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Hi, my name is Batu! I like scarves. And week old dead things.

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From his neck down, Batu’s coat is black. He has four long, spindly legs with cloven hooves, and a tail with a thick amount of fur at the base, shaped in a diamond shape, and tapers into a long, furless, sinewy tail at the end. Instead of a magnificent mane, he instead has a generous amount of fluffy black fur, especially around area close to the back of his head. Batu likes to think it’s good for cold days. The feature that gives him a somewhat grisly feature compared to the rest of his almost normal appearance is his head. Instead of a head with a coat, it’s the skull of a horse. Bleached a nice pearly white, no thanks to the meticulous attention the resident tendrils give. His eyes, or rather the wisps that glow a soft shade of teal, sits comfortably in the center of his eye sockets. To top it all off, instead of regular equine teeth, Batu has long canine teeth used for ripping and tearing flesh for consumption to feed himself and the parasites that live inside him. The front two canines are the largest, curving downwards and past his bone white chin. If one looks closely at these canines, however, you’ll notice that these teeth don’t quite fit neatly into the skull, giving the appearance that they were found somewhere and carefully fitted in.

Most of his height is made up of his ridiculously long neck and equally ridiculously long pair of ears, of which he often uses them to his advantage(unless the other happens to be taller than him). As a sort of decoration, there are a few sharp bones that start from his neck and travel down his back. Though they are not long, they are sharp enough to pierce flesh. Along the top of the tail, following the bony spines of his neck and back, are a line of small, sharp bones. He likes his spiny bones too, and he thinks they’re very nice looking on him.

One will be able to glimpse the thick, slimy tendrils that keeps Batu alive, and his horse skull firmly in place. They mostly seem content in hanging out of his mouth. Literally. Whatever they are, it's best to just leave them alone and let them play the puppeteer.


His quirky, but gentlemanly personality is a sharp contrast to his voracious appetite. And he sometimes sloppily smashes them together. Hungry for meat, scavenging for week old corpses, and still refined and sane enough to mind his manners. Of course, he can’t say that about the tendrils that occasionally poke out to investigate any hapless equine that’s standing close enough to be licked, but he does try.

Batu’s curiosity can get him into trouble, as he often likes to stick his nose into everything. Even a sticky, slimy hole if he’s piqued enough. This, and his ridiculously large satellite ears, is the main reason why he likes to intrude into other’s business. He’s gotta use his big ears for something, right?

Despite his rather odd appearance, and creepy tendrils, Batu is rather harmless to those he likes, and can even be clingy if he likes them enough. Perhaps, some traits of himself before he died is still with him. He can, however, be a bit overbearing to anyone he feels close to, and Batu’s not the kind to take clear messages well(most of them tend to fly over his head). Really though. When one comes back from the dead, something is affected. Unfortunately, he’s pretty sure his brain is damaged. Well, at least he thinks he has a brain. He wonders sometimes.

Of course, he hides things too. Not everything is as it seems, especially one who happens to look half dead.


Batu isn’t quite sure what he had been before he’d gone belly up. All he knows is that the tendrils, his lovely little parasites, were the ones to have given him his life back. Right? At least, that’s what he thinks. Really, he’s not even sure if it’s himself, or just the parasitic tendrils talking. This doesn’t really concern him much though, as he’s more thankful to still be shambling around than being 5ft under with maggots on him. Not that he’d mind having bugs on him, but he’s pretty sure that’d be a disgusting sight for the ones that aren’t quite….dead. And how did he manage to stumble across the Bifrost? Well, heck. He was just going along, sniffing flowers, chomping on a few of them, and then bam! He went from here to the Bifrost. He’s just as confused as everyone else, really.

Poison Path



Batu, or more specifically the tendrils that live inside him, can use poison as it’s weapon. Most of the work is done by his tendrils, as they are very capable of snapping out of his mouth and extending towards anyone whose unfortunate enough to be in their range. The tendrils are often coated thickly with poison, and will pass the thick poison, usually in a sticky liquid form, onto someone else. As a result of his tendrils being coated in toxic slime most of the time, Batu is immune to most forms of poison at the lower levels, and can be immune to all forms of poison at the Virtuoso level.


The tendrils that occupy Batu’s body can carry enough poison to temporarily paralyze it’s foes for a span of a few seconds. In connection with the poison, his tendrils max range is 2ft, able to only slither out and whip foes that are close to them. If the tendrils are feeling shy, Batu can simply open his mouth and let out a thin spray of poison aimed at the face. Though the tendrils can be cut off, they can also grow back. The speed at which the tendrils grow back takes awhile however, and at the apprentice level, it can take several days. One should be careful in cutting them off, however, as this can release a burst of poisonous liquid on anyone that’s too close to these damaged tendrils. This form of poison is enough to make anyone dizzy for a handful of seconds.


He can now leave a trail of poison on the ground, which can be seen as a faint green glow on both the ground and in the air. The toxic trail is only concentrated in the area he occupies, and cannot stray far from where he is and was before. It can last for a minute or two, and anyone who steps onto the path will be poisoned. However, the strength of this poison is only enough to numb them and give them a very, very bad stomach ache. His tendrils can now reach further, a good 4ft-5ft, and the poison coated on these tendrils can paralyze another for a longer time. Of course, like the lower levels, both forms of poison can be easily dodged, if one is agile enough to move away from the whipping tendrils, and cautious enough to not step into his poisonous trail. Any tendrils cut off, can now grow back in a day.


Some of his tendrils can now attach and inject a small amount of poison via hollow hook shaped claws on the end of each tendril. His tendrils can now reach even further, a good 10ft-11ft, and his poison trail can last longer, but the glow is now stronger as well, giving others an indication of just where the poisonous trail is. When they are cut off, they can now grow back in a day. One can now tell just how strong the poison in his tendrils are now. When there is a strong glowing green line twisting up the tendrils, it’s a clear warning to back away. The stronger the tendrils lines glow, the stronger the poison. The strength of his poison at this level is now enough to paralyze another horse for a good day. Another unique feature that Batu now has at this level would be the spines down his neck, back and tail. They are now also stored with poison, and can inject small amounts if one happens to be cut by them. However, the toxic is weak compared to the rest of the poison.


At the Virtuoso level, Batu can now extend hundreds of tendrils out of his mouth, all coated generously with some of the most venomous and dangerous toxins around, and their range is very long. Some of these tendrils are even capable of extending long enough to wrap and cover Batu’s body like some kind of slithering, writhing, tendril armor. The poison’s paralysis can now last for quite awhile, a good few days, and it can even kill their target if they manage to pump enough venom into their victim. Ever voracious and hungry, these tendrils have now learned to release thick poison clouds around Batu, while Batu himself is both immune to this toxic vapor. Combine with his toxic trail, which can now being seen very well and has a much stronger and longer radius than before, it can be very dangerous to get near Batu. The time limit on this poisonous combination can last for a several minutes as well.

Tendrils are now lined from tip to tip with retractable hollow hooked claws. Along with his tendrils now having small hooks to inject poison, he can now inject poison via his canine teeth. Since his teeth aren’t really his, the tendrils have managed to create a hollow area to store small amounts of poison, and can now use these teeth to inject their toxic liquid into anyone Batu has grabbed or bitten. However, because there is now poison stored inside his skull, one can see the faint green glow along the cracks in his skull. A good warning sign to back away if they see such a glow forming. Cutting any of his tendrils off will amount to the same result as before, a poisonous liquid spewing out of the damaged tendril with the same radius as any lower level. These cut tendrils can now grow back within a few hours. Batu is now immune to all forms of poison, and can even store others poison in his body for a few minutes.