fight.
Brothers to the last enemy.
Brothers to the last hour.

Amrod Trivia

Amrod is the oldest of the twins born from Io Kairavi and Oberon but, he is the youngest son behind Luthais.
Amrod is closest to Luthais out of his siblings, he'll always stand back to back with him and, despite being the brash one of the two, takes his brother very seriously. There can be no doubt in anyone's mind how close the two are.
He is the adopted son of Arete and Etain, having been ''co-parented'' after his mothers near death.
Whether it is true or not Amrod considers himself to have been abandoned by Oberon and Luthien, last he had seen them was in the wood when he last saw Io Kairavi. He barely remembers any of his blood ''family'' but very clearly remembers Luthais.
He was found by Etain after hiding out in his mothers herb garden waiting for his father or siblings to find him. This makes him especially close to Etain.

Brothers to the last bullet.
Brothers to the last breath.
Brothers to the last hope.


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