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かがみ 放浪者

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Compared to his 'kin'--if you could even call them that--Kagami is relatively plain. He boasts a bay base with lighter pangare on his underbelly and neck accompanied by a few splashes of creme-white on his neck, shoulders and elongated tail. His tail stretches a decent length behind him, coming to a spear-head arrow-like point. Tufts of fur grow from well above his hind-quarters all the way down to the tip of his tail. Interchanging in color, strands of creme mix with dark brown in a similar pattern along his neck. Sturdy legs end with tufts of feathering held up by dark colored hooves.

Along his hind-end and hips Kagami possesses a distinct scale-like pattern. Upon closer inspection one will notice the consistency of these is akin to bark of a tree, but far harder than such. The same kind of material makes up the antlers that grow upon his head. Carved within are intricate, almost ancient-looking designs that correspond with the hilt of his sword--and the blue gems lodged within their metal. Across his right eye, Kagami bears the remnants of a skirmish with a bear. From behind decently lengthened lashes rests two pale blue eyes.

Perhaps the first thing one might notice however, is the sword strapped to his shoulders, and the dulled orange-colored scarf that drapes along his neck. Take note; the sword does not quite hide the Wandering aesthetic that Kagami wishes to portray, and in fact suggests wealth. But make no mistake, he owns little and wants only what he needs. It is a long curved blade, an heirloom if you will, passed down from generation to generation. When in use, the markings carved into his wooden scales and antlers glow a bright, vibrant pastel blue. It is said, that only those of his familial blood can ever wield the sword to it's true potential.


Stoic & Serious & Dutiful & Honor-bound & Thoughtful &

One will notice that he doesn't waste time getting to the point. While many of his kind have had a tendency to be flamboyant he is not. In fact, Kagami will often turn his nose up at those who flaunt wealth and status, though he will not outwardly express this. He is the kind of person who shows up, does the job, gets it done and goes on with his life. You won't see him cracking a joke or even smiling really. He takes swordsmanship seriously, and feels as if he's arm-less if its not with him.

Though he may seem rough on the outside he does have quite a soft heart when it comes to the common-folk or under dog. He has been known to share what little he has with beggars in the streets, or paying for necessities of families how cannot afford even the basic of necessities.

Kagami doesn't take to other Kirin well; in fact, he kind of detests them. Even if they are from other lands, there is this distinct dislike when he is forced to interact with them. He does not take insults lightly about his heritage, and the only time you'll see him act almost irrationally would be any insult directed at his mother.

He sees magic as an extension of the self and it should never be used as a weapon; this means that he approves of healing magics or ones that are more passive than those that are designed to destroy.


What is there to tell about The Wanderer? Where should we begin? To tell you the truth dear reader, he himself would not know how to start his tale; but perhaps the very beginning is always the best place to start.

The land from where his parents hailed was one shrouded in mystery and things beyond ordinary comprehension. It was mountainous, rugged, and many of the herds (clans, if you wanted to be technical) were separated by this unruly terrain. War was not an uncommon factor, and entire familial lines could easily be removed from history by the never-ending grudge of another. And above them all sat the Kirin people; majestic and arrogant, they looked down upon the general populace of their lands--for the Kirin were said to be blessed by the gods, and wielded incredible power. For the most part these select few clans kept to themselves and watched from afar as the world tore itself apart in endless bloodshed. These few clans were led by an elder, Sora; for he was the eldest and wisest, with scales the color of the sky and the ability to call upon the spirits of the air to terminate any who dared cross his path. He had only one child, as those his beloved wife had borne him died before reaching the age of 1--he had one daughter, and from her colorful pale scales and white hair Sora named her 'Aya'. And she was his world.

One night, when the young Aya had been wandering the forests of her mountain home, she came across a young colt practicing with a wooden weapon in one of the many fields. Never before had Aya seen those of the lowlands--though, she'd heard stories that they were savage and uncivilized, blasphemers with every breath to the gods. He was brown, white, with locks of wavy hair--and of course, no horns. No dragon-tail, no cloven hooves, no scales. And yet, Aya felt enamored by his simplistic appearance. She found beauty in it even. The filly had been so engrossed in her own thoughts that she hardly noticed he'd stopped and now stared on at her from across the grasses.

"Have you been there the entire time?" He asked, glare making the blue of his eyes striking against the darker points of his visage.

Aya felt the heat of embarrassment rush to her cheeks, for he father had taught her many things about being polite--and staring at strangers was not among those lessons. She took a breath and bowed her head out of respect. "I apologize, if I have disturbed you I will take my leave"

By now the colt had made his way closer, the glare relaxing more into a curious stare. As she turned to leave he caught the tail end of a strand of hair, tugging it gently as if to ask her to stay and speak--Aya could almost sense the questions radiating from inside of him; Sora had said to her, the Kirin were a pure and magical race, and as she grew a great many things would become to known to her in this regard. The pastel filly turned sharply back and green met blue, locked in a stare. "You are aware that it is rude to tug on a lady's hair--"

"--just like its rude to stare at strangers?" he commented, a smirk forming on his khol lips, brow quirked.

For a moment, Aya was startled into shock but it soon melted away into a smile followed by the bubbling light-hearted laughter. The filly relaxed and shook the few loose strands of hair from her growing horns. "My name is Aya"


An unlikely friendship had formed that eve, for the colt had been a pit of endless questions about who or what she was--the lowlands had never seen the Kirin. In fact, many had assumed they'd fallen into myth. But Aya was just as curious about the world she had been forbidden to enter. She'd been shocked to find out that it had been rare for anyone in Satoshi's world to carry magic, while it ran wild within her own people. He would ask her questions about her own prowess, and the filly would happily oblige with answers--even managing to psychically manifest what little arcane ability she possessed.

As one might have come to expect, the passage of time not only brought about changes in their physical appearance but, the friendship they'd formed all those years ago began to blossom into something far more deep. Platonic love shifted in tandem with Aya's beauty and Satoshi's sharp wit to fall into romantic. It started small, with long glances or flirtatious comments--then Satoshi brought her a flower, and she brought him a precious stone the color of his eyes from the mines in the high mountains. Their long talks soon turned into feverish desires, and far more intimate in nature.

As Aya returned from her rendezvous, she was met with her father at the red gate of their village; Sora stood with two of his men, and her mother looked as if she'd been crying. A sinking feeling fell into the pit of her stomach--nervousness crept along her scaled spine.

"To think that after all I had taught you, you betray me like this Aya" there was anger in her father's voice, reverberating with disappointment and borderline disgust. Before the young mare was able to defend herself, to make a case for her newfound love int he warrior from the lowlands, Sora motioned for the men to take the mare to her quarters--and they were to monitor her every movement.

Come morning, it was announced that Aya was to wed the son of a prominent family from the clan of the mines. Her heart had shattered then, a cloud forming over her head of depressive thoughts. The days seemed to drone on from then, and it did not help when she met with her soon-to-be husband; an arrogant Kirin who was vain enough to make even the Queens of the lowlands blush. He was all sparkle, no personality, no depth. He saw Aya as nothing more than an object whose price-tag would put his family on the top tier.

When at last Aya could not take it, the mare used what magic she possessed to cloak her appearance and slip past the guards of her chambers. The mare ran as fast as she could to the red gates, and as she left the lights of her home with only one glance back, Aya smiled at her newfound freedom. She felt as if the world had been lifted from her shoulders, and as swiftly as she could manage, she began her trek to the village of her beloved--Satoshi.

Aya reached the lowlands in a days time, and was met with almost awe-struck glances and stares as she walked cautiously into the muddy town. Mares and their children came from their homes to see her, and the sudden attention made Aya almost turn back; but as she came to the end of the dirt road, rain pouring from a crying sky, she was met with the familiar blue eyes of Satoshi. From the depths of his home he had come, siblings in tow, with a look of disbelief.

He crossed the remaining distance with little hesitation, wrapping his neck around hers in an intimate hug. "I thought I'd never see you again" she heard him say. "Your father had come to me that night in the field--he warned me to never return--"

"I couldn't stand it there" Aya answered through the tears that had formed. "I am engaged, but I couldn't bear it--I didn't love him, Satoshi. The world around me in the mountains is nothing but false beauty"

He took her into his home, and with cunning words managed to gain his own father's approval. It remained this way for months, and in that time the two had begun to build a life together. A home was erected on the edge of their domain, and soon it became known that Aya was with child. When at last she had resigned herself to telling her husband, waiting eagerly for him to return from a campaign far from their abode, Aya was met with fear instead of joy. The sounds of screaming in the distance alerted her to the attack before the intruders had come to her home. The kirin mare made quick work of the infantry, using the wind and the earth to break and destroy their efforts to attack her. And as she made her way to the center of the town, she was met with the armored form of none other than her father. Sora stood towering over women and children of the lowlands, eyes alight with magic as the winds he commanded tore apart the houses and shops.

Aya called for her father to cease his attack, and for the time he did just that. Stunned by his daughters sudden appearance and persistent defense of the lesser, he stopped his assault and the tornadoes of wind and debris fell to the ground in deafening sounds. The people at his feet shook in fear, huddled together with no where else to go. Sora only glared, his glowing eyes white in rage and hurt; as if the universe had wanted Aya's heart to break more, the rest of her father's men had returned with Satoshi--bloodied and bruised--to kneel before Sora.

And it is here my dear reader, that I'm sure you know what happens next. In an act of revenge, the elder Sora killed his daughter's beloved, and whisked her away back to the gemstone and gilded world of her people. The light in her eyes ad all but vanished, and the only thing she had possessed from Satoshi was his sword--a weapon that he had fused with the gems she'd given him all those years ago in the meadow when their lives had been simple. Even then, Sora had claimed it as his own--a trophy for a victory he should have never won. Hung above his mantle, it was a stark reminder to his family and the rest of Kirin kind that the lowlanders were not to be trifled with or they shall suffer his wrath.

As for Aya, the child in her womb grew with each passing day; but she was unable to find any joy. She never smiled again, or laughed again. Servants were assigned to aide her in keeping clean, feeding, and getting dressed--for all of these things had been pushed to the way side. The once vibrant Aya had began to wither like the leaves on the trees, and much of her time was spent staring out at the vastness of the valley below her home; the mists rolled over mountains and hills, and her mind was numb and blank. When it had come time to birth, it was rumored that Aya hadn't uttered a single cry of agony, but silent tears fell from her dull eyes. The only word they could manage to get out of Aya was the name of her newborn boy; 'Kagami', for he was a mirror image of his father in coat color and eyes.

She nursed her new baby boy only when the maidens had forced her to, and then...well, the inevitable happened.

Barely a boy weaned from his mother's milk, Kagami witnessed his mother take her own life. Plunging a knife into herself, she fell to the floor with a smile on her face--but the image had been burned into his mind. Unable to comprehend it fully, the boy had nestled up to the cooling body of Aya, only to be found in the early hours of the morning by the maidens assigned to his mother. When they stumbled upon him, one had taken him to the bathes to be cleaned as blood had began to dry on his brown fur, while the other alerted Sora to such tragedy. The King of Kirins was stricken with grief, and his heart bled. But even in this, he could not come to call the boy from his own blood--and it was only out of the memory of his daughter that Sora took care of Kagami.

But the boy never felt love.

He was pushed to the fringes of their society, often called derogatory names as he was nothing but a black stain on the purity that was the Kirin race. The insults only increased when it was discovered that Kagami was unable to to wield magic like his mother, furthering the disdain he felt from the others. He may have resembled them with horns and scales of wood, and a tail like a dragon, but from the age of one Kagami knew he would never be one of them. He grew distant, and kept quiet. Often he would take to wandering the woods and fields outside of their villages for days hoping that someone would come looking--but they never did. He was nothing but an unpleasant reminder of his mother and father, and of their tragedy.

When he turned two, Kagami could not bear living among them any longer. In the dead of night he took his father's sword and disappeared into the darkness. Unlike his mother all those years ago, the colt never looked back over his shoulder. Instead, he ran as fast as his awkward teen legs would carry him, clutching the weapon close.

For quite some time, Kagami managed to fend for himself; he stole what he needed, always living in squalor and avoiding the prying eyes of the lowlanders. He pretended he didn't hear their whispers about his tail and horns, or the accusations of stealing some noble-man's sword. More than a few times he had been beaten by guards or militia for such an accusation--all claiming a street rat like himself could never come to posses a weapon of such magnitude.

On one such occasion, an elderly stallion had intervened and stayed the hands of the guards. With glares and a scoff, they backed down, and the dark-coal colored stag turned and helped the young Kagami off the dusty earth.

"If you are going to walk around with a sword of that caliber, you should really learn to use it" he chuckled, nodding for the boy to follow. As they walked, Kagami learned many things--that the old stallion was named Jin, and that he once served his father's family and had been one of the few who had survived the attack from Sora, and that his father had been rising in notoriety before his untimely death--Satoshi, as he learned for the first time his father's name, had a knack with weaponry few in the lowlands had seen.

"You do realize I can't pay you to teach me" Kagami quirked a brow as they entered the small hut Jin had called home.

The old stallion only chortled and motioned for the younger stag to take his place by his side at the fire pit. "If I had wanted money from you, I would have just taken it in the first place--consider this repaying a debt to your father, may he rest in peace." the look on Jin's face grew grim for a moment. "I regret that I did not make it back in time to help. You know, your mother and father were good people--don't ever think they weren't"

For three years Kagami shadowed Jin; he honed his own physical prowess and talent with the sword, even learning to tap into the stones' magic. Once he honed that skill too--Kagami found a soothsayer in a nearby village and had the old hag carve corresponding markings on his scales and horns binding himself to the sword as his father and father's father had supposedly done before him. Jin had told him how they'd carve the markings into their skin, and how it prevented others from using the weapon during battle--bound forever to the will of the sword in his hands.

On Kagami's fifth birthday, his master past into the afterlife. And once again, the stallion was left alone in the world. After seeing to his last few wishes, Kagami packed what little he possessed and set off to find another place to call home. Along the road to the next town, he was ambushed by mercenaries, managing to take them down with ease. From the underbrush a traveling merchant had witnessed the whole ordeal and, once the mercenaries had been take care of, offered Kagami coin for safe passage to the town.

Kagami garnered a reputation by escorting man people from town to town, city to city--and in doing so was able to see much of his homeland that his mother was denied. It was then, shortly after he turned seven in age, that the stallion was contacted by a nobleman and given the task to escort his daughter across their slowly-healing nation; newly unified by a king who sat in the east--the place where the nobleman's daughter had needed to be.

With out much reservation, he took the task. They set out at sunrise, and for the first few weeks it was nothing but stopping, starting, and the incessant complaining from the daughter. He made sure to keep his stoic mask up and only complain inwardly as to not offend--but in truth, he had come to grow annoyed with how the upper echelons of society acted. For it reminded him far too much of his childhood in the mountains.

At the beginning of their second week, the party was ambushed by a group of Kirin--clearly outlawed from the mountain society--who used powerful magic to take out much of the armed guards. Kagami stood his own, clashing horns with a few of the stags and slaughtering others with his weapon--but the eldest of them was proficient with dark magics and had summoned a specter in the shape of a bear. Valiantly Kagami fought to ward off the creature from the spirit realm--but each time he tried to slay it, the creature would reform. Once he left himself open, the ghostly bear countered and struck Kagami with very real claws--caught across the face, stunned, the bear tackled him, pushing the stallion off the edge of the nearby cliff and into the torrent of waters below.

Bashing his head against a rock in the shallows, Kagami felt the cold hands of death wrapping around his body--but, as he woke mysteriously having been pulled from the sea, he was met with a large field. At the end of this plane was a tree larger than anything he had seen before and silently he wondered if perhaps he had perished when he fell. Was this the afterlife?

With a sigh, he began his trek forward, hoping to find answers and a way back to his life and duty.





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